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Thursday, 21 June 2018


Thinking about it, it is my experience old cultural expressions in most cases are rooted in actual experience. When American father's said, “don't count your chickens,” it means chicken on the farm went lose, and were killed by animals on the ground.

Today, aI perceive people are broken. And in English one speaks about broken hearts and broken minds. And those expressions must have origins. It is my perception that people, men and woman, by torture can be killed and made slaves by losing their sight, speaking of orientation and focus.

So-called mind control can, though, also be executed by hypnosis. A hypnotised being, man or woman, cannot be made to change personality. One cannot be made to be good or evil, by hypnosis. People can though be hypnotized to behave in certain ways, to express certain things, and to perform certain actions. Ai am myself hypnotized, and my experience is that aI am scared. Ai have lost control of my body, which is my surrounding, come to be, and aI have made myself a centre of being in my brain, as if a virgin in a castle. By this, my work don't affect me. A hypnotized Christian girl made a whore will, in her own mind, and to God, still be a virgin. Since a hypnotised being cannot relate to experience, though, a hypnotized being is in fact killed. The work of the hypnotized being, speaking of ability, is, though, his or her own, since it is quality.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018


What professions do homosexual people have? Homosexuals are men. Are they carpenters? Are they woodsmen? Are they miners? Are they leading men at war? Ai mean, a dentist who is a homosexual; is he really a dentist, or is he a merchant? When homosexuality becomes a problem, it also becomes evident we should have listened to our fathers. And when so, that we should ask ourselves if there are other considerations we have not taken.

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Death penalty

Ai believe death penalty might be convenient. Commitment to crime is a matter of belonging to a class, and the ruler of the country should see it fit Satan in no way gets foothold. Ai believe, though, execution of convicts should be afforded within a matter of days. If the convict is given a chance to change orientation, by regretting his sin, the ambition of the death penalty is destroyed. And aI believe convicts should be executed by shooting, afforded by the armed forces, according to a specific rule of material law. Doing so would be clearly signalling. Poison, as mean of execution, is unfortunate, since the convict by that kind of execution is immobilized.

By treating certain people in the way aI here suggest, that people is clearly put against the wall, and given opportunity to stand.

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Get it

In Norwegian, we might say, "aI get pain inside of me." That is a stupid expression, of course, since pain we feel, and don't relate to. Maybe we can relate to pain, though. Ai believe aI once did, at the dentists. And aI get pain inside of me when aI hear singing artists in languages aI understand perform songs on radio and on Spotify, perceiving they have been broken. Their music may be insanely good. To think about what they have suffered, though, is terrible. And to think about the loss to the human kind they represent, is making me despairing. In Norway, aI believe, besides musicians and singing artists, people working in the national broadcasting company, called NRK, have been subjected to special treatment by Satan. Ai have perceived broken minds, and aI have perceived hypnotized beings. And there is no word for the sadness aI feel.

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