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About the blog

My name is Anders Woje Ellingsen. I am from Norway, situated in Scandinavia, in the north of Europe. I call myself Vaccinius. By that I mean I am the worlds conscience, as such the sister of Jesus Christ, so to speak. I am the creative artist of all times.

I have been bullied all my life. My self-confidence comes from Jesus' care-taking of me. And I have benefited greatly from training and education in the Army of Norway. I left the army in 1995.

Blog Trixnix is the international news agency of Trixnix, which is the New Jerusalem, created by me on internet. There is also a blog called Blogg Prixnix, which is in Norwegian, on which content is not so formal. Blogg Prixnix can be automatically translated. Blog Trixnix is for statements.