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Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year

Tomorrow, a new year have begun, and what are we heading at. It makes sense to write we, despite any cultural difference, and despite any armed conflict. In the eyes of Jesus we are together in it. And in power of love, we see to each other. Economy cannot gather us, aims and goals cannot gather us, and certainly not values. The fact we are very different can. That fact can. By love.

That epidemic seems to get all attention, nowadays, sought met by medical treatment and isolation, despite the name of it. What we are heading at, to begin with, are series of rapid washes, cleaning the earth of that illness, that evilness, having made life on earth intolerable the latter decennium. Men and women are broken, organized, men and women are hypnotized, organized, in both instances sexually abused and terrorized. Children are abused, and crucified, intellectually and emotionally, also that organized. There is hatred, there is violence, and no hope. That epidemic will rise in waves, until peoples can lift the terror from suppression.

Jesus will be glorified. “I am,” Jesus stated. Jehovah. To say “I am” is not possible to the insane. To say “I am” means you are responsible, caring, reliable, and one. And any nation is a being, by the head of state, by the upper office. Culture is given by that face, from time to time, literally speaking, and we will get to know one another. Constitution. That being, pronounced “I”. Corruption is totally foreign, to it. Torture is totally foreign, to it. And righteousness, and justice, is the mind, of it. Jesus Christ is it.

Do not fail, constituting. Nothing can grow on lies. Nothing can be kept in distress. Think of the children. What is the child thinking. What is your answer.

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