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Sunday, 15 May 2022

The way of the devil

The problem with the devil
is his disgusting be-will.
He will be proper as defined.
He will be acting underlined.

He is not fresh, insisting on
himself and on the made and done.
What counts to him is all the same.
He is the being without shame.

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Ukraine is a lost case

Ai feel Ukraine is a lost case. The reason why is the speech President Volodymyr Zelenskyj lately held in Munich, at Munich Security Conference. By that speech it became quite clear Ukraine is oriented towards Russia, and has been for a long time, seeking power to fight the foreign, considered to be a threat. President Zelenskyj asked again for membership in NATO, and he stated,

“[...] I hope no one thinks of Ukraine as a convenient and eternal buffer zone between the West and Russia. This will never happen. Nobody will allow that. ...”

“[...] Ukraine has been a reliable shield for eight years. And for eight years it has been rebuffing one of the world’s biggest armies. Which stands along our borders, not the borders of the EU. ...”

By arguing for being deployed by NATO against Russia he shows aggression, and he conceals the economic and strategic importance of the Ukrainian territory. My point is, he made it clear he was against Russia. He cannot be, positioned just 400 km east of Volgograd. The President pointed out NATO is a security organization. He did not, though, mention what position has to say. Therefore he has justified Russian measures taken.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

The importance of Ukraine

Anyone with some strategical competence will know, or see, the territory of Ukraine in the hands of EU and NATO is out of the question. One concern is Volgograd, just east of the territory, and the importance that city had in World War II and afterwards. Another is the economical importance of the Russian strip of land east of Ukraine down to the black Sea and the Caspian Sea. That Russian territory is not suited for pressure. And one might think of what would happen if that territory down to the two named oceans came under pressure. Ai believe the Russians would shift overall focus to the north, and the admittance of the North Fleet into open sea.

Ukraine is important to Russia for several reasons, aI understand, not only as a buffer state to Central Europe. Economically, Ukraine historically has served as the corn chamber of Russia, and also the main producer of coal. So the well being of the people of Ukraine is a Russian concern. According to an article in Wikipedia, in 2004 around 70% of the population was below the poverty line. How it is today, aI don't know. My case is, that the corn production and the coal manufacture was the reason for the Nazi-German attack in June 1941, called “Operation Barbarossa”, or “Operation Blue”. That is the historical context. The production of Ukraine is important to Russia.

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Monday, 21 February 2022

Today's conflict in Ukraine

Today's conflict in Ukraine can be understood by three conditions together forming the acronym SIC. The acronym points to the reasons for the conflict, and to the measures taken to inflict the conflict.


In today's secularized world politics no longer can be morale, though be only demands for power and interests. And the integrity of parties always can be questioned, since pursuits are always solely ideological, not fundamental. Politics have become simple.


The aim of any ideological organization is to become invulnerable. A certain bordered unity can be handled, and as such it is vulnerable to instrumental influence. The United States of America is almost invulnerable, nowadays, in this respect, and by the European Union most countries in Europe are also. Russia is not. Russia can be handled, by making impact on the surroundings, that is, the bordering countries.

After the Soviet Union was abandoned, there has been grotesque examples of such instrumentalism, by the integration of nations on the Russian borders into EU and NATO. Ukraine is especially important to Russia for several reasons, though not least because of the city Volgograd, just east of Ukraine, which in the name of Stalingrad changed the outcome of World War II and which is considered to be the mother of Russia.


A nation will provide legitimation of unity and pride either by collective domestic activity engaging the masses or by establishing a foreign scope gathering efforts of the people. Those ways of engaging can be established on the grounds of fear. In the latter years there has been an increasing violation of rules of diplomacy against Russia from the side of the West, and in news broadcasted in the west, Russia, and especially the President of Russia, has been given the most challenging characteristics. The President is reportedly a tyrant and the rule of the President is autocratic, is stated, which has no basis in reality. By such provocation, the government of Russia is sought tempted to take action embarrassing to the people, and the rule of the country becomes tensed.

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