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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Getting rid of Satan

It seems to me that Satan rules by knowledge of sins committed, and by the creating of fear. I believe the sin to many people is of sexual kind. And I believe there are pictures or videos by which sin is recorded.

It should be illegal to possess and to distribute sexually explicit material. The substantiation of nudity should be allowed.

Pornography has been banned before, in most countries. Unfortunately, one did not distinguish between simple mindedness and the adoration of nudity, and the ban was lifted in such a way that the rude was set loose.

Obviously, Satan wants people to be shameless. A shameless being don't care. A shameless being is like a blind whatever it goes for, and even with a dog helping, it will not find the way in a new environment.

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Address to the World Economic Forum

This week the annual meeting in the World Economic Forum is taking place. The meeting closes today. By the forum, top national leaders of the world are gathered.

It is my wish to inform the world leaders that economy is basic for living. Fighting for the basic, a being becomes vulnerable and angry. It is not economical to make economy the scope of a nation.

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

As simple as that

Satan can only stay united by a focus. Christian nations, on the other hand, are united in Christ, by answering for the Ten Commandments and believing in the Son. They love each other for that reason. So if all peoples believed in Christ, there would be peace on earth. If peoples are ruled by Satan, there will be strife, unless peoples are gathered by focus. You see, if people are not working in the name of the Son, they are doing ill. And there are many ways of doing ill. And the world cannot be united in the will to do ill. Unless there is a focus.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

For one in Google to think about

I believe there is something wrong with my Search Console. All my sites are not listed there, and when I tried to verify ownership on those missing, I was unable to. I also believe there is something wrong with Custom Search. I have been unable to make a search across all my sites. And I believe there is something wrong with Google Analytics. It will not show real visiting.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018


“When the Girl is practising, she is getting better.”

The art of understatement is precious. I believe there in diplomacy, especially, is a preference for this way of communicating. One will not be rude. And by this way of interacting, relations are made.

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Saturday, 13 January 2018


You cannot carry a knife in public in Norway. I believe the sheriff is somewhat disinterested on the countryside, but the case is clear. By the King there is absolutely no accept for romanticism regarding weaponry. The women will not tolerate it. Some possess guns, though, since the King allows hunting, and since the owners belong to what you may call “shooting clubs”. Those “clubs” are small societies of men, in particular, with a common interest for shooting. The King encourages those “clubs” by the Army, affording locations, and aim during the yearly national competition. There is a clear expectation to the members, to stand up in case of a sudden invasion.

I know that in some countries foreign to me, to carry a weapon is not prohibited, and it is difficult to get the weapons from the street. Generally, the thing is safety. Any man arguing for carriage of weapon must do so on the grounds of safety. If not, - - - well. So, to encourage the feeling of safety is the way of making it safer by disarmament.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Rule in times of trouble

During WW II, the King of Norway fled from Norway and went to England. From England, the King ruled Norway during the war.

One provision the King gave from England, was death penalty, and after the war, criminals in Norway were executed in power of that law. I believe it was a royal resolution, not a law, formally speaking, and that is law in Norway. That statutory provision was not regarded as to have retroactive force. The Parliament, the King, and the Court applied to the fact that the King rules, whatever one in the occupation thinks.

Please, do not disagree.

If Jesus is forced to leave a man, because of occupation, Jesus is still the ruler of that man and will judge his being.

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Friday, 5 January 2018


I believe evilness rests upon being relatively good. Because, when you are, you must formulate what the good is. You make idols. And idols can justify whatever. The prime thesis of communism was that ideas arise from the means of production, that is from experience. The idol one made was the weather. And that idol justified torture since Communism cannot tolerate secrecy in the labouring force. Secrecy in the labouring force is contradictory to getting ideas from it.

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