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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Making art

Precisely, it is worth to be
precise, when making art.
The artwork is a none, you see,
if it cannot give start.

The echo of the mountain cliff,
from west, north, east and south,
is clear, though in no manner stiff.
And it comes from your mouth.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 28 December 2020

Being somewhat

If you just put a bullet in
a corpse be seen, that is no sin.
If that is surely so, that nail, the head,
the it, would be played dead.

Though, picking flower without pride,
in thought, of that thing put aside.
in vase to stand, or hand be in,
perhaps would be the greatest sin.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 25 December 2020

Into it

One thing is quite for certain.
It has to do with domes,
which is not like the curtain
one finds in furnished homes.

The curtain for the window
is safety from look.
The pasture of the meadow
is more like open book.

Yet, still there is in common
a certain thing called roof,
and for the guest to summon,
on taste the dome is proof.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Also - aI might flag

Ai am wearing the jacket of the training suit of the Military Academy of Norway, in my time, again. On the breast of it there is this symbol, which is the royal lion of Norway. The crest of the King of Norway. In the Haag convention, grounding the Geneva conventions regulating warfare, meaning ways and means which are tolerable in times of war, there are two demands to a lawful combattant. These are one, such shall wear a recognizable sign, showing what party the combattant belongs to, and two, these shall wear their weaponry in the open. Any solicitor knows this to be the case. And politician with unilateral belonging knows this to be the case. Any soldier in Norway knows this to be the case. So, when aI am attacked the way aI am, and sought killed the way aI am, we are not speaking of legal combattants. We are speaking of criminals.

If the Geneva conventions have been abandoned, and if the Haag convention has been abandoned, those conventions were valid when aI was made subjected to this attack, in 1997. And law cannot be made valid for times before validization. Any advocate knows this to be the case. Any judge, of course. Any parliament member. Any Norwegian soldier. So, where are we ... Ai have that jacket hanging in immediate reach.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 6 December 2020

A hard time

I wake up in the morning,
the middle of it, I
am to the watch a warning,
and that is reason why.

I try to tell the watch that thing.
Perhaps this time it goes.
I look around me, what to bring.
And see no superegos.

.·: † :·.

Colour and time

The time is always measure.
And colours can be not.
And neither time is treasure
when minutes, what was got.

Those colours, though, may happen
when looking back on way.
If colour, though, is rapine,
no way it suits the day.

.·: † :·.

A colour state

The colour changes, blue, perhaps, gets red,
and time, it takes, a word, a music note,
confusion guides, to be is rather dead
when not to be is else and just remote.
One plays along, perhaps, by mind occurred,
a minute, second, quarter note in play,
until one is adjusted to the blurred
and thinks ahead, to just another day.
One thinks of rainbow, intellect appears,
to guide, and sort, and end, the cocktail rise,
which chicken counts, producing fears
one loses it, if not in some disguise.
An English sonnet clear is on its way.
It comes, and it is just another day.

.·: † :·.

This poem aI wanted to post a link to on the blog hop of dVersehere, though was hindered. Ai was a bit provoced by the video aI saw, in that post, and made a remark, to be found on Mix Trix Nix here: ꜛIt counts.

Saturday, 5 December 2020


There is to me no colour
which can go for the light.
There is to me no valour
which can be said is right.

What gold is, though, is splendid.
And silver is not bad.
And lovely is the mended,
and all the joy we had.

.·: † :·.

Not so stupid

They tried to make a tower,
in Babel, at that time,
for intellect to lower
to reach the height of chime.

And God confused their language,
for anyone to see,
that only pain and anguish
comes out of heart to free.

Impossible to gather
it was, by many views.
And Abraham thought, rather,
by life than by those hues.

He left the great confusion.
He made a family.
And God made an exclusion
from mad, entirely.

.·: † :·.

That devilish view

That devil is in fact so bad
it needs above the weary sad.
It tells the world and anyone,
to love is to let pain be won.

A being which is innocent
to Satan knock-out will present.
No limit, then, there is to fight
and bigotry to make it right.

To make one bad, the devils call,
the way it sees it, all in all,
we need togetherness and pride
of justice made, on top and side.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Learning by seeing

They say, what does not kill
you, stronger makes you will.
I think it is insane.
To benefit from pain …

The damage always finds
its way to weary minds.
If one has no control
one ends up in a role.

The lesser made and done
the lesser will be on.
To cope, by being smart,
is being not by art.

May future see the man
and woman which smile can,
which are not strong in mind,
though, curious, and kind.

.·: † :·.