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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The meaning of life

There are moments in life when I ask myself why
I was born, when the reason for life is to die.
I believe, though, we prosper, technology by,
and I do believe, also, man better will fly.

Man will fly above skies, and will fly to the moon,
and the art which he makes will the glorious tune.
And the children will love to be raised to delight
which the earth has become, not each other we fight.

And those low-lives and rumours will come to an end,
when the fatherhood works, and on Christ we depend.
I believe, once upon time, a venomous snake
did not give pain so much, and we can once again.

What is wished for in life is the will to create,
not the winning of war or of race or debate.
We are not like each other on earth, thank You Lord.
And the meaning of life is that view to afford.

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