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Saturday, 23 January 2021

To the United States of America

Please be warned. Ai want you, immediately, out of Norway, and aI want you, immediately, to end the false informatiom given me. Ai believe the U.S.A. today feel the horror of crushes, when so made valid. And even so, the devilness continues. Ai love the love of the American people. If, though, the present horror made by the U.S.A. is not ended, aI will go to war against the U.S.A,, with all my might, and aI will lay vaste, and aI will make Americans as a whole subjected to psychiatric care.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Strategically thinking

You know, there are two presuppositions for strategically thinking. One is the safety of which from considering. Ability, that is. The other is knowledge. Ability, that is also. Ai come to take a look on Google Maps again, right, now, and aI make a sparkling discovering. It does not take time to get it. It takes no time to consider whereabouts. It gives itself, immediately.

St. Petersburg is the big city in Russia which lies on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Take a look. That city would have had impact, historically, regarding relation to and interaction with Scandinavia, and also to the north of Central Europe, speaking of Poland and Germany, specifically. And we know the history of that city, thinking of World War 2. Northeast of St. Petersburgh there are two great lakes. Enormous lakes. Ai was not aware of that. Also, aI was not aware of the channel built from the White Sea through those two lakes, reaching St. Petersburgh, and the Baltic Sea, in the southwest. That channel, or rather the possibility of it, is of tremendous strategically importance. Ai see, that channel is not deep enough to sail for bigger ships. In the north, though, there is is the North Fleet. If, and aI repeat if, since this must have been a possible consideration in Russia for many years, that channel was made possible to sail for bigger ships, and so to do is not impossible with modern technology, Scandinavia would be isolated from Russia, made a thing, to handle.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

What we may have learned

What we may have learned, since the beginning of the nineties, thinking of “we” as the human being, might be categorized, and perceived to have many levels. There is much wisdom to state, for children to inherit, afforded by laymen, being parents and grandparents. And there are everlasting points of facts for scientists to build on, for priests to rely on, for the politician to have in mind, for the bureaucrat to be warned by. The world will never be the same again. There is, though, this overall rule to take notice of, which is valid for the individual, for the society, and for nature, and that is the existence of irreversible processes.

Some few years after the millennium, aI experienced being taken in possession, as human being, by a power, given by a definite force, in my apartment at Byรฅsen. For several years aI by then had been subjected to isolation, evil surveillance, denial and torture, and to seek support from above was not foreign to me. This was different, and aI immediately acknowledged this “thing”, which aI made it to be, was not to fight. Ai immediately made my faith in God valid, knelt down to the floor, and let myself be taken, praying to God. By doing so, aI was not against. And by doing so, aI made a rational reaction, for not to be driven. After that, a development took place, by which aI today have a certain position in life, being love, life, and, you know, God. My point is, when an occurrence of fundamental altering takes place, that process being initiated will be irreversible if measures are not taken immediately, spontaneously, to meet the threat, which aI intuitively got, there and then.

A believe cities around the world today is without electricity and sparkling light. Specific places on earth, that is, and aI believe Oslo is such a place. Ai do not know how far that process have come, if so is. Ai do not know if development has come to far to stop. Scientists far more educated than myself may have ideas, concerning it. What aI believe, is that it is of vital importance to react quickly, and to do, something. In Oslo, a believe an opposition was made, involuntarily, between the new opera house by the harbour and the high voltage electricity cables, which mostly go into the city from north, aI believe, and the electrical disturbance is reinforced by all concrete and all asphalt, denying electrons to relate to earth. This is my notion. And if aI was an authority person, seeing scientists were not grounded in their believes of what happens and what needs to be done, aI would have ordered the removal of the opera house by the harvest, and ordered lightening of the asphalt layer in the city. Quickly, aI believe, aI would have done that.

Also as nations we are subjected to that power laying dead and vast. When nothing is done, and what is done obviously is evil, and contrary to life and to future, there is a call for togetherness in the name of the culture, in Norway by which the king is the head, and for to clear. The continuous occurrence of me, that is the situation aI am put in, and the treatment aI am subjected to, is the signal case, in that respect. We are speaking about irreversible processes.

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Monday, 18 January 2021


The way to go in any fall
is change from being high and tall.
The way to go is root to be,
as seed, as fruit, as certainty.

And if one made it, being one,
what wished for is the being done.
Yourself, you cannot be that thing.
The sufficing is not for king.

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