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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


  1. Anyone leading the way torturing, shall die.
  2. Anyone in charge of putting a device in someone's teeth shall die.
  3. Anyone in charge of using a device in someone's teeth to collect signals or to effect something, shall die.
  4. Anyone using a broken man or woman or a hypnotized man or woman to do anything, shall die.
  5. Anyone obeying order to torture without himself or herself being broken or hypnotized, shall die.
  6. Anyone penetrating a child, shall die.
  7. Anyone hypnotizing a man or a woman or a child, shall die.
  8. Anyone breaking a man or a woman or a child by inflicting physical pain shall die. Rape can be physical pain. Isolation can be physical pain. Medical treatment can be physical pain.
  9. Anyone performing espionage or sabotage in a private computer or phone shall die.
  10. Anyone performing espionage or sabotage in a private home shall die.
  11. Anyone making a man or a woman exempt from the law of the people shall die. The Head of a people is exempt. The Head of a people is not exempt from this Vaccinius law.
  12. Anyone making God Satan shall die.

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Monday, 13 August 2018

Legal of age

Ai believe girls should not be too young when they are engaged in sexual intercourse. The reason for this, is that the girl will get a feeling of being simple if she is just a sexual object, and such an experience, by the body, will give wounds. Ai believe the legal of age practise should be set to 15 years of age. A girl of 14 will be sexually attractive to most men, aI believe. She is fresh, though, and she cannot have the experience of being sexy as the 15 years of age has. We are not animals.

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Here we go again

Ai promise you aI will consider it true aI have made to many promises. Ai have promised too much. Obviously, it goes by the numbers, nowadays, so the amount of promises is out of the sack. And really, when aI have made a promise, aI cannot make another promise, can aI, and aI have made a promise to my girl, inside of me, and lately aI have made so many promises outside of me my girl looks like she have had a hair wash. Ai promise you aI will keep my promise to my girl, and make a lot of promises, though not count my chickens. Ai promise you my girl then will have another round in the shower. The shower, see, never says never. It is made to be promising.

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Promise you agree

Ai promise aI will promise to much. Or, aI promise aI will not be promising. Ai promise aI will think about it. And promise no more than that.

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