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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

As evil as it gets

April the 7th and April the 8th 2018 aI drew those two beautiful girls pictured here to the left, from my imagination, believing they were special to me, and later aI found their addresses, aI believe, on Google Maps, the one in Norway, the other in Sweden. And despite that obvious proof of God, man chose to torture those girls. They are now to be found as "Antea" and "Danae" on porn sites on internet. And man chose to continue torturing me. There is no excuse for that. So doing is as evil as it gets.

.·: † :·.

The scientific approach

People are devoid of love, devoid of life. No fire there is, and no light. Living dead. Dead meat. And, when so is, the light one breathes cannot be sparkling. And, one cannot receive energy.

.·: † :·.

Dark it is

Why the Hell does one want to be special and sad
when one can be a light, and presumably mad?
What the Hell is the point of Lucia to bear
when the point surely is to Lucia be dear?

You know, sometimes one gets quite confused by the will
of those wanting to torture, and wanting to kill.
Are they full of themselves, and afraid of the light?
Why in Hell should a being the other way fight?

.·: † :·.

Monday, 23 December 2019


Ai am not an expert, and doctors have to prove me wrong, or to correct me. That is what they are for. It is, though, obvious to me organic poison seeks a hold in my testicles, that is, in my sperma, and aI believe organic poison will do so to women in the fallopian tube. Ai have no memory of being bitten. Ai see, though, scares, and it is obvious, to me, aI am hypnotized. And, aI have feelings, in my body. And, when my seed is sparkling, in the light, obviously there is something to it. And, when my body becomes frayed, after an ejaculation, obviously there is something to it. And my experience is that it takes some time to get rid of organic poison, that is venom from creep. It comes and establishes itself in rounds. Nevertheless aI believe there is a principle to speak of. It is the same principle as when you, people, relate to me, for not to be insane, and for to be effective. What you can do in two possible ways. And it is a strange thing to think of venom as a being. What matters, though, is it to do. A sinner will be vulnerable to that poison. A righteous being will see a devil, the way he does. And, organic it is. And, for one or another strange reason, alcohol in most instances has the effect of meeting the attack, is my experience. It is as if alcohol is absorbed, by the body, and when not, an hour of sleep makes you totally sober. It is a strange thing.

Well. Ai hope doctors will see into it.

.·: † :·.


If you cannot relate
there can be no debate,
and if that is your view,
you have failure, to do.

Better be to the one
which by sensing is done.
You know, evil by you,
then, in not having clue.

.·: † :·.

My weakness

Ai believe my weakness, and the reason why aI can be set out, as hypnotized, is dependency, of course, and then on nicotine. Ai smoke cigarettes. And aI have several times questioned my smoking, and aI have always come to it, aI need a reference, as anyone else. Having been subjected to isolation, all my life, this is what came to be. And, in the eyes of Jesus it is not so bad, since by this, aI am not a competitor, precisely. And, you know, to take advantage of this thing, and torture me by it, is sign of evilness beyond words. Ai have been bullied all my life. Your choice.

.·: † :·.

Major Frode Berg

Ai am grateful the President of Russia chose to release major Frode Berg from custody, and let him leave Russia, for to return to Norway. Coming to think of it, appearing to me is that man must have been hypnotized. He was an officer of the Norwegian army, having worked for years on the border to Russia, and he was pensioned. Taking the risk he did is stupidity not acknowledgeable in any other way.

Ai look forward to see how the relations of the people of Russia and the people of Norway develop.

.·: † :·.


Hypnotized cannot be ruler.
Rule of one not hot is cooler,
fighting for a ruler, winning,
not to see despair beginning.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Stupidity beyond understanding

Does one understand this?

Not the leaf which falls to the ground, though punishment? Because one made oneself accountable? To the one who sees? And, to the ones suffering, who will be seeing? There is no end to it, that punishment, when the case is destruction of life. Ridiculing the love of God ... Destructing the life appearing ... This is no warning. Everyone knows how it is. This is a statement aI, as the Girl, in Heaven will see to it every single devil on earth will face fire which never stops burning. Trust my words.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 16 December 2019


They say, to glow
is not to bow,
though, if to go,
quite angry so.

Mariah, though,
was not like dough.
By humble show
her eggs would grow.

And arrow's bow
will arrow throw.
Which is the glow.
Which is the flow.

To know.

.·: † :·.

This poem is posted on the blog hop of dVerse
| here |.

The blog Mix Trix Nix is changed

Ai have changed the name and address of the blog aI post my daily worries and thanksgivings on, from Mix Trix Nix to Mix Prix Nix, now to be found on https://mixprixnix.blogspot.com with easy address mix.prixnix.com.

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My relief

Has there ever been anything showing disorder or anything showing the absence of border in what aI have done, made, and also created, or in what aI stated, or said, or debated? Ai think one must say, there was never such thing. And, that all that aI did was for future to bring.

.·: † :·.

Better off without it

When to write is no fun and the pen is like gun there is surely no point in with moon making joint. One will only be seen as what there could have been when one faces the sun, which to moon is the fun. If one cannot be true to what there is to do one should rather be so that one sadly let go.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

One fine thing

Togetherness is one fine, seldom thing.
And, to it, we as people often cling,
in thought, by it the scary can be fought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

Society is what that hope will bring,
by which the tune performed we poorly sing.
Though, in it, there is history of bought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

The culture will be president or king,
and will from pen of poets lovely spring.
And, never it will state, to do we ought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

The nation and the people will be sought
in hope the way of being can be taught.

.·: † :·.

This poem is written in the form of (short) ballade. The syllable count in each line may vary. The rhyme scheme is though given, and so is the number and look of verses. Ai believe it is fit to display my message, here.

Ai have made a link to the poem on the blog hop of dVerse
here |.

See - what one can do

When ridiculing love of life
no way to life one is a wife.
And there is no excuse for that.
One must the Son be heading at.

.·: † :·.

In His name

You know, there is to you a chance
that what you make just will enhance
as addict or as multitude,
as Jesus was the Son of Jude.

And life to you it will become,
and if not good, quite bothersome.
Once and for all the love is made.
To Jesus Christ there is no grade.

.·: † :·.

Seeing each other

To be addictive or a dull
towards a being, killing so,
is to make out of mind a scull
and certainly not way to go.

In certain rule of way to go
the fool is lost, quite happy too.
In many ways the mind is so
that minding it has with to do.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

That sad killing

Ai feel aI have been poisoned by venomous snakes five times, this year, that is by an African mamba, presumably black, by an Asian cobra, by an European viper, which is similar to the Scandinavian viper, aI believe, by a North-American rattle snake, and by a South-American yellow-bellied sea snake. In any case aI was set out, as hypnotized, when bitten, and aI have no memory of it. Also, aI have been bitten by a scorpion, aI feel, and presumably a black. And aI have at least one time been bitten by a spider, presumably, then, by that tarantella. Also, aI have been poisoned, aI feel, by chemicals put in my food, as hydrocyanic acid the first time, and aI have been subjected to chemicals weapons in my apartment, aI feel, several times. And quite soon it will be Christmas. And what will come out of it to be my son, one may ask.

Thank, You, Lord. What is proven, is that as righteous, one is immune. Things are helping, though. Lately, especially after the bite from that yellow-bellied sea snake, aI have had a bit of alcohol. Ai believe it helps, by engaging the poison in the blood. Ai don't think alcohol neutralises the venom, aI think it freezes it by binding itself to it. That meaning of the verb "freeze" is a bit funny, by the way, aI mean, as bound, since in Scandinavia, North Russia and North Canada we freeze all winter. Anyway, as frozen that poison is easier for the blood to fight. Ai don't think alcohol is a remedy in any case, though, maybe just in a case one out of five, only. What aI think is treatment, is milk, and bananas, perhaps, and potatoes, and rice. And corn, and corn products. And lately, cornflakes.

Chemical poison one cannot treat. Such poison is cold, and when one is surviving from such an attack, it means the poison has not been effective. It has been, and stayed to be, something foreign.

What aI believe helps, also, is for the body to feel fine, really. Taking a shower. Cleaning the apartment. Lighting candles in the dark. And, lately, aI have made some fine compositions, as if, for the body to be comfortable with. And today aI made a new art performance outside my door, by clearing the snow. Imagine ...

Organic poison must be fought. Once in the body, it has effect, and pain might be considerable, is my experience. Ai believe any organic poison is alive, in a way, and that it seeks to make a hold in the testicles of man, or in the fallopian tubes of the woman, to relate to. So, having an ejaculation, and having a menstruation is good. Having three is wonderful. And what comes out, then, is highly poisonous, aI belive. God it is, of course, who, or which, is taking care. And the end of it is gratitude. It cannot be otherwise.

[ Addition at 19:30:
And nuts! You see, when that venom is given nuts to crack, it becomes weak. It is not like being tempted, it is more like being spoiled. And, that is good for the heart, of the victim. ]

.·: † :·.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Not the way to be

Are you unnoticed all your life,
you never were to God a wife.
Are you unnoticed to the end,
on leader you had to depend,

to tell you what you should not do,
to tell you what is right way, got.
And, none can say, you were of worth,
just treading sand, when on the earth.

.·: † :·.

Child care

If you are able to surprise
life is not death, just in disguise.
And you can choose to follow up,
or you can think of final cup.

And children ought to know they are
to you as sparkling as the star,
to feel they are, and will become
excitement found to exit some.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 6 December 2019

To the company MuseScore

Ai hereby wish to present a small composition aI have made as my gift to the company MuseScore. Ai am very grateful for the services of that company, which by aI have grown, musically, and expanded my ability.

That piece of music was originally posted on MuseScore, though was taken down at one point, together with all scores, and posted again February 28th 2020 | here |.

[ This post was edited February 28th 2020 at 16:34 and again September 2nd 2021 at 19:58. ]

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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

What now ... - again

You know, aI want to post this, again. First of all, though, aI want to show my gratitude to those beautiful musicians. Thank you! Firstly, what aI want to state, is that you may notice all my music is staccato. Ai am aware of that myself, and with time, that means aI will be able to rise above it. The music is nice, though, in my humble opinion, even if it is obvious it is accordion music. And, my experience is, those musicians think the same, playing it the way they are. Interested, so to speak. The other thing aI want to state, is that all these tunes, put together as they are in this specific tune, not only show conformity, though interest? Anticipation? Going for it? Lightly "God damn it", lissom? You know, music is special. We like to think music sets us in mood. Though, with that "boop" just before "Tærtits klagesang", for instance, aI not only make an interlune, though invite the one listening to get back and get hold of it. So, the thing is thoughtful. And, appreciating that, one is not made, right. "Awake," aI thought, making it, and that is not a complete lie.

Again aI want to state thank you to those wonderful musicians taking care of my music, whatever genre. Ai have quite high thoughts of what God gives to me to make, in that respect God can be be addressed as a being. The interpretation of my music on internet, and the love shown, acknowledging my intention, is, though, superb.

.·: † :·.

Genius to be

To be genius is not so very much weird.
Though, quite weird it would be, as that kind one appeared.
Any genius is only one of the kind
Jesus Christ makes the powers of earth fully mind.

Surely, one cannot be hot if one is too cold.
Surely, young is not got by the heavenly old.
Ways and means are though given, so what to exam
is the getting and wondering of who … I am!

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Clever not

If one cannot relate to the meanings of words, and one cannot connote, when one hears the word “birds”, and one cannot make up what is meant, by the one, she will be in a cup, whose attention is done. What is due, is to chew what is thought of as cud, and not do in the blue what is thought of as bud. You see, pigs are not great, even if they are big. One should rather create, than be death, as the pig.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

The one

If one is not an actor,
one cannot really play.
If one is not contractor,
to fit is not okay.

If one makes thousands faces,
those cannot be much aces.
So, what to do, to one,
is to stand by the done.

.·: † :·.

On dry land

How are you in the eyes of the Lord?
Are you one the good Lord will afford?
Is it with you alright, everything?
Is it simple and sweet what you bring?

You know, people tradition have made.
And, to order, the house is a grade.
And, when people were questioned and tried,
house in order they set, not to hide.

.·: † :·.

Sunny being

Those true facts and that measure to body is pleasure, to eat and to drink for atonement to sink. Liberation is library, liberty libel, and a bibliophile is as good as the Bible. Be freely and fresh, and you feel you are able, both under the table, and got, on the table, and devils will hinder that thing to be true. Any devil will stand in the way, making you. When in need to obey one is not good, not gay. That thing rather is so that one from it will go. And, that is so because the potato likes sauce. And the meat is in need of a pleasure to feed. And the wine is in love with the known way to go. So, the meal is not mean. It is charity clean. And, to be is the way of the sunny, I'll say.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 29 November 2019

It is said

"To be or not to be" (Shakespeare)
"To do is to be" (Rousseau)
"To be is to do" (Satre)
"Do be, do be, do" (Sinatra)
"To be is for free" (Ellingsen)

.·: † :·.


Mistreatment, rape, and breaking of individuals is the negative to life. It is the opposite, and as such the evilness to persons and to cultures. It must be fought by any means.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Entitled to rule


The poster shown above is basically a pencil drawing of a female Korean officer, found, in i photo, on internet. In the drawing, aI have changed the Army identification. Also in Norway, beginning in the late 80'ties, we have had female military officers. And aI have come to the conclusion such are vulnerable. At the Norwegian Military Academy, in the late 80'ties, aI was taught the Israelis, who, aI believe, was the first to educate female officers, came to that conclusion.

For many years aI have stated women ought not to sit in government. It has with location, behaviour and keeping to do. It is not unfair, what aI mean. To rule is not a gratification. To rule is not a present. And for to rule, both women and men, and for to be able to make decisions independent of situation, one must know how both the woman and the man thinks, basically, and be able to think ahead, not answering, at any time.

Women should, of course, rule the world, as men do. And women should be respected for their morale, intelligence, ability and behaviour, and, gender, as parliament members, as leaders of companies, as state officials and as scientists. Women are, of course, able to rise above nature, as men are, and women are, of course, by God gifted, as men are. Women are, though, basically vulnerable in a way men are not, also in groups. And to be entitled to rule, one must be a ruler.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

That composition called Five Fingers

Ai have just listened to the performance of my composition called "Five Fingers", again. It has been perfected. And, ladies and gentlemen; this is Norway. This is, in my humble opinion, the greatest thing ever made. And, we are speaking of times. And, there is war, and conflict, and scientists in lack of concordance. Nevertheless. Please acknowledge love. Love is God given. Norway is love, fundamentally. This thing, called "Five Fingers", one cannot simply outdo. Obviously, it is God given. And, that will to kill?

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Ai hereby stop blogging

Ai hereby end this blog. Satan makes it impossible for me to communicate, and the torture aI am subjected to, nowadays, is so strong it is no point in making an impact. Ai intend to start blogging again when justice is settled.

.·: † :·.

To a star

MercyShine for me, you star of heaven,
shine for me a certain view.
Take me up to twelve, eleven,
take me up, to be anew.

I will take you to the table,
Christmas decoration done.
Many are the pointing able.
Many are the being won.

Suffice not the shine will never,
quick, alert, the finger passed.
View upon you being clever
never ends in being classed.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

My view upon the Russian

Norway and Russia share common values. We are both located up north, and climate, and nature, is more than examining. We speak totally different languages, though. To a Norwegian, Russian is very complicated. And, the climate in Norway is warmer than the climate is in Russia. It has with temperature to do. So, complicated it is. And, aI believe Russia, in a way, is more isolated than we are. Ai believe Russia is more comfortable with a zone of friendliness around it, before entering that totally wild. Ai believe Norwegians are more friendly. We have, for instance, experienced the English for thousands of years. And aI believe making a solidification of an intervensjon in Northern Norway would be contrary to feeling in Russia. Ai mean, Troms, and Finnmark, is wide open. Though, one can think economically, about it. The resources of the fish industry in northern Norway, and also, perhaps, the oil resources, are tremendous. There is, though, this thing called the Samii people. Which would be united, by the unification of northern Scandinavia. And, when so, one has, in reality a nation. Which would be se subjected to solicitation and togetherness. And, a nation within a nation is nation in war with itself. So, aI am not so afraid of the Russian. Ai think of the Russian as my friend. And whatever peculiar thing the Russian do, aI think, there must be a reason for it.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 11 November 2019


November is not accurate.
And, really, it is fortunate.
It is eleven, being turn
to twelve, by which to be we learn.

Perhaps to Christmas looking twice
it shakes the cup, it throws the dice.
We'll go for it, November says,
by snow and darkness, and by grace.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Thinking of it

I take a long time longed for walk.
With none I speak, with none I talk.
And dark it is. The moon alone
makes up that what to earth is throne.

And, there is snow, and it is cold.
And earth could not have been more old.
And, steps I take for walk to make.
And, Lord, I praise for Heaven's sake!

.·: † :·.

Nice to know

The collecting of goods is as futile to do
as the cancer of cell which is widening you.
The pursuing of chance is as futile to act
as to make with the wind an executive pact.

There is no chance to Heaven a ladder can take.
There is no chance a lottery Heaven can make.
And the accommodation of evilness takes
one in galloping speed from the goodness of sakes.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

The Children of Israel and us

The other day, a man, whom aI admire, made me aware of the fact the one may recall the word of Jesus to the Jew, saying, go out and inhabit the earth, and think, he did not say aI should do so all alone. One may think, and believe, the disciple Jesus loved lived for a long time. Ai mean, those fathers following Adam came to be quite old. He was not alone, though, Christening the world. As aI recall, there was an uproar in Jerusalem, in the Roman rule, of those days, some time after the start of the Common Era. And, the fact is the Children of Israel from that time of was spread all over the world, and was gathered again, as a nation, just following World War II. And, in Western nations, around the world, we are proud of our history and our heritage. Families are not able, though, to count fathers many generations back. And, being clear about it, those Vikings, for instance? Nobel people? Ai believe both the two first Norwegian kings, that is both Olav Tryggvasson and Olav den Hellige, went to the area of Jerusalem before they made attempts to gather Norway in the name of Christ. There is history which is not illuminated, and which, perhaps is hidden from view. One should think, though, the death of Jesus, in Jerusalem, was not without effect. And, one should think, there were those, among the Children of Israel, who went out, shortly after, to inhabit the earth. And one should consider, for example, how come that Viking nature came to be that good.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Opposite to love

If one is opposite to love
one is not in the hand a gun,
one is not to the hand a glove,
one is not finger having fun.

When totally devoid of love
one is like turpentine to paint.
One is not hawk, one is not dove.
One is like motor stop to saint.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

One should know

One must be it to be nice.
One is not if in disguise.
Fools can never learn to fly.
Eagles are the being by.

.·: † :·.

Being one

If you are not in love with God
not life giving it is, your blood.
I tell you, to make it a rule:
You are complete and total fool!

.·: † :·.


When people are to Satan dear
to love they will of course not hear.
And, Jesus told us this is so.
As if one needs that word, to go.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Being by

If one is just a being on
the being by the lost and gone,
one cannot be creative, much,
and certainly not have the touch.

If being by is your demand
and your success to be at hand,
you should be making children it,
by which the being by is fit.

.·: † :·.

The very evil

To be the evil of all times
is to depend on crack and crimes.
The fathers built, for many years,
society, to outdo fears.

Many a year, God's life was so
that one would make tomorrow go.
One did, though, make, the Son to see,
by thinking of Him fine and free.

.·: † :·.

The inner ten

Inner ten is not for sparrow,
rather hit for cone and arrow.
That thing one cannot be making,
hitting it an undertaking.

.·: † :·.

The Priests are on Magnimix

Today, The Priests got a representation on Magnimix, in Law.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

A view on Jesus

Happening, I think of Jesus,
not much said about consensus.
All alone he was, though, taking
disciples. He was not faking.

And, against him was the power
and the rescue of the lower.
What the Lord did truly measure
was the void of being treasure.

.·: † :·.


Last night aI made a remark on dVerse, seeing this prompt. And, aI was not sober. And, thinking of it, today, aI love it. Ai made this poem last night, after that, and aI intended it to be anapestic, though, saw, today, aI last night quickly turned to iamb, so, today aI changed it, a bit, before aI posted it. Ai got it, by God, aI should not post it last night. And, that remark one ought to see. It is in the comments section. Ai mean, aI am by God. And, God is fond of me. And, making a statement like that?


Man, if you keep up good intentions, never weary of exemptions of the love of God within you, there is love, and bad to outdo. Kipling was not bad at all. And there were others, being tall. There is no taste, though call.

[ This poem is posted on the blog hop of dVerse | here ].

.·: † :·.

Monday, 14 October 2019

To the Islamic people

Hatred fosters hatred, they say. And, there is no excuse, not even if there is a concept of holy hatred, since this is pin pointed at the horror of genocide, and then a people, not a professional army, must mobilize against you. Ai have read the Koran. If the manuscript, that is the book, aI have got is genuine, you are way beyond sensibility, totally occupied by blockheads. Imagine, formal prayers three times a day ... Ai recognize the sufferings of people in the Middle East and in Africa, lately, and before that, in the former Yugoslavia. Though, hating the Christian? According to my Koran, you love the Bible? Calling it dog, being by the Bible? Ai have formulated what is to be said. And, what aI have said is independent of the book aI have got. And aI would like to know if that book is genuine. What you must listen to, is me saying, if aI get the chance: Raping twelve years old girls because they are of another people than you are yourself, is suicide, mentally, and breaking those girls is total dismiss. And, when united, as people, in a feeling, you should know who you are. And, those blockheads out of control is sticking out. Get it.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Ai don't get it

The oil is the case. In a historical perspective, one can point at the revelation of the world, as suggested on my site "The Prime Idea", and think of the supper. Being realistic about it, though, oil is it. Control with the resource. And, the U.S.A. and China. and Russia are the greatest oil producing states in the world. And, all of the are economically, and militarily, powerful. So, they are actors, facing each other. And, there are only those three. Get, it Germany. Get it, Spain. And, Norway is an oil producing country. And, here aI am. And, Iraq, and also Kuwait, believe it, has suffered. The suffering of the Syrian people, though, somewhat encouraging the Middle East, is historical, and fatal. And, Norway is just a small country producing bottles for one to love ... Right? So, why hate her? Is she provocing you, or s'mthing?

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

A secret of mine

A good man has repeatedly made me aware of it since last spring, and today aI feel for sharing it: Where are the remains of Jesus? The remains are to be found in a cave beneath the first church built after year 0, in Jerusalem, and the cave has been filled with water. So, perhaps, there still are remains. And, this has two sides, you see. One is, Jesus left is Jesus gone. What is left is materiel, if any. The other is, Jerusalem, in Israel, was first, and will forever be. And, maybe scientists will be curious. And, that is a good thing. And, maybe priests will be furious. And, that is a good thing. And, however, for what?

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

My relation to those big corporations

You know, when a man gets this idea, which is turning everything upside down, and changes the world, to the better, he usually makes a corporation, of it. Coca Cola. Lego. Microsoft. Google. Facebook. And, when so, that thing becomes fundamental, and whatever appears. And, one speaks about income. And, when so, Satan is motivated. There is a reason why Satan seeks positions in the Church. So, bad things may happen. That does not take away the glory of the investment, though, of women and men seeing the potential of the given. One has to fight Satan, and, unfortunately, that comes along with any improvement. And, today it is insane. Everyone has to agree with that. Those corporations, though, are magnificent, even if not, and more like it if not, by the illegal prospective of Satan. The thing is, the core. And, nations are not corporations. If put on stake, nations are above corporations. Corporations serve peoples, and peoples are gathered in nations. And, today, there are corporations with very much power, economically speaking. Though, everyone knows, if it is considered bad, that corporation, in a certain nation, it is. Get it. The culture is above all. And, aI am Norwegian. And, aI love the services of Google, by which Trixnix is made.

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To be set

To be set is not it if you want to be on your way, that to distinguish, and that to be won. Rather be met than be set, direction in mind, and be cherished and loved because you were a kind. Way you find.

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Monday, 7 October 2019

To the company Google

Ai have made this brief exclamation which aI want to present to Google as gift. Kindly also see my blogpost called Google on this blog. My gratitude to the company aI have expressed on home.trixnix.com, where aI have presented this tune, as gift to Google. Kindly find the page

| here |.

May this effort of mine be well received.

Google tune by Vaccinius

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Sunday, 6 October 2019


," okey ... Ai know. The U.S.A., as such, has fronted what now is. And, that does not honour the American people. And, Google is situated in San Francisco, in the United States of America, and is an American corporation, driven by Americans. And, aI believe Google shows the turmoil of today. Ai believe there are people in Google who are afraid, seeing what has been escalating, taking measures to guard themselves and their families. Ai believe there are people in Google who are slaves of their sins, regretting, nevertheless, in the circumstances, forced to obey Satan, incidentally. And aI believe there are angels, in Google, who stood up, and were broken. And the case has two aspects. One is, the founders of Google stated, in the beginning: "Don't be evil." The other one is, however Satan has made it look like, and whatever changes having been made, by Satan, Trixnix is afforded by the company Google. It could have been differently. Ai chose Google. And, aI know, that Satan, and that economy scope. At one point aI looked up the search engine Kvasir, which originally was Norwegian, and found search results almost identical to those of Google Search. So, something has been wrong. And, the economy of Google: It is not possible that a search engine should make that money unless something is wrong. It has with allowance, to do. Nevertheless, aI love the company Google, which, in my mind. is constituted, and in fact driven, by men by God. And, now aI have made this Google Tune. Ai will present it to Google, aI believe, on this blog.

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To the hypnotized

Ai believe aI am spurred, or exited, or motivated, to do a lot of things, especially asleep, acknowledging it, awake. Thinking abut it, though, aI believe aI am not doing it. Even so, there is a specific drive planted in me, which says, do that thing, and, then aI think, what on earth can aI do, then. And, aI think, one should have confidence, in oneself. There is a reason why one was hypnotized. And, aI can be set out, as hypnotized, and directed to do things aI have no memory of afterwards, though, a feeling of, maybe that have taken place, and that, what done is, cannot be me, right, since aI am rational, and, even so, me, by the way the order was executed. That Satan surely will regret and be suffering, doing so, for all eternity, which is a silly expression. And, thinking about it; can aI stand it ... Right? That is the question.

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Friday, 4 October 2019

Another try

To change identity
and name of yours
since soul is vanity
and lion roars,
is not so easy, when by friends.
On nothing, though, that thing depends.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Making you

You cannot fight the being bad.
It will, of course, be always sad.
If conquering, a burden gets,
quite challenging, in plenty sets.

Get rid of being bad and go,
by Christ, to life by doing so.
It is like picking nestle, right?
You will not with that nestle fight.

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To the company SoundCloud

[ By April 28th 2021 this offer is made void. One never accepted it. Instead one aggressively tried to force me to obey. ]
Allow me to present my latest piece of music, posted on SoundCloud, on the profile sound.trixnix.com, and called "To the Asian", to SoundCloud in the effort of advertising the company, or presenting it, however done. Ai am very impressed by the service of the company, presenting my music, on internet, and Trixnix.com would not have been the same without SoundCloud.

On my home page, on home.trixnix.com, the piece of music is presented, by a SoundCloud player, | here |.

[ October the 3rd 2019 aI changed the title of the short composition on the music player, on SoundCloud, to "SoundCloud Track". ]

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Monday, 30 September 2019


When being like a candle light
one will convey the being bright.
As bulb, one is more like the bore,
predictable, not to adore.

The bulb is light, the bulb is clear,
as if to be is it to wear.
Electrical is fearing not.
Electrical is power got.

A bulb, indeed, can make one burn.
It cannot, though, to fire turn.
And, even if we like, the mean,
on it the spirit cannot lean.

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

My love

My love is a candle light,
in the wind,
and not so damned measure right,

She is flapping potentials,
flickering news,
not so lost in credentials,
looking for truce.

She is passionate, danger,
and not to be found.
She is life in a manger,
not hanging around.

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Distance to sin

I see a cup with coffee in
and think about relief from sin.
The cup is hot, that is for sure.
It gives, though, the advice for cure.

The cup is cup of water, not.
I do not drink the coffee hot.
And as my eyes do more than sweep,
I see it is perhaps though cheap.

I strengthen focus, with my eyes,
for to observe where secret lies.
And as I do, I take a nip,
and handle it by fingertip.

How can that be, that sin so bad,
that bitter taste, so making sad …
It is as if by neck I take
that thing, and make it void, that sake!

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Friday, 6 September 2019

To the English

What aI will say to Englishmen
is that one might do well with pen.
There are some rules for one to learn,
and having done, to action turn.

And, when by pen, that is a work,
to notice, and give love, as perk.
So, make your word the written word,
and strangely foreign when it's heard.

Make it the word of poetry.
Make it the word of mastery.
And give the world a chance to see
the eye, the I, the island free!

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Thursday, 5 September 2019

The history of ideas

The historical epochs in human history, in the university of Oslo made a study, called idea history, might be perceived as a growth to something unknown, though improving mankind. Those historical epochs can, though, also be perceived as a dialectical fight between some kind of romantics and some kind of rationality, making a new feeling, that is, an epoch of romantics. This understanding is not revolutionary. Scientists oriented towards theory have pointed at it, in the local. Ai have stated the historical epochs from Christ up to the times of ours is my body, being the Girl, and so, and aI have approved the historical epochs by their labels, as taught in Norway.

In that latter sense, that is by a dialectical understanding, we have reached a climax, so to speak, in the times of ours. This is marked by the technology of data, by which that pure intellectual and instrumental orientation seems to have a certain power in itself, and by which a devastating relation to the soft kindness is produced, being either by or relieved from.

What man ought to have in mind, is that those producers of that new technology are means. And, that by a little creativity, God given, it is proven that any of those imbeciles forcing one to acknowledge their superiority are plain idiots, and evil, since they commit adultery on the idealistic level. What will come after this, is a new romantic epoch. That is for certain. And, it will be quite interesting, since mankind has reached this climax, so to speak. Are we heading at an conceiving of mankind? Or, is that diversion between woman and man as romantics and intellect much to simple to accept that thing? Myself, being a man, aI think the woman is a pretty thing.

That dialectical understanding of history one might perceive everywhere, aI believe. Is there not a connection between Homer and Vergil, for instance? Not to speak about Platon and Aristoteles? Platon came after Homer, and aI believe Homer, and his lot, was the ones carrying that Greek gods. Myself, when studying Aristoteles, aI thought he was stupid and wrong, by his orientation. Thinking about it, having giving up the studies, aI came to the conclusion, though, he was up to something. Which Marx later built on, in fact, and which the Jews relied on, as a matter of fact. And which constitutes Norway. That materialistic way of thinking. The problem with Aristoteles, aI came to, is that he did not believe in God, as the Jewish people did, and that his pursuing of matters of fact lead to what ridiculous is.

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Monday, 26 August 2019


Ai have come to think about perceiving and interpreting, which can be considered to be an activity, and when so, a way of acting, and when so, a subject for science. In science the perceiving and interpreting is called hermeneutics, and great books have been written on the subject. It is clear to me one can distinguish between two orientations, in that tradition, and that is fearful activity and peaceful activity, and this is a bit awkward, since by it to speak about activity is exactly awkward.

In my mind, there is a clear distinctions between getting it, and taking it, and having it. This insight might be seen two ways. One is to see a row of happenings, or circumstances, maybe, by which one develops in the succession get – take – have. This is the easy way of understanding hermeneutics, in my mind, since everyone will agree this makes sense. The other way is a bit more formal, and insanity comes to mind. We can distinguish between

A. Getting it and taking it
B. Having it

There is an ocean of difference between people capable of memorizing and people capable of learning, when those two verbs are seen as opposites. In modern school, and at universities today, specifically, with curriculum, exams in writing, and master degrees, it is the memorizing which is anticipated, and called for. So, even if one is capable of learning, one easily understands the way to get grade is to memorise suggestions, assertions and terms, as they are, and to play with those, as one cunning, bit by bit. In traditional science this would be called the ecclesiastic way, and in traditional science this was condemned. The way of seeing why, may perhaps be to remember the commandment of God condemning adultery. In Norwegian, one will easily see there is something worth thinking about, pondering on the words “skjønne” and the expression “få det med seg”, for instance. In English, “to get along with” a fact or a statement is not that obvious, aI believe, and even so, there is something to it. “To see,” in English, is not exactly to mirror.

It is a bit complicated, aI believe, this science called hermeneutics, since obviously, anxiety is involved in most instances of adultery, and even so, one has to acknowledge there are individuals who deliberately are simple in pursuit of evil intent. And, in traditional psychology, there is this fundamental distinction between sensing and intuition as orientations. Anyhow, to anticipate “to know me is to love me” is the stairway to heaven. And, if one thinks one by possession and adultery makes it, one is either a complete idiot or a devil, and the two of them are one and the same.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Those really insane

By now, aI have been subjected to, and tortured by, those really insane for more than twenty years, so aI have developed an idea of what that craziness is. The symptoms are fearlessness, insistence, mercilessness and superficiality. Behind it, aI sense a being which is without reservation, which is earth bound, steered, emotional cold, and anxious. And the perspective one has upon oneself, obviously, is that one is blank. Ai believe to be clear is something which is argued for. And aI think to be blank is the perception.

To be blank is a way of being which one can look at from different angles. No feeling of sin, or guilt, is one. What to keep in mind, though, is that this what is blank in no way carries or occupies light, and the drive of it is to seek its counterpart, in other words, its opposition, and this is not light. It is dirt.

The contamination made on the small forest areas in my neighbourhood clearly shows this to be the case. One is not pursuing life, rather, one is seeking death. To the blank, aI believe, there is no authority in life, really. What is on top, in that mind, is the blank itself. And that being will not be stopped by anything other than perfection. This is so, aI believe, since what is perfect is a natural thing. Culture, and spirit, and love is spirit, to this being have no significance, and faith, to it, is only a sign of weakness, since itself it takes any opportunity to disregard life.

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Homo Sapiens

There was a man, today, in my neighbourhood, who made me aware of the term homo sapiens. Ai made him understand aI saw there was an existence of adjective and noun, so to speak, in the term, and he told me this is the case also in French. The noun comes before the adjective. Ai have not checked this term earlier, so ai did, right away, by the help of my Latin Dictionary, written by Johanssen, Nygaard and Schreiner in 1921, and those “rektorer” knew Gothic letters, which aI don't, though internet does, and that dictionary is read through, that is verified, by doctor S. Panzerhielm Thomas, who, aI think, could not have been a panzerskalle.

Homo it says, means human being, in contrast to gods. Also, the word homo was used to connote “those people”. So, aI understand one by the word understood particularity, and that thing being alike. In my understanding, there must be a relation between “homo” and “humilis”, which means “low; little; simple; unimportant”, and the root must be “humus”, which is “earth; ground”. So, when that Roman emperor got the idea of calling himself Nemo, which is “ne (ho)mo”, that is “not homo”, he was either up to something, or he had completely taken off.

Sapiens is a form of sapio, meaning “taste”, as an adjective, that is, not tasteful, rather capable of tasting. “Sapiens”, so, was “rational; sensible; wise; high-minded”. So, one may ask if those Romans acknowledged apes as incidents of the “homo”. What else, one may ask. The answer is the human being having developed, and turned up, through the times. The not civilized man, in other words.

Ai am uncertain if one really can speak about nouns and adjectives in Roman. The case is that any word in Latin is “verbum”, so that the Romans understood something present working, by the term. When we see the term “homo sapiens” in this light, we get it the Romans saw a way of being by the mass. By the word popularity one may grasp what that was.

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Thursday, 8 August 2019

That neighbouring thing

There is a certain labour
which cannot be too hard.
That is to love your neighbour,
and lower, so, your guard.

As meant to be together,
we cannot just consume.
As upper and as nether
to spoil is to assume.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Blockheads are stupid. There is no doubt about it. The blockhead thinks, for instance, that either, whatever one does and says counts, or it counts when repeated. And, one has to choose what way to go. As if the term "alienation", Marx given, does not count, since he offered it only once, in his early writings. Or, when Marx wrote laws, as machinery, that is means, occur and are created when the need for those occurs, it counts, as said and done? Ai mean, what about being laid out? And, neither that makes choice, to be directed by. See the flower. The flower is vulnerable, soft, small, and easily destroyed. And a flower may count? Do you not agree?

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Back to the origin

Ai wonder if the Sunday, made,
today is nothing, being grade.
Ai wonder if to steal is fine,
all animals, and on the line.

Ai wonder if the power got
is all, authorization not.
And if that way is way to go,
that Satan keen on being so.

That means, there is a back of worth.
A fundament, made up by earth.
And, anyone opposed to me
in fact is nothing, crap to be.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

New face of Trixnix

Ai have emptied and terminated the blog vaccinius.net. For the future, the face of Trixnix, and Prixnix, will be mixnix.net, incorporated in Prixnix.

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To be gifted

Gifted people can do extraordinary things. There are videos on internet showing Asian people making wonders by means, and in the world of computers one speaks of being in the flow, aI believe, as when playing games, or rather, maybe, when manipulating data processes by codes. Ai believe, though, such eminence is not very impressive compared to what some musicians do, with their instruments. And this is far from being any new phenomena. The music of Paganini shows it to be very old. Paganini himself was an outstanding violin player. And in Norway, in the culture, we have an aversion manifest to that thing, being the “fanden”, as illuminated by the short composition “Fanitullen” by Halvorsen, and earlier, aI believe, by a traditional “slått”. In this video that “slått” is played by the traditional Norwegian violin called “hardingfele”:

That “Fanden” playing that “Fanitullen” seems to do so “uten videre”, and “på stående fot”. That means, “very eloquently, without reservation, or effort”, and “standing tall, without preparations, by himself”. In our cultural memory, that “Fanden” of a violin player has one leg which is shorter than the other. He limps. And, he seduces, by his playing, that is, by means.

Extensive practise over a long period of time makes one good in whatever one is doing. Even so, one must have a certain disposition, in other words, be somewhat gifted. One never learns to play the violin if the fingers will not go along (in Norwegian: “om fingrene ikke vil være med.”)

To create not by means is a bit different. The love of God is more evident, and evident, also, is that those people doing so are humble, grateful, with the deepest respect for anything holy. From the outside, it may seem like those especially and extraordinary gifted people are organized in a special way, or empowered by a certain clue. Ai believe many a scientist have tried to get the code of the music by Bach, for instance. And notice; it is Bach's gratitude to the Lord.

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Thursday, 1 August 2019


Ai have all my life had an opinion about torture. As a child, aI was set out, and made subjected to both physical and psychological mistreatment by my fellow schoolmates. And in youth, at what in Norway is somewhat equivalent to college, aI tried to read a paper, written by a female scientist, about the gang of Henry Rinnan, who was the prominent Satan in Norway during World War II, working from my home district, who made a a cell powered by Gestapo in which individuals showing resistance were tortured. My intention was to get to know why people became evil. Ai was too young when aI tried to read that paper, though, which aI found in the library. Later, aI was taught a little about evilness at the Military Academy. And there are books. Ai believe there are stories in Sigurd Evensmo's "Englandsfarere". In Sigrid Undset's "Kristin Lavransdatter" there is a situation in which torture is used which is so that every sensible cell in the brain ignites and flames, and one crawls into the "røsslyng" and "blåbærlyng", that is heather, somewhat, of the Norwegian summer forest. And Swedish Roy Andersson has written an eminent wake up call named "Vår tids rädsla för allvar". Some years ago, aI got published a notice in the local newspaper about the motivation to torture. And lately, that is a year, or so, aI have seen the look of broken girls. They are way beyond insane.

Ai have myself been subjected to torture, for several years, without knowing aI am hypnotized, and without really knowing what aI am subjected to. Now, as aI am enlightened, aI have a feeling with Satan. And the motivation to torture has with poverty and poorness to do. And the brain of the criminal is so that aI have no doubt in my opinion, that individual should, in power of national law, be shot, after conviction in court.

To explain something, scientifically, is to justify it. Torture should not be justified. The use of torture should not be understood. The use of torture is today so widespread, obviously, it threatens life on earth, and aI pray to God any individual motivated to torture, in the legal sense, just falls to the ground, as dead, and goes to Hell.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Being damned

If one is one as by a gang,
as if from tree okay to hang,
one has no chance not to be seen
as failure, on excuses keen.

.·: † :·.

The two of us

If not the complicated kind,
one is the one with simple mind.
And, easy going is a way
for complicated in to stay.

.·: † :·.

Try harder

If one is not exempt and nice
one is an instance of the vice.
And possible it cannot then
be to be having sight of men.

.·: † :·.

Making you

Is it too bad, that to be worse,
and friend with upshot and with curse,
is better not, since to be made
is either quarter or a grade.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Me and the Middle East

Ai reacted, the second time Iraq was attacked. As psychotic, in Oslo, aI thought about going to Iraq, to be a shield, and aI made a visit to the Iraqi embassy to see how aI could enter the country. The reception was fear, aI discovered, and aI was psychotic, so, aI never did. This was five years, or so, before aI entered internet. When Libya was attacked, aI made several letters, to some Western embassies in particular, aI believe, though, aI think aI must have written to the Chinese embassy and the Russian embassy also. My aim was to reach the United Nations. And my message was, that interfering with what is going on in other nations is against common law, and that United Nations is not the light. Jesus Christ is. Also, aI addressed the Norwegian Parlament, and the Norwegian Government. When Syria was attacked, aI was out of order, destroyed by medicines, and by isolation. Ai did, though, make a blog post or two about the threat of the number of refugees.

This aI write for the record. In the Middle East, my heart is with the Jewish people, that is, with the sons of Abraham. Ai am, though, no stupid. And, violation of international law clearly is stupid. And Jews taking benefit of the achievements of Christ without honouring the Lord, playing fancy Jews, are not my neighbours.

.·: † :·.

To cultures all

One may speak of collective consciousness. That would be culture. In a Christian perspective, that is perspective which is not adultery driven, one will think of mind and feeling, and way, doing so. One may think of that collective consciousness as what one must do, as kind, or well possessed. Collective mind is quite another thing, and is, in fact, nonsense. To act collectively, one agrees upon aims and goals. And when so, that collective action is a matter of war, speaking of nations.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Dogs and people

People are not dogs however
people feel for being clever.
Dogs will anything abolish
with no feeling for the polish.

Thought about it, that whatever,
has no dog when being clever.
Pain is just a way of being,
not a fear from to be fleeing.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

No matter how

There is a two-dimensional existence for the being of the world. One dimension is the personal, and the other dimension is the social. Psychology cannot be seen isolated from sociology, and visa versa. "What is in it for me" cannot be seen isolated from "together we are strong", and visa versa. To make those dimensions packages, forcing the individual to chose between being egoistic or altruistic, is nonsense, and evilness, since one by that annuls and discourages the being. Unfortunately, by science, one often sees it "that way or that way", for to isolate a motive, or a drive. To force people to adhere to the artificial ordering of science is evilness. Those doing so are blockheads.

The Son is the meaning of life, and Jesus Christ is He. By the Son, one makes a future, and a fortune, and being rich on particularities is definitely not it. By the Son any human being will be justified, and the actual boy child of a specific father and mother is the way to go. Love is the way to go, and by love, the individual takes due part in the social. Of course, the individual cannot love if forced to abandon itself by the demands of the social. And, of course the social cannot be love if the individual is not subjected to it. To make human being producers of children to be consumed in the social is nonsense, and evilness, without any love. No matter how, people are incidents of God, supposed to be. Let us not be blockheads.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

There is life

Think about itAi get it, the rationale of Satan has to do with exclusion. Maybe the psychological basis for this, that is, the basic assumption of Satan, is that he himself is excluded. And, when so, the Satan thinks. Being the exemption, and making the exemption, life is all about, Satan thinks. And, since Satan has "got it" this is so, Satan thinks, he is God by doing so. And, torturing true Christians is what to do, since they are exemptions, Satan thinks. Making slaves is making exemptions, Satan thinks. And, he himself being exempt from what counts, really, Satan thinks, he is the winner. For example, "love your neighbour as yourself," Jesus said. To Satan, that means there are exemptions.

"There is no rule without exemption," we say in Norwegian. Maybe that is a word in English, also. And Satan pursues exemptions. If that is the rule of Satan, there must be exemptions, one would say. Though, Satan is an imbecile, and seeks the power which is absolute, that is the rule with no exemptions. Ai experience all the time Satan disqualifies me by taking advantage of the exemptions aI make. And that is not difficult, hypnotized, as aI am, and fond of children, for example, as aI am. And, further, by making me an outlaw, in the rationale of Satan, Satan is doing a good job.

Any educated soldier knows, by the way, the way to get the enemy is to take him by surprise. At four o'clock in the morning, for example, when he is dizzy, exempt from being awake. And, a bit funny to think about; if the rule is that also officers are soldiers; what, or who, is the exemption?

Thinking about it, trying to get that rationale of Satan, one quickly gets into trouble. On will make examples, and even a qualified philosopher, aI believe will have problems communicating that logic. There will always be something annulling.

That saying, "there is no rule without exemptions" is not wrong. And, in Norway, for instance, in the penalty law there is a paragraph which annuls the other paragraphs in case of legitimate self-defence, what in Norwegian is called "nødverge", which is not only self-defence. A lawyer might find it opportune to ponder on that. Rape, for instance, in self-defence? If not, does that mean that paragraph is absolute? If one paragraph is absolute; is the penalty law as such not absolute? It would be if there were no exemptions. That legitimate self-defence paragraph; if that is not the exemption, annulling the law, rather just another paragraph; would not that law contradict itself?

The thing is rigidity. The imbecility of Satan is known by rigidity.

For the saying "there is no rule without exemption" to be valid, there must be an exemption, or more. Let us pursue that rigidity of Satan in that respect, for the case of clarifying, and not only smile to the foolishness. The exemption is the rule "life". By the Law of Moses we have been given the Ten Commandments, and the three first commandments, that is, | I am The Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. |, together is the formulation, God given, of what life is. The rest of the Ten Commandments are implications, and such are rules with exemptions, thinking rigidly about it. That "life", though, being God, is not to ridicule. And that is, precisely, what Satan does when annulling life.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Reception is what we all wish,
and Bergen is that it.
Reception that place is of fish,
and brand, of every fit.

We love that place, that city made,
by that no suit, no grade.
And think about it, so to say,
as to the funny way.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Easy going

To be good to each other, and do what is right,
and stand up when it matters, and mirror the light,
and address what is fault, and to one act as salt,
and to good one that also, for goodness to halt,
is what we are supposed to be doing on earth.
And be scandalized if we are beings of worth.
To be fool is not what the good Lord does expect
from the being which being a fool does neglect.

.·: † :·.

What sadism is

Sadism is not an illness. Sadism is what is opposite to love. Sadism is Satan.

.·: † :·.

Bottom line

Bottom line is that people are oriented towards being evil. Those people feeling, or experiencing being lead, by hearing voices or by bodily reactions, in this category act evilly because they get it what they are thinking of is what is to do, and this is always to be bad, because they by heart are bad, and they never question what they are. And the people in this category are united in the pursuit of evilness by specific aims, goals and acts because what, in fact, is evilness in any specific situation is to define, that is to grasp and know for sure to avoid. Psychiatry, as such, is guilty of letting such people lose, by explaining and legitimizing bad natures. And the police, as such, is guilty of destroying morale, not pursuing illegal acts. Those people know, though, in that category, what is good and what is wrong. They have chosen to be bad. And before Jesus Christ, any one of them will be sentenced to stay i Hell, maybe forever, because they were evil.

.·: † :·.

Ai am disappointed

Idiots. There is no other way of sound belonging than by culture. And culture is so that ones feeling of being one gets weaker the more in the periphery one comes. And culture is so that one can, in fact, see the next neighbourhood as a different culture than one's own. See your neighbour. Make a spot. Clean it. And grow. The national states has borders. And, historically so, and by the work of school, media, and church, languages are formed within.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

That Fiedler

That nice urge to achieve
is in work to believe
as a way feeling good
by demands understood.

And, the others to please
is to be quite at ease.
Both the tram and the ship
has on future the grip.

And, the easy way out
it is always about.
And, the will to be seen
is on what one is keen.

I myself am a boat
which to you is a goat.
To the Lord it is so
that I easily go.

.·: † :·.

The bunch

The bunch is not much of a treat.
It has in looking good a seat.
And all is foolishness and pride,
as if it could seduce, the wide.

Indeed, there berries are more keen
on counting, and on to be seen.
And those are so that they are not
the artificial look got.

To bunch, a model is to reach,
by which there is the taste to teach.
The Son of Man, not fond of bunch,
prefers the marmalade, to lunch.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Chips in the body

Ai think aI always have had that belief in God, in the Power of life, even when aI was discouraged, and took stand against Christianity, that there cannot be threats in life which man cannot address, and fight. Ai pray to the Lord to give me right, in this. Also, as a young man, about to attend the Military Academy, when aI had one of those sweet moments thinking of breasts, aI made that oath to myself, my woman should be one aI could talk to. Communicate with. And such an oath has implications, since my body, in one respect, is my woman, as are my clothes, and as is my house. And, further more, everything aI say. And state, writing. And create by other means.

Those chips which one nowadays can implant in the flesh of man is, as such, a new threat. Ai believe one by those chips can reach the lines of nerves and to some extent can manipulate the receptors in the brain. Considerable pain can be given by those chips. Most of such pain, as itching, burning sensation and limbs or muscles hurting, must be phantom pains. The true effect of those chips are real, though, so terrible pain can be given where they in fact are, as in teeth, and where the energy ends, as in the brain. Ai believe the only way to release the function of those chips is by energy. And that means those chips can be killed, by energy. Walking on a trailroad should do it, by the voltage created between the wires in the air and the railway line. And in some cities there are trams. My experience is that much less energy is needed. Sitting between the electric stove and a thermometer might be it, and that small energy there to be found can be disturbed by the flash of a camera, increasing the effect on the chip.

What is injected by those chips is terrible fear. Fear is what in our times has become overall challenge, being the mean of Satan. And, call it opinion, call it view: Nothing in life is so that man cannot do anything about it.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 14 July 2019


Prophecies can be self-fulfilling. By being so, people with bad intentions can claim taking part in the ongoing by playing roles, not being evil, in fact being good by being evil. That is how horrific it can be. The two prophecies aI think of as evidently current, are the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 and the prophecies of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. It is worth recalling, and understanding, for children and youth, that an organized attempt to take control of the society of Norway was made in the last 90ties, that the isolation of me as a person was a central manoeuvre in that attempt, and that control with radio and television, and with institutions of higher education, and later, with armed forces, that is the police and the military forces, was intended. Ai believe Norway was the first country to be attacked, and aI believe aI was the first person to be isolated, and that persons isolated later, around the world, were lions, as of star sign, since aI was. The turn of times was my idea, presented by the model of my site The Prime Idea.

When taking control, the actors of the hostility hypnotized people and broke people, and those subjected to this horror were not poor people, and are not poor people. Those people were the people of authority.

The prophecies of Revelation one must see to with eyes as of salt, so to speak. Evidently, there is something wrong. If counting thousand years from an event to the next event, the prophecy is not only self-fulfilling, it is a damnation.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Total failure

Total failure is it for the bad to be fit, since one is not the one which by bad will is done. One is only the bad, as dependent and sad. One in no way can say, for a reason I play. One is made as by grade where the aim is to tame, and appear is to scare since no free is to see. Total failure it is to be making out this. One has lost to be cost to be tool, as the fool.

.·: † :·.

As bad as it can be

When got lost as too retarded
one is not by power guarded.
One must work itself to power
by the pity for the lower.

.·: † :·.

To the retarded

Simple mind and beast of kind
is not for the life to find.
All will know, to truly glow
is not it to breathe and blow.

.·: † :·.

That opposition

By that Satan is made, that authority grade, it itself without luck, being in its sin stuck. The impression it gives is that intellect lives, and that calling and love is endowment to blow. How that Satan I hate and want out of my gate! It has stood in the way for the total of day, stealing goods, giving pain, making lies, forming vain, as the jealous and sad resolute to be bad, by the kind to be of which opposed is to love.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 6 July 2019


What to grasp, is that will over power is rule, if the opposite, sign of a terrible fool, since by then what reigns is the brutal and strong, and the fool over him, since the crowd is too long. And, the will is called spirit, when knowing the man, and the will is pure knowledge, when doing one can. And, the kind is on top, since whoever can work, and since no way the pay may compete with the perk. And, on top of it all, is the kind of God's love, which is holy, by being the holiness of. Jesus Christ is that kind, and is not to replace. And that spirit, for all, is to find and to face.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Over with it

When evil is what one will be, there is no hope, and one will see there is a chance to get it right and really be devoid of light. And being evil to the point is not to make with goodness joint. What one perceives as goodness will just be what is that one will kill. A Satan is so stupid that one laughs to see that getting at. And then there is no other way than to be gay and greet the day.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

To be creating

There is no need for practise for kindly to be.
When you draw and make music, do kindly, you see.
When by wisdom and when you the poetry make
you will always be at it for sight and for sake.

To be drawing is love and affection and style,
and belief you just struggle meant to, for a while.
And the music you make if you have got the clue.
And that is to be tidy, and to the point true.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Being major

In the Army, the major is minor in staff,
and a bit of a nuisance, a bit of a laugh.
So, when captain a major becomes, he is so,
that to be one is nothing, and from just to go.

And, when learning from that, we will see that the one
being colonel is made up, the motive so done.
So, the colonel has grades, and when reaching the top
he is general, made, and by grade, not to stop.

.·: † :·.

Luke 16:16

A Christian is not made by chance.
And if no chance, found, to enhance,
the way to get it is by will
the way a soldier looks for kill.

.·: † :·.


If by the course of Satan of, one can, of course, not be by love. The soldier must of course perceive what life is, and in it believe. If killing what is power not, destroying what is culture got, and torturing surrendered men, the soldier is not up to ten.

.·: † :·.

Citizen not

When an adult is keen on direction and force, there, of course, is no order for it to endorse. And when so there in fact is no use of that thing, since an opposite always negation will bring.

.·: † :·.

Forestry keeping

Ai feel for stating something about forestry keeping. A forest is an isolated area. The borders to the nature around is not exact, and even so, a forest is located, and to be found. In the poem “The woman in man”, posted in Napthali, in the walls of Trixnix, aI have stated the woman in man might be found both in the ocean and in the forest. This what is unconscious might be perceived as an entity, and some will.

Around me, aI have two small forests, one east of me, and one west of me, and lately aI have cleaned both. Cleaning is the word for it, not clearing. And, what hits me, is that there is an either of, speaking of matter, when appointing the forest, as with nature as a whole. Either, one takes it down, and exchanges it with something one builds. Buildings and roads are the examples, and those people doing so, aI believe are excellent craftsmen, doing so, building, in fact, nature in another way than what originally was there. Or, one puts oneself behind the forest, and works with it, so to speak, taking notice of what benefits it, making openings. Anything in between is sad. In the forest east of me, there was a terrible contamination in the form of pins, dead branches, dead trees and litter, and also wire, in a devastating amount, put in traces and entrances, and groves, as if the forest was given to be tested. Everyone sane understands that when a being is suffocated, it dies, and that forest would, of course, rotten, and die, by the treatment. In the forest west of me, there was put a camp, a simple installation in the form of small trunks put up for to make shelters and gymnastic measures. It was simple in that respect the installations put up varied from organic to instrumental, by heavy means, and there was no way the forest could relate to the installation. When the installation had been abandoned, for a while, the thinnest trunks, planks, ropes, tarpaulins, nails and screws served as litter, and the forest was wet. As aI saw it, both forests, both the one in the east and the one in the west, had been abandoned by birds and animals. My point is, that when appointing a forest, as when when addressing a human being in a therapeutic way, one ought to have an eternal perspective. And, everyone knows, that means thinking ahead. What everyone knows, also, is that if one takes a forest down, by cutting the trees, and abandons it, that forest will be wilderness, and it will take maybe hundreds of years before nature again comes to order.

Nature is good at getting rid of natural fallout and nature is good at isolating. Even nettle is isolated. Both forests mentioned were about to be isolated, by nature. By the work of no time. And those forests are thousands of years old.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

No matter not

It is so in the little, and so in the large,
that the being is simple, and guilty of charge,
if it is not okay by the work that is done.
And, the judge of that thing, is the glorious Son.

Either with Him, or not, you can say what you want.
You can pray, and discuss, and no way miss the haunt
if the being of yours is opposed to this thing:
It is funny to see what the future will bring.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

In that hour - so to speak

In the midst of September, October is harsh.
Scandinavia made, it is cold in the marsh,
it is cold in the mountains, and cold, when at sea,
and when rainy, for certain, unpleasant to plea.

One must dress, and behave, and the habit must hold
one away from the cold, and what crazy is told.
In the midst of September, in that turn of year,
one is not making efforts, the maggot, the fear.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 17 June 2019

It appears

It appears to me so
that for instance will go.
I mean, why should not it
to the future be fit.

To be good is not that
any it to be at.
To be good is to find
how on earth one should mind.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

The step

This is a bit amusing. In 2005, aI believe it was, aI mended some of my belongings by painting them, in an effort to overcome, and in that moment aI made a base to a children's flag, to have on my veranda, from a branch of a small tree aI found. Yesterday aI spray-painted it, in two steps, the last time on carton, and this figure was what appeared. That mark in the center of the A aI must have made accidentally, in a way, of course. The image is reproduced and manipulated in PaintNet. The title is "Steget", which is Norwegian, and which means "The step".

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Plain and simple

Speaking of explanations, being plain and simple is a fine thing. Speaking of trait, being plain and simple is horror, leading nowhere. If God has given us love and affection, to raise above the beast, why should we not develop love and affection? Should we suppress our gift, as human beings? Love and affection depends on logic. One thinks, "what is ahead ...", and one thinks, "what follows ..." Should one abandon the glory of life?

.·: † :·.

That teaspoon thing

You know, in illuminated Norway, made to take it in by teaspoons is annoying. That teaspoon woman of Alf Prøysen ("Teskjekjerringa") is an artifact of that, though telling us, aI believe, that some indeed need to take it in by teaspoons. That dog tag orientation of today, forced upon us, is though foreign. And, you know, to illuminated Norway it is a distress, and it is so, that any illusion one had about the great world must be questioned. And, when basic assumptions must be questioned, one gets insecure. There is no doubt about that. And, some will insist aI am the kind of man that needs to get it in with teaspoons. That aI cannot have made my music without being regularly taught, for instance. And we are talking about the depressed ones. Those with an urge to getting it right. And, to illuminated Norway, those are boring. And, being presented by those from the foreign is like living in Hell. How stupid can one get, is not the thing. How on earth, is. Are you, the foreign, totally devoid of spirit?

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Get off my back

Kindly get it: We are cultures. And, by the Lord, we are herds. We think, differently, we behave differently, and there is no way any way is the specific way of the Lord, by any colour. To make such a way is, of course, the work of Satan.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Annoyances - and what is not

Annoyances. Ai feel the earthly life is full of annoyances. One finds one way around, sometimes, and even, sometimes, it turns out one is happy one did. Find another way, aI mean. Less pleased one is when the annoyances give intolerable pain, or totally imprison you. They may, by the work of evil people. When aI lost my mind because of chemistry forced upon me, aI was not pleased. When my glasses, in numbers, and insistently, are destroyed, aI am not pleased. Last night, like another night, some days ago, my lower legs itched so much, aI was on the edge of cutting them off. Well. You know what aI mean. Really annoying, such is, and the question is, if it is not annoying. Can one be practical about it? Ai wonder what made my legs itch, that much. Could it be the poison from the bites in my legs? Could a chip operated in my body give that pain? Could aI have been subjected to gas or liquid, in a way, which gave that pain? Ai thought of people prisoned and tortured. Handcuffed in a prison cell you cannot take off from the bed, as aI did, put the blankets in the washing machine, take a shower and thoroughly clean your legs, and put moisturising cream on the legs afterwards. There are situations where annoyance is not the word for it. And people putting other people in such a situation, where annoyance is not the word for it, do exactly the same as one does when one by acts ridicules love. A word against the Son, Jesus said, one will be forgiven. An annoyance, it is.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Ice in the vein

One should not take much chances,
when life is put at play.
The will of kill enhances
when pray is out of way.

One should instead be sorry
the will of kill is not
for chilliness to worry.
And hate the God damned hot.

And show that God damned being,
as stupid as it gets,
as matter one is freeing
what crazy is to bets.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

The scorpion is dead

Kindly see my previous post. The scorpion aI suspected was released in the little forest of my neighbourhood is now dead. There is no chance any poisonous creep may survive the present climate. Even if the scorpion is not very animal like, is is a biological entity, and it has no defence against the cold. The Scandinavian viper will survive, wherever it is. Ai suspect it has gone back to sleep, if it awoke in the middle of April.

Ai felt the scorpion died as aI cleaned a little part of the forest, right now. Cleaned is the word for it, not clear, since aI collected an amount of small branches and small sticks, naturally or artificially made, which, aI am certain of, were scary to children. The temperature in the air seems to be just above the freezing point, and it is rainy on the edge to snowing, and for a little while, it indeed was sleet in the air. Ai collected the trash without wearing gloves, it was biting cold, and aI decided to work fast and be finished with it before aI got frostbite.

.·: † :·.


May the 4th at 19:50:

Kindly also see my next post: The scorpion is dead.
- - -

Ai believe, a few weeks back, aI was subjected to both a venomous scorpion, biting me, and a venomous snake, biting me, both creatures foreign in Scandinavian fauna. It could have happened since aI am hypnotized. Ai could have been set out by a voice in my apartment, from a source hidden from me, or by a flash on the screen on my computer or cell phone, and directed to open my front door with my shoes off. Outside there is a small veranda, with no hiding places for small creatures. It is possible. Ai have no memory of it. Ai feel the pain, though, in my legs, and aI see the scares.

The photo to the left, of my left foot, was taken Friday April the 26th 2019, and the photo to the right, of my right foot, was taken Saturday May the 5th 2019.

What snake it might have been, aI don't know. Obviously, it has three fangs, and aI believe not many snakes have. Over a few days, the foot increased in size, and and it felt weak. Ai could easily walk on it, and aI could move my toes, though. Using shoes, a could not. Occasionally, the foot has itched, a lot. Itched, so that aI have been almost desperate about it. And the blood on my bed sheet looked like being rust red. And occasionally, the foot felt like being arrested, in a way. Stared at. Stiff. And the scares from the fangs must be deep, since they never vanish. The poison of that creature in my body is foreign, and not wanted, and a feel the body reacts to it as threatening hostility which must be fought. And over three weeks, or so, the swelling of the foot has decreased. Ai still feel as if there is an identity in the foot, raging. And aI still produce saliva with bubbles in it. Ai am confident, though, that thing my body will get rid of, by the work of God.

What scorpion hit my right foot, aI don't know, either. The scar is on the left side of the foot, where the big toe is beginning, and as you see from the photo, aI have an outgrowth there, of cartilage. Ai believe some of my relatives in the Woje family have. So there is not much skin. Even so, the scar feels deep, and for a long time aI considered if a receiver of energy was operated in there, and later aI considered if that scar could be an incident of corns. The skin is too thin, though, for either. The poison of that creature must have reached the bone, and occasionally aI feel a sting in that area, as if from an electrical source. When aI use a small 9 volt battery around the wound, with both poles pressed on the skin, aI might "get" the identity of the foreign, and the isolated pain of the energy loose rises a bit, before it goes away. That identity, though, in my body, aI feel, has come to stay. It does not feel threatening.

That snake was and is devilish. That scorpion was and is girlish, the girl by God raging, determined on executing.

Ai have no knowledge of it, and even so, aI feel both creatures were set lose in the small forest east of my neighbourhood, which aI lately have "ryddet", as we say in Norwegian about clearing the forest, for it to be a playground for children. When aI began doing so, quickly after aI felt the foots being tempered with, the temperature rose to be quite high, and relatively, very high, for April to be, in Norway. In two days, the daytime temperature rose from just above 40°F to around 66°F. Later, the living conditions for those creatures has declined. For days, now, the temperature has been just above the freezing point, and it has been wet, and it has even been snowing, a little, so on the ground, it has been cold. That snake, whatever it is, must have died in those circumstances. The scorpion, though, aI suspect will acclimatize. If my notion is correct, that means a new specie has been introduced to the Scandinavian fauna, given there was more than one, or two, creatures released. And if my notion is correct, that forest, being playground for children, is protected by those creatures, being poisonous scorpions. Ai will not tell parents what to think or do, in that respect. Ai believe those scorpions, if they really are there, will seek uprooted trees, especially, for protection and nesting. Ai believe, though, Jesus Christ, our Father in Heaven, let us have that forest for a purpose, and that God is protective.

.·: † :·.