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Friday, 8 January 2021

What is needed

What is needed, here and now, is an end to the common evilness. What is needed, is a break, by which the evilness is condemned, and a constitution is made, nationally,  to depend on.

In the long run, what is needed is a Church which one will think of in terms of integrity. Of course, a certain international communion is natural and good, speaking of the Church of Christ, though, a church of Christ has to be national, or belonging, and working, specifically, within a certain culture, by the specific love of the culture. Priests should not be laymen. Priests should be authority persons within the culture, with the knowledge and strength to put right what is wrong, and even to ban, if what is done is pursuit of evilness. That hold, in a culture, by which people are safe in the arms of Christ, only the Church can give. That cultural feeling of grounding and worth, only the Church can give.

There must be a defence mechanism, in the Church of Christ, allowing the Church, as such, to take action if evilly intended people seek the Church, trying to  overrun it, or to poison it. Historically, priests in the national church have been officials, of the state. As such, priests have been safe from arbitrary treatment. Also, to get rid of an evilly intended priest is almost impossible, by that order. Another way of safe guarding the priests ought to be found.

The church should be held in high esteem, though should not be so formal. Sub-divisions, organization of tasks, and of benefits for the church members, should be kept to a minimum. A children's group, for instance, should not be made a division, of the church. If it becomes, it is subjected to formal care. Formal organizations are vulnerable to attack. And the overall thought, of the church, besides guiding and safety giving, should, in my view, be to avoid boredom. The activity called “to create” should be the focus, of the church, in little, and in large, hereby making presents, and presentations, to other peoples.

With respect to the turn of times, we have, as peoples, a choice, either to sort out juridically, and let the court be by what future is constituted on, in one way or another. Or we can make a break stating, enough is enough, and, this is not what we want, and from there gather men to make out the constitutional assembly by which future will depend upon.

The Church should avoid coming in the position of being in power, in the culture. What rules the nation, the nation being the body of the culture, is the head of state.

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