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Friday, 7 August 2020

My country

My country, right or wrong; it may
not always please, and make my day.
There might be turmoil, might be strife,
and challenges not good to life.

There might be weather, like the cold
of winter, ridiculing old,
by sayings stating ways and means,
and young, dependent on routines.

There might be hopes just passing by,
to vanish in the somewhere sky.
There might be faith discouraging,
an illness found, acknowledging.

Though, by the eyes of people's smiles,
and by the spring of nature's styles,
and by the root discovery,
be right or wrong; my country!

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

That complicated thing called Sabbath

One can be a bit confused, reading dictionaries, as for example the one aI just read. The essence is, in a way, taken somewhere, which often, or always, is the case in practical life. And reading, one gets caught up in the following.

Nevertheless, the essence of the sabbath is that in Jewish tradition that holy thing is initiating what holy becomes. In western Christian tradition, the day of the week starts when offices open, somewhere like eighth o’clock in the morning on Monday. In old time Jewish tradition, the week starts on Sunday night at twelve o’clock, which means there is something before that office time. The night, which the day is preceding. Sabbath itself is Saturday, to us, in Jewish tradition. That day of rest. And remember, all days end at twelve o’clock in the evening, to the Jude. The night is before the day. To be an Israelite, one must be by a Jewish mother. A mother in Israel. It is a bit complicated, since one cannot compare, really. That Sunday, to us, in our Christian tradition, is the starting point of the week in Jewish tradition. It is day one. That day, though, initiates the week. And, it ends at twelve o’clock in the evening. You see, in Jewish tradition Jehova might be the initiating. And Jehova might be the salvation. Formalism comes short. One has to do with the way it is.

In Christian tradition we have made it clear and simple. Sunday is the day of rest. And Monday is when one wakes, and starts working, something like eighth o’clock in the morning. That thing is easy to follow, and thank, You, Lord. Though, there is something before us. Like the night, you know. One gets to wonder, should one start the day asleep …

In Norway we have a certain touch, language and tradition given. When not fools, we have this affair with the Jude, as the Jude historically is thought of, and that we love. We are, though, fundamentally, babies of that thing.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 3 August 2020


Ai will never interfere with what is taking place i other's peoples life, quite in opposite, in fact, with Satan, who interferes with what is taking place in the Norwegian mind. Since, you all know, Norway is the Girl. Though, when Americans points to Joe Biden, eminent as aI believe he is, though hypnotized, aI choose to make my point. The Russians will love it. And why is that ... Localism, some calls it. Getting back to the roots, since this overall is insane. And, what the Russions will do, as the Chinese, is to keep the military forces, and the like. Us. Get it. Us. And let people be whatever. We are speaking of the love of all times. And some are against, and have looked on moovies, and got the idea. And, the world will change. Though this; you do not mess with the Russian. This is a historical and everlasting fact, and aI know. And aI will add; you do not mess with Norway. Norway is the fun of the Russian. This is not a picture aI am making, only. And, if you will be boring, you will see this is what you made. Though, North. Which the boring will never grasp.

.·: † :·. 

Being one

To honour everybody
is what we ought to do.
You know, to honour noddy,
is just revealing you.

Ai write this thing as passing,
by alcohol made one.
Though, aI am not just classing.
By Christ aI am the won.

.·: † :·.