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Friday, 23 February 2018

Thank you

Thank you, America, for last night's opportunity to present Norway by Google Maps. And thank you, Russia, for beautiful pictures of Vigelandsparken. Thank You, Lord, for Your hospitality.

Google Search and Google Maps are fantastic tools in exploring the world, and by the Image Search, one sees that the meaning of words differs, around the globe. By Google Translate one will find what the word is in other cultures. Thank you, the people in Google, for your love.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Mind control

There are three ways of making a man or a woman a slave. One is naturally, by making the nature of the person dependent. One is culturally, by making the work of the person dependent. And third is spiritually, by making the person's worry dependent.

Naturally, a person can be made dependent by brutal treatment. This is to break the person, by corporeally abuse, or by chemistry (medicament).

Culturally, a person can be made dependent by social restrain. Laws, and common attitude to a group, will spark such dependency, by making work ineffective.

Spiritually, a person can be made dependent by hypnosis. By hypnoses, the person's will is substituted with care for a specific attention.

In any of these instances of mind-control, it is fear what is injected. What we might call the self of the person is made totally open. More than vulnerable, it becomes God like.

In ancient Israel, there were slaves. The slaves of Israel were set lose, though, after seven years of answering for their master.

The black Americans gained citizenship as the majority became Christian. As Christians, they could not be treated as less worthy.

The one making another person a slave will be opposed to what is God like. Most likely, that person will get lost, exempt from any salvation.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Frode Berg in Russia

I call upon Russian authorities to treat the Norwegian pensioned officer Frode Berg, arrested for espionage, with love and understanding. The man does not seem to be analytical minded, and he does not seem to be hostile to Russia. I call upon the Russian authorities to acknowledge the fact an officer of any country in his circumstance will be cooperative as far as his conscience admits and as far as national law allows him to be, and I remind the Russian authorities of the fact Norwegians in relation to the people of Russia think in terms of defence, not aggression, militarily.

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

What influences the U.S.A.

I am a very good scientist. For instance, it has come to my attention there is a thing called “diaspora”. Originally, the word was used to term Jews living outside Israel, starting with St. Paul in Rome. By the MPI (Migration Policy Institute) in U.S.A. the term is used, though, to count the number of people in the U.S.A. which in a survey state their ancestors came from a specific another country. According to the MPI, the diaspora of the United Kingdom in 2013 was 31,999,000, and the diaspora of Norway was 4.482.000. Some will think that this means the cultural influence of the United Kingdom on the U.S.A. is much bigger than the influence of Norway. This is wrong. This is a boring way of reading statistics. We must see the figures in relation to the population of the United Kingdom and of Norway, respectively. And in 2016, the population of United Kingdom was 65.640.000, and the population of Norway was 5.233.000. This means, that relatively speaking, the influence from Norway is much bigger than the influence from the United Kingdom. The score for United Kingdom is only 48.74, and for Norway as high as 85.65. That means the effort from Norway is much stronger than that from the United Kingdom. My qualitative analysis of the Americans shows that power is acknowledged in the U.S.A., so the effect is of course much stronger when the force of the influence is stronger. The influence from Norway is much bigger on the U.S.A. than that of the United Kingdom.

The Norwegians are also more clever than the Englishmen in influencing, since they adapt to the native language.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Me and music theory

Music theory makes me crazy. You see, in music theory I am tonika, being myself. And I am Norwegian. As tonika, I have a dominant, and a subdominant, and dominant to me is English, since English is my second language, and subdominant to me is German, since German is supposed to be my third language. If I am C in the scale, English is G, and German is F. Now, if English, which to me is dominant, is tonika, English would also have a dominant and a subdominant. In English, Norwegian is subdominant, since C is the subdominant to G. But what is dominant to English? The dominant to G is D. And D is what comes after C. And I am C. What comes after me? Thinking about it, Danish is before me, and Swedish is behind me. Danes are pursuing me, and Swedes are after me. So, D, coming after C on the scale, must be Swedish, which means that to English, Swedish is dominant. It is as if the dominant to Norwegian, being English, expects the Norwegian to take the step to Swedish. Let us presume I did that. I went from C to D on the scale, and D became the tonika. And what is the dominant to D? It is A. What is A? Surely French. And I don’t speak a word French. And if A is the tonika, being French, the French would expect the D to turn to E, since E is the dominant of A. The French would expect the Swedes to jump one step up the ladder. And what is E? Russian? It is crazy. What about Finnish? And Korean? You see, music theory really makes me insane. If I was to obey, I would be Argentinian long before I made it to the Swedish border.

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

To HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra

As Her Royal Highness might know, the song “Norwegian Wood”, by Beatles, was made known by the album “Rubber soul” in 1965.

Likely, the poem I here present is written by John Lennon. I feel I found the poem in the library of the Norwegian Military Academy in the late 80ties. Obviously, Lennon was thinking the Norwegians maybe would be provoked by the text, so he sent the poem to the military academy. The captain usually opening the mail at the academy obviously was in a meeting when it arrived, and the corporal opening the mail in his absence, must have perceived it as to be so important, he immediately sent it to the library. So the poem never reached attention. Before now.


When I am in a certain mood,
I much would like to make a point.
Then I think of Norwegian wood.
It never fails in making joint.

A bowler has a certain hat.
And that, one will be looking at,
if absent - in Norwegian wood,
no trees to vision, understood.

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Monday, 5 February 2018

I have picked two

By now there are two incidents, despite mine, on Magnimix, both picked by me, and those are both American. One is a video with Lauren Talley, and one is a video with The Hoppers. I consider both to be magnificent performances.

Looking on internet for the lyrics to the song performed by the Hoppers, I see that the lyrics have been altered wherever they appear. I am not impressed by that. One thing is for Satan to rely on power. Quite another thing is to rely on lies. That is so poor, so simple, that it escapes criticism.

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