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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

That sad killing

Ai feel aI have been poisoned by venomous snakes five times, this year, that is by an African mamba, presumably black, by an Asian cobra, by an European viper, which is similar to the Scandinavian viper, aI believe, by a North-American rattle snake, and by a South-American yellow-bellied sea snake. In any case aI was set out, as hypnotized, when bitten, and aI have no memory of it. Also, aI have been bitten by a scorpion, aI feel, and presumably a black. And aI have at least one time been bitten by a spider, presumably, then, by that tarantella. Also, aI have been poisoned, aI feel, by chemicals put in my food, as hydrocyanic acid the first time, and aI have been subjected to chemicals weapons in my apartment, aI feel, several times. And quite soon it will be Christmas. And what will come out of it to be my son, one may ask.

Thank, You, Lord. What is proven, is that as righteous, one is immune. Things are helping, though. Lately, especially after the bite from that yellow-bellied sea snake, aI have had a bit of alcohol. Ai believe it helps, by engaging the poison in the blood. Ai don't think alcohol neutralises the venom, aI think it freezes it by binding itself to it. That meaning of the verb "freeze" is a bit funny, by the way, aI mean, as bound, since in Scandinavia, North Russia and North Canada we freeze all winter. Anyway, as frozen that poison is easier for the blood to fight. Ai don't think alcohol is a remedy in any case, though, maybe just in a case one out of five, only. What aI think is treatment, is milk, and bananas, perhaps, and potatoes, and rice. And corn, and corn products. And lately, cornflakes.

Chemical poison one cannot treat. Such poison is cold, and when one is surviving from such an attack, it means the poison has not been effective. It has been, and stayed to be, something foreign.

What aI believe helps, also, is for the body to feel fine, really. Taking a shower. Cleaning the apartment. Lighting candles in the dark. And, lately, aI have made some fine compositions, as if, for the body to be comfortable with. And today aI made a new art performance outside my door, by clearing the snow. Imagine ...

Organic poison must be fought. Once in the body, it has effect, and pain might be considerable, is my experience. Ai believe any organic poison is alive, in a way, and that it seeks to make a hold in the testicles of man, or in the fallopian tubes of the woman, to relate to. So, having an ejaculation, and having a menstruation is good. Having three is wonderful. And what comes out, then, is highly poisonous, aI belive. God it is, of course, who, or which, is taking care. And the end of it is gratitude. It cannot be otherwise.

[ Addition at 19:30:
And nuts! You see, when that venom is given nuts to crack, it becomes weak. It is not like being tempted, it is more like being spoiled. And, that is good for the heart, of the victim. ]

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Monday, 9 December 2019

Not the way to be

Are you unnoticed all your life,
you never were to God a wife.
Are you unnoticed to the end,
on leader you had to depend,

to tell you what you should not do,
to tell you what is right way, got.
And, none can say, you were of worth,
just treading sand, when on the earth.

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Child care

If you are able to surprise
life is not death, just in disguise.
And you can choose to follow up,
or you can think of final cup.

And children ought to know they are
to you as sparkling as the star,
to feel they are, and will become
excitement found to exit some.

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Friday, 6 December 2019

To the company MuseScore

Ai hereby wish to present a small composition aI have made as my gift to the company MuseScore. Ai am very grateful for the services of that company, which by aI have grown, musically, and expanded my ability.

On my home page, on home.trixnix.com, the piece of music is presented, by an embedded MuseScore player, | here |.

That piece of music was originally posted on MuseScore | here |.

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