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Friday, 10 September 2021

We show face

The problem of the earth is Afghanistan. I have stated that, and aI repead it: The worry of the people of Afghanistan is what the world is terrorized by. Those people are proud, and those people have influence. We are speaking of Syrian refugees, for instance. And what those people stand for must be fought. The West is flirting with the ideas. And aI am a victim. Though, burchas. What the heck. And islamic rule. Who are you, lissom? One has to take a stand. And the point is womanhood. It must be destroyed, what Afghanistan is. The Russians tried. And failed. The Americans tried. And failed. What needs to be done, is destruction. Total destruction. By air planes and missiles. If the woman cannot be in authority, the son of man becomes a failure, This is the evilness of times. There should be no mercy killing what islamic shit is.

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