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Monday, 16 November 2020

A reminder

The original poem (psalm) was written by Elias Blix (♂) († 1902) and is called "Nåde, nåde utan ende".
This poem I have made melody to.

Mercy, mercy without border,
of God's mercy shall be heard.
From his love it turned, the order,
did forget his holy word.
But The Lord forgot us never,
in his heart we stay, forever.
As we all by sin did fall,
on the earth was heard his call.

Right from morning he is calling,
sounding as the sun does climb.
And whenever eve is falling,
and when it for night is time,
calling souls, he arms is reaching,
all are subject to his teaching.
Every country, every lot,
hears his voice as foreign not.

But when dawn has come, no turning,
salary is what he gives.
Every one found to be burning
gains by mercy that he lives.
Lord, be love and ear awakened,
that your call is not forsakened.
All your vineyard do obey,
working, as it still is day!

.·: † :·.

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