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Friday, 31 July 2020


An idea, aI have, is that peoples should be more local. One can argue against, though, nevertheless aI would point to the fact, the mafia has no power, unless asked for. And this, what aI suggest, counts for Norway, as for the United States of America. Despite the different feelings of what local is. And, the point, aI think, is to keep the hardware. The military forces, for instance. Who and what we are. In America, that would be Washington. In England, that would be Churchill like, aI presume. The way to be. The Father, of the culture. And aI don't know Russia. And aI don't know China. Though, this: When it comes to surviving, there is point. The father, that is,

Be love. Different we are, and this is what matters: Be love. Maybe, at one point, we would be friendly, to each other. Love, though, counts, and surely, around the globe, we are not the same. And interests are interesting, to any foreign. Keep up the smile. Be investigating, if not supportive. And in the end, it will all come together as one, right, since Jesus Christ is it. That thing, being Jesus Christ, is what life is.

My relation, as a being from Trondheim, and that city is not big, to the being of the city of Bergen, and that city is not big, either, is extreme, right. And I have repeated that attitude towards the Swede, who we in Norway truly admire and love. See, for yourselves, at trondheim.prixnix.com. A bit girlish that way is, perhaps. Nevertheless, it makes alert. And, the counterpoint is no shit.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 27 July 2020

With or against

I wonder if a poem I
should make before those people die.
And what to state is what I hate,
and that is to appointment late.

You know, the Lord did state the fact
one in succession takes in act.
And nothing that has with to do.
Though, feeling God is forcing you …

.·: † :·.

Friday, 24 July 2020

My cup of tea

As hypnotized I cannot lead.
The question is, if I can feed.
I do, by making meals of kind.
I do, by making love, in mind.

I easily can be set out,
and told, what is my were-about.
Though, do you know, when I make up
it comes as if from tea a cup.

Whatever I am made to do,
I never am. By loving you.
Whatever size and look it has,
that cup contains that tea – alas!

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

To the people of America

You know, aI love America. Not only because of the artists. Elvis Presley, and the like. Not only because of the marches of Sousa, who never was considered to be a classic, really. Not only because Beatles went to the United States of America. Though, because of history. You are me. And that struggle of the slaves aI appreciate. And English aI love. You are the specific heritage.

Though, when America went to war against Iraq that second time, aI considered, as insane, to go to Iraq to be a shield. And, when the West went to war against Libya, aI wrote a number of letters, to Norwegian authorities and to western and eastern embassies, stating, this is against the common rule and against common sense. Syria aI did not make an effort of. Ai have seen, though, horrors, on YouTube and Twitter. Small children creeping insane by the ground, because of bomb shelling. Cities totally ruined. And you know, responsibility is more than just a news paper heading. And oil is more than just longing for. And what you have done to me, and my people, is so that, historically, it will be ice cream. You failed. Power is not it.

Ai am militarily trained. Ai was a fourth year academy trained captain of NATO when aI left the Army of Norway. My relation to the Russian is that of politeness. Ai am aware of the historical ties to the east, of Norway. Ai am, though also aware of what communism is. And aI am aware of the policy of Russia, and the military strength of Russia. Ai am, though, informed. Ai am informed about “perestrojka”, and aI am informed about the work of the Russians, lately, to strengthen this what diplomacy is. To label me, is idiocy.

What is done is juridical. It is juridical in the sense of national law, and in the sense of international law. And, it has consequences when law is broken. History too might be violations of common law. History will tell. What is done to me and my people, though, is so devastatingly wrong, immediately, and in the long run, one has to comprehend.

.·: † :·.


All those teachers out there know one should not adhere
to the rule of the governing, thinking of stair,
as there is always light, no-way made up to fight,
and for pupils to do, to see, to get it right.

So, the aim of the teacher is not way to go
to teach, making the pupil a winner, or so,
though to make pupils see, there are ways, and to be,
and encourage the one being happy to see.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Us - by Christ

We are in it together, as that way, and so,
and we look at each other and judge way to go.
And we might find it funny, we might find it strange.
And we never would think of that track to arrange.

What we would do is to point to what is to fear,
even pin point what fears are, when vision is clear.
And by that we show strength, and belief in the one
we perceive as the wife into wilderness gone.

.·: † :·.


And, occasionally, I may see it fit
to make values to follow, pursue them, a bit.
For example, when making this poem, is it
to be sitting a value, a value to sit.

Though, to make up a god which is sitting, is sad.
And in most circumstances that god would be bad.
Even if that cute girl which is riding the sky
is a bit nice to think of, and write this thing by.

.·: † :·.


Without having any specific knowledge of it, aI believe there is war in the world today. And aI believe aI myself have gained a position in life which is so that any people will have to relate to me, speaking of fact and of future.

There are four demands which must be met, by any people, and by beings of any religion, for me to go along with any use of power. When these demands are met, aI cannot and will not be hostile.

Firstly, any action taken must be grounded in the pursuit of life. What life is, specifically, is revealed in the New Testament in the Bible, and Jesus Christ was, is, and will be what life is. What made life on earth is revealed in the Old Testament in the Bible.

Secondly, the overall objective of the use of power must be to reason with the leadership of any people and state.

Thirdly, corruption must not be accepted.

And last, not least; torture must not be accepted.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Be patient

Be patient, soul, and cherish
the illness being fought.
Be patient, and abolish,
the carefulness of thought.

The world is no computer,
which has no second thought.
The world, though, has a router.
The child will make bad fought.

.·: † :·.

Be rational about it

The greenish is not reddish,
and that is quite for sure.
And both of them, by childish,
is thought of to be cure.

Is one of them superb, perhaps,
or even better made.
Or maybe those are so, the caps,
that adults through them wade.

.·: † :·.

A moment in time

I did sit at my front door,
to be looking at
three small children, in distance,
in comfort with that.
There was lawn, a big tree, there
were more trees between,
there was all of us happy,
there, with being seen.

There were two boys, together
with one girl, of five.
And the one boy would bend down,
as happy to strive.
And the other showed interest,
getting the girl
not to throw all those sticks on
him, teaching the pearl.

There was sunshine, and summer,
no adult around.
Fit were shorts and a beautiful
summer dress found.
And the girl made this mimic
of five and of ill,
and kept throwing those sticks on
the fellow's nice will.

And at one point, there were no
more sticks there, to throw.
And that cute little fellow
those gathered, to glow.
And he gave to the other
a number of three.
All the rest he took to the
girl, for her to see.

.·: † :·.

This poem aI have contributed with on dVerse ꜜhere, in honour of Brian Miller, who made that site.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

What will be

Ai repeat, what aI have stated several times, that English will be the language of the world. This has to do with the "I", adhering to, or letting go. Eye. Island. Norwegian will not be the language of the world, and Russian not. Take care.

.·: † :·.

The art of playing

Much too short, the damned play station,
I think I prefer the nation,
making wonders by the culture,
gaining from it as the vulture.

I think I prefer the woman
rather than the view of layman.
And to child I will suggest: –
Be in keeping up the best!

.·: † :·.

The very sorry being

The pure horrific work of pain
to someone seems to be of joy.
They give to others, life in vain,
as thinking neighbour as a toy.

The nature will take care of that
dead failure and miscarriage.
To be more worthy, heading at,
is singleness or marriage.

When hanging from a tree, to get
commands and order, and to merge,
one will forfeit condition set,
and damned, have just verdure to urge.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Law and order

The worth is law and order,
the need of chances met,
presupposition border,
that human rights may threat.

The lake is making wonders,
by life, by rivers too.
On bringing forth it ponders.
To make it, would not do.

The flower takes position
as beauty, on the earth.
To give it that ambition
is freedom of no worth.

The cow its milk produces,
vaccine to man and child.
To make it, brain it uses,
is freedom pretty wild.

Protect the heart, which worries,
protect the heart and skin.
And make fantastic stories
of culture to be in.

No man is like the flower,
and neither beast, I guess.
Though, get ideas from lower.
Make hungry for success.

.·: † :·.

Grammar and spelling

You know, masters of the English language, in any language, aI believe, there is something to notice, with regards to fundament for criticism. Shortly after the millennium, aI noticed a peculiar thing in the language of Norway, which made me a bit aware, and that is that common addition of the letter n when making the ending ing . That ending ing , in Norwegian, is used to make substantives of verbs. For example, the verb “expect” in Norwegian is “(to) forvente”. Making a substantive of the verb, it becomes “forventning” (“expectation”, that is). And notice that letter n . Without it, the substantive becomes “forventing”. And that is, in fact, quite another thing. That is authority.

In the language of the British, aI have noticed two things. One is that “I”, which aI now regularly write as “Ai” or “aI”. That sound, of the “I”, we know, let us know that pronomen is related to “eye” and “island”, for example, and we get an understanding of culture. Also in Norwegian, “eye” and “island” is closely related. In Norwegian, though, that “I” became different. The reason why aI have chosen to make a point (see) of that thing, one should intuitively grasp.

The other thing about English, speaking of grammar and spelling, is that word “but”, surely related to the word “butt”. Today, aI avoid that word, making heavily use of the word “though” instead. Also in Norwegian, we have an understanding of that bottom of the body as imaging bearing, though maybe more commonly used in my home district than elsewhere, and that is “to think with one's bottom” (“Ã¥ tenke med rævva,” we say).

.·: † :·.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Small you are

The idiots you truly are
who think you should control the star.
And, to the Hell you surely go
when taking measures, doing so.

You are as low as it can be.
The violence is evidence.
And, when you go to Hell, you see
not everyone agreed with pence.

.·: † :·.

The act of thinking

You know, that new is just a pain,
that new admission just in vain.
You cannot be by acting right
and anyone by nature fight.

One is by heart and by the Lord,
just showing up, it to afford.
And you, who are you to make choice
between the sorry and the voice …

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

The American Dream

The American Dream was the wit of the West,
as the faith manicure, and as failing the best.
As the dreaming of wealth as by cutting the woods,
one is not in for glory, and hurt do the goods.

And when acting one thinks of as anyway it
which is to the Dream measure, and to the Dream fit,
it is obvious one is a fool and not sound
and is thinking of grabbing what one has around.

And, when seeking the classy by foot or by car
it is evident, nothing to fight for you are.
What makes up the Dream cannot be said, what it is.
There were fathers, though, who by it made, what it is.

And we should not forget, here in West, by the poor,
for America leaving, to hope was a door.
And we should not forget, that the question around,
was, what are you made of, being here to be found.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Is it good

See into the people's future,
intellect the people's nature,
work of heart the people's story,
men and women given glory.

That is how they always reason,
madness, violence and treason.
Anyway, the way of living
will be made as future bringing.

More than view and future giving
fruit is future, saved and thriving.
What is in the past to measure.
What is past to be the treasure.

Make me one, to you the other.
What is reason why you bother.
Negroes know why Negroes suffer.
Norway knows to lame the tougher.

Israelis kings abandoned.
Russians must be unburdened.
See into the people's future.
What is done is making culture.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 3 July 2020

The pine

I often tend to worry
about my thought on pine,
if my thought is just sorry,
as lemonade to wine.

I think in Africa that tree
is different to what
in Norway I have come to see
as hard wood, looking at.

It has to do with certainty,
of nature and of growth,
and nothing has with sanity
to do, or giving oath.

The presence of the water thrown
on spots makes spear and crown.
And pine in Norway should be known
as beauty only grown.

In any country, though, that tree
distinct is, as the old.
And, do you know, that tree is free
throughout the winter cold.

I have made efforts sawing that
God damned much precious tree.
And I do wonder, ponder at,
am I the one to see.

.·: † :·.

When hope is gone

There is no hope, you must admit, when you have ridiculed, a bit, the love of life, by giving God, not to be entertained a lot.

What one must do is really change, the chance, to do, not rearrange. That means your post is none of worth. And that you might be some, one earth.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Steps lead somewhere

I wonder why together was
not to be happiness, the cause.
I think the sin is reasoning,
as if aversion was the thing.

Though; think of that, by looking at
one cannot be that God damned cat.
One should, perhaps, be one who caps,
and question permanence of traps.

.·: † :·.