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Monday, 17 June 2019

It appears

It appears to me so
that for instance will go.
I mean, why should not it
to the future be fit.

To be good is not that
any it to be at.
To be good is to find
how on earth one should mind.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

The step

This is a bit amusing. In 2005, aI believe it was, aI mended some of my belongings by painting them, in an effort to overcome, and in that moment aI made a base to a children's flag, to have on my veranda, from a branch of a small tree aI found. Yesterday aI spray-painted it, in two steps, the last time on carton, and this figure was what appeared. That mark in the center of the A aI must have made accidentally, in a way, of course. The image is reproduced and manipulated in PaintNet. The title is "Steget", which is Norwegian, and which means "The step".

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Plain and simple

Speaking of explanations, being plain and simple is a fine thing. Speaking of trait, being plain and simple is horror, leading nowhere. If God has given us love and affection, to raise above the beast, why should we not develop love and affection? Should we suppress our gift, as human beings? Love and affection depends on logic. One thinks, "what is ahead ...", and one thinks, "what follows ..." Should one abandon the glory of life?

.·: † :·.

That teaspoon thing

You know, in illuminated Norway, made to take it in by teaspoons is annoying. That teaspoon woman of Alf Prøysen ("Teskjekjerringa") is an artifact of that, though telling us, aI believe, that some indeed need to take it in by teaspoons. That dog tag orientation of today, forced upon us, is though foreign. And, you know, to illuminated Norway it is a distress, and it is so, that any illusion one had about the great world must be questioned. And, when basic assumptions must be questioned, one gets insecure. There is no doubt about that. And, some will insist aI am the kind of man that needs to get it in with teaspoons. That aI cannot have made my music without being regularly taught, for instance. And we are talking about the depressed ones. Those with an urge to getting it right. And, to illuminated Norway, those are boring. And, being presented by those from the foreign is like living in Hell. How stupid can one get, is not the thing. How on earth, is. Are you, the foreign, totally devoid of spirit?

.·: † :·.