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Saturday, 23 January 2021

To the United States of America

Please be warned. Ai want you, immediately, out of Norway, and aI want you, immediately, to end the false informatiom given me. Ai believe the U.S.A. today feel the horror of crushes, when so made valid. And even so, the devilness continues. Ai love the love of the American people. If, though, the present horror made by the U.S.A. is not ended, aI will go to war against the U.S.A,, with all my might, and aI will lay vaste, and aI will make Americans as a whole subjected to psychiatric care.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Strategically thinking

You know, there are two presuppositions for strategically thinking. One is the safety of which from considering. Ability, that is. The other is knowledge. Ability, that is also. Ai come to take a look on Google Maps again, right, now, and aI make a sparkling discovering. It does not take time to get it. It takes no time to consider whereabouts. It gives itself, immediately.

St. Petersburg is the big city in Russia which lies on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Take a look. That city would have had impact, historically, regarding relation to and interaction with Scandinavia, and also to the north of Central Europe, speaking of Poland and Germany, specifically. And we know the history of that city, thinking of World War 2. Northeast of St. Petersburgh there are two great lakes. Enormous lakes. Ai was not aware of that. Also, aI was not aware of the channel built from the White Sea through those two lakes, reaching St. Petersburgh, and the Baltic Sea, in the southwest. That channel, or rather the possibility of it, is of tremendous strategically importance. Ai see, that channel is not deep enough to sail for bigger ships. In the north, though, there is is the North Fleet. If, and aI repeat if, since this must have been a possible consideration in Russia for many years, that channel was made possible to sail for bigger ships, and so to do is not impossible with modern technology, Scandinavia would be isolated from Russia, made a thing, to handle.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 18 January 2021


The way to go in any fall
is change from being high and tall.
The way to go is root to be,
as seed, as fruit, as certainty.

And if one made it, being one,
what wished for is the being done.
Yourself, you cannot be that thing.
The sufficing is not for king.

.·: † :·.

Making myself clear

If you do not mean what you say,
on earth, why are you on that way …
Are you just making impact as
the one which is affording class?

If what you say is not enough,
the being cannot be that tough.
A power must be put behind,
by which the one is not to mind.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Be to win

What counts in life is to show love,
not to be hawk, not to be dove.

What counts in war is not the way,
though, to be one which profit may,
not to be one which hatred shows,
though, to be one which reason owes.

What counts in peace is not to smile,
though, to be one which values style,
not to be one which values fool,
though, to be one which over rule.

What counts in life, is any man,
and any woman, let be span,
between the wished for and what is.
One is not craving, letting this.

To crave, one cannot do in war.
By crave, in peace one is no star.
What counts in life is intellect,
by which one is not one suspect.

What counts in life is getting through,
not fail by being one or crew.

.·: † :·.

Being lovely

Why do we not make it cosy as these photos shows it to be, as the forestry frees mottos, making the child sake, as head motto, summertime tender and warm by the banning of pantomime. Crisp and like crazy the care take at dream cracking, wonderfully found disinterested, lacking, life getting, life having, life making, life wanting, giving room, little feet, little hands, minds mounting. To be affected by, reason by, glitter-kinds, to see and prosper by, to be the hitter-minds, and of it all, the essence, the technology, Norway by nature, cleaned clear, as biology.

Skogen Skogen

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Casus fรฆderis

I go to bed, and see my book,
my notebook, which up front says “yay”.
So, I suggest I take a look.
And find no poem of today.

Perhaps, today I was not here
in bed, with that tremendous take.
Perhaps I thought of being there.
Though, yay, I failed. So, now I make!

.·: † :·.

Friday, 8 January 2021

What is needed

What is needed, here and now, is an end to the common evilness. What is needed, is a break, by which the evilness is condemned, and a constitution is made, nationally,  to depend on.

In the long run, what is needed is a Church which one will think of in terms of integrity. Of course, a certain international communion is natural and good, speaking of the Church of Christ, though, a church of Christ has to be national, or belonging, and working, specifically, within a certain culture, by the specific love of the culture. Priests should not be laymen. Priests should be authority persons within the culture, with the knowledge and strength to put right what is wrong, and even to ban, if what is done is pursuit of evilness. That hold, in a culture, by which people are safe in the arms of Christ, only the Church can give. That cultural feeling of grounding and worth, only the Church can give.

There must be a defence mechanism, in the Church of Christ, allowing the Church, as such, to take action if evilly intended people seek the Church, trying to  overrun it, or to poison it. Historically, priests in the national church have been officials, of the state. As such, priests have been safe from arbitrary treatment. Also, to get rid of an evilly intended priest is almost impossible, by that order. Another way of safe guarding the priests ought to be found.

The church should be held in high esteem, though should not be so formal. Sub-divisions, organization of tasks, and of benefits for the church members, should be kept to a minimum. A children's group, for instance, should not be made a division, of the church. If it becomes, it is subjected to formal care. Formal organizations are vulnerable to attack. And the overall thought, of the church, besides guiding and safety giving, should, in my view, be to avoid boredom. The activity called “to create” should be the focus, of the church, in little, and in large, hereby making presents, and presentations, to other peoples.

With respect to the turn of times, we have, as peoples, a choice, either to sort out juridically, and let the court be by what future is constituted on, in one way or another. Or we can make a break stating, enough is enough, and, this is not what we want, and from there gather men to make out the constitutional assembly by which future will depend upon.

The Church should avoid coming in the position of being in power, in the culture. What rules the nation, the nation being the body of the culture, is the head of state.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 4 January 2021


Dead end is not on to depend.
Life is what will to Heaven send.
The earth is done, and what is made
will last to demonstrate a grade.

It suffices, perhaps, the earth,
and what is made, to be of worth.
On such, though, one cannot rely,
a being, just, by being by.

What to rely on is the word,
the word one says for to be heard.
And, love to make is pretty take.
The love we make for Heaven's sake.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year

Tomorrow, a new year have begun, and what are we heading at. It makes sense to write we, despite any cultural difference, and despite any armed conflict. In the eyes of Jesus we are together in it. And in power of love, we see to each other. Economy cannot gather us, aims and goals cannot gather us, and certainly not values. The fact we are very different can. That fact can. By love.

That epidemic seems to get all attention, nowadays, sought met by medical treatment and isolation, despite the name of it. What we are heading at, to begin with, are series of rapid washes, cleaning the earth of that illness, that evilness, having made life on earth intolerable the latter decennium. Men and women are broken, organized, men and women are hypnotized, organized, in both instances sexually abused and terrorized. Children are abused, and crucified, intellectually and emotionally, also that organized. There is hatred, there is violence, and no hope. That epidemic will rise in waves, until peoples can lift the terror from suppression.

Jesus will be glorified. “I am,” Jesus stated. Jehovah. To say “I am” is not possible to the insane. To say “I am” means you are responsible, caring, reliable, and one. And any nation is a being, by the head of state, by the upper office. Culture is given by that face, from time to time, literally speaking, and we will get to know one another. Constitution. That being, pronounced “I”. Corruption is totally foreign, to it. Torture is totally foreign, to it. And righteousness, and justice, is the mind, of it. Jesus Christ is it.

Do not fail, constituting. Nothing can grow on lies. Nothing can be kept in distress. Think of the children. What is the child thinking. What is your answer.

.·: † :·.