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Friday, 26 February 2021

That data technology

That data technology, you know, people, is really s'mthing. Myself aI am no expert, though aI am able to put up a web page. And aI have seen, s'mwhat. There are several languages, when it comes to presenting anything on the screen. And what aI can, is indeed basic. Anything else is basic too, aI believe, since the codes are given. It is a question of remembering and producing. What is complicated, is that working together. As aI understand it, that man of Microsoft, that Gates, was in head, in that respect. He made what lead to Windows, and that is what most computers rely on, to work. It is code, of course. Though, forget that 01 110 000110100 11. That is just signal. Command. The thing is grounding, and so what, and working together. And very quickly, that thing must be complicated. We are speaking of intelligence of the sort a midfield footballplayer must think what the goal keeper had for dinner and what sex he have had, and what the heck will the wing think. Ai am very impressed by my data machine. Ai am very impressed by the services of Google, and of any other service aI use, also, and aI am grateful to the people of Google for the run of the services aI use to present Trixnix. This thing, this internet thing, made affordable, so that one can make s'mthing, is really love.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

That failure

Admit the devil not a thing.
If touched by devil, gone is it.
This counts for art, for all to bring,
for girl and boy who fancy this.

There is no reason to pretend
the evil is by God and good.
The devil will, until the end,
be shit if he is understood.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Stem cell production

Ai have stated, some times, aI believe grapes are good for stem cell production, or for reproduction of stem cells. It is my intuition which tells me so, aI have no exact knowledge. Now, grapes we find in the south, were the climate is more mild, even hotter, than in the north. So, what on earth would be it in the north?

The Scandinavian blueberry, by hunch, one might think about as it. Ai am not sure if this is so, though. The Scandinavian blueberry is the girl, not the Son, which the grape is. Rather, aI am quite certain cheese is it. Common cheese, made from milk, being fermentet. That white cheese, as we call it in Norway, differ around the globe. Ai believe the Scandinavian, even the Norwegian, alone, in fact, is a bit special. What is, though, is the fermentation of milk. We remenber the Latin name for the cow is "vaccinus". And aI have tolerated great amounts of alcohol, lately, cognac especially. Wine, and cognac (brandy, that is) is made from the grape having fermented. There is s¨mthing about it.

The English word "cheese", as the German word "Kรคse" and the Dutch word "kaas", is said to originate from Latin. (Oxford School Dictionary of Word Origins). Latin "caseum/caseus", as adjective "caseanius", must be it. Please remember the name Caesar.

Other than that, we all know, potato, in a way, is the northern equivalence to rice. And to banana, in a way. That thing is safe to eat.

Please notice, also, as aI just did, in Latin there is no letter "K (k)". That "K" in Latin is a consicing mark, used in names. As in Karthago, even if that name in Latin is Carthago. Maybe they said Karthago when they went abroad.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

The corona 19 situation and the future of earth

Ai am denied information, in any respect, also about the effects of the ongoing epidemic, and aI am denied information about measures taken, and means made, with respect to the epidemic. It is my notion, though, the situation is really bad, all over the world, and it is my rationale the vaccines made are made on the basis of symptoms, and made to make the symptoms less severe, or indeed to hinder symptoms to appear. So to do is not stupid, since the decease in fact is by the symptoms. As with any medication, though, that type of medication is insufficient to meet the threat. The case is, there is a situation of human mind in the world today, and this situation leads to incidents of so far unknown insanity, understandable only in traditional diagnoses of schizophrenia and of the illness of psychopaths, and aI have suggested, rabies. What is, relies on fear, and on lack of grounding. So, to get rid of the epidemic must be a social effort also, and grounding is the thing. In Norway, some intelligent people have suggested future as to be far more regionally oriented, forcing people to get to know one another, and to experience, directly, cause and care. One will know, though, to establish a rule to change the illness of rule is not the thing to do. Furthermore, political established rule is a national concern. And taken down to the individual, medication changing the physics of mind is shortcoming the same way.

Ai believe it will be difficult to identify a head of this "blue" power today. Ai believe, though, there are a lot of people, around, insisting on control, aI believe there is much fear, lack of national sound authority, and little trust. And aI believe there are great disturbances of the substantials and the work of the earth. And the fundamental problem is grounding. Christ made valid. When people come down to earth, falseness and foolishness easily acknowledged, we are in the situation to handle a case, which will have the impact on disturbed minds which curing is.

Ai believe there are possible means, to understand as being vaccine against this epidemic, and without having knowledge, aI feel grapes will be it, and by grapes, the reproduction of stem cells. And aI believe, that fruit should contain seed to be effective.

Also, aI feel there are conflicts and wars. The world, throughout history, has always changed. Borders have changed, and states have vanished. What aI will not be comfortable with, is the taking advantage of the weakness of any people, the situation of today given, to gain strategic or economic advantage. Helping a neighbouring country in a difficult situation is something else.

Sound, is what we want people to be. An ongoing affair contrary to national, and to international humanitarian law, is opposite to the achievement of common well being. Ai would label it "grounding", what is needed, today. The world as we knew it is set back. That set back will be temporary if we get it, what wrong is.


He who knows a bit is Jesus.
He who knows what to fear.
He who knows the being precious.
He who knows what is dear.

Be not anyone to Jesus.
Be not something to bear.
Christ shows up in times of vicious.
Taste to see is to hear.

Be girl, be boy, be any other.
Bother, brother, bother me.
Senses few make me new.
Do, true to you in blue.
Senses few make me new,
on the move.

Hey, girl, hey, boy, be any other.
Bother, brother, bother me.
Change me. Jesus be my living.
Giving, one is to free.

Minding finding times of troubles
is for stupid to do.
Rock me, brother, why do bother.
Jesus knows what is dear.

Be not anyone to Jesus.
Be not something to bear.
Christ shows up in times of vicious.
Taste to see is to hear.

At times, surprise is what is needed.
Seeded, heeded, needed me.
Senses few make me new.
Do, true to you in blue.
Senses few make me new,
on the move.

Hey, girl, hey, boy, be any other.
Bother, brother, bother me.
Change me. Jesus be my living.
Giving, one is to free.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 8 February 2021

Take it by and by

By glasses' sides I clearly see.
By each, my vision is set free.
One could be labelled major, so
the minor from that thing would go.

So it is not, despite the rule
of eyes made to make use of tool.
The major is within, you see.
It's me – the minor will set free.

.·: † :·.

The way ๐Ÿ’

No limit to the fun there is,
and effortlessly made, is this,
a certain drive is what we see
by which to work is endlessly.
๐Ÿ’ There is no point to have or make,
there is no measure for to take,
there is no goal made to achieve,
there is no rule in to believe.

And when the taking chance is done,
and by become a being one,
another opportunity
for faith to be eternity.

.·: † :·.

Get rid of it

We should think of the earth as to make
and the dirt as some bothersome fake,
and the devilish being as bad
which not cultured is, sorry and sad.

So, the devil is managed and made,
and the devilish top of the grade.
That poor thing is not top, though below.
To stupidity, nothing we owe.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

That cock

Once, the cock and the sparrow were lovers by heart.
The proud cock gave admission, the sparrow some art.
They were friends, they were lovers, and easily fled
the cute sparrow when to s'mthing arrows were led.

As a matter of fact, though, the hen did appear.
It was funny, since to the hen sparrow is dear.
Overnight, it came walking, and told the poor cock,
I am better than you, since the white is not stock.

First, the cock was amused, and of sparrow he thought.
To be grounded he thought of, and would not be fought.
Though, he had to admit, that to rule over white
was much better, since then he appeared by the light.

.·: † :·.