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Sunday, 22 November 2020


It is worth recalling, aI believe, that "holy cow" was an expression to generations before us, also in Norwegian. Ai mean, they made that golden oxen calf. Though, holy cow?

Hindu people must get this; by many gods working those need a director to be united, as an orchestra. And even so, peace is seldom accomplished. There is envy, and strife, and what about the forgotten one? The avoided one? The lesser?

Also, those ways and means? Why did you not, when ... ? What is wrong with you, lissom? Why do you let that god, you know, compete?

You know, civilization depends on Jesus Christ. Civilization is raised on the cross. And if one should pin point the exact thing about Christianity which is it, other than that, aI mean demands might call for such a formulation, it is to be found in St. John: God gave His Son.

There is no such thing as intelligent religion. Scientology, for example, is insanity. There is no such thing as scientific belief. 

Faith. Have faith, show faith, and let faith rule. Demand faith. By faith people are s'mthing, and guidance on the way is given by conscience, first of all, and laws, norms, and also values, and expectations otherwise in the culture, and in times of conflict, by orders of the ruler.

It means something for a boy to feel he is raised, and also for a girl to feel she is the apple in the eye of that man being her father. Mothers are homes. What to go out from. If one feels parents were directed, one will question one's ground.

Shame has with starting point to do. Ground, constitution, point of departure. Intellectually, one may divide between shame and guilt, saying shame has with being not good enough to do. It is not easy to argue with that, though, being not good enough? Shame is essential, and one cannot say "shame on you", can one?

"Be just flattered," perhaps one can say.

Being by is not saying "one must". It has with authority to do. Imagine a military officer; "I have just been put in this position."

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