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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Plain and simple

Speaking of explanations, being plain and simple is a fine thing. Speaking of trait, being plain and simple is horror, leading nowhere. If God has given us love and affection, to raise above the beast, why should we not develop love and affection? Should we suppress our gift, as human beings? Love and affection depends on logic. One thinks, "what is ahead ...", and one thinks, "what follows ..." Should one abandon the glory of life?

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That teaspoon thing

You know, in illuminated Norway, made to take it in by teaspoons is annoying. That teaspoon woman of Alf Prรธysen ("Teskjekjerringa") is an artifact of that, though telling us, aI believe, that some indeed need to take it in by teaspoons. That dog tag orientation of today, forced upon us, is though foreign. And, you know, to illuminated Norway it is a distress, and it is so, that any illusion one had about the great world must be questioned. And, when basic assumptions must be questioned, one gets insecure. There is no doubt about that. And, some will insist aI am the kind of man that needs to get it in with teaspoons. That aI cannot have made my music without being regularly taught, for instance. And we are talking about the depressed ones. Those with an urge to getting it right. And, to illuminated Norway, those are boring. And, being presented by those from the foreign is like living in Hell. How stupid can one get, is not the thing. How on earth, is. Are you, the foreign, totally devoid of spirit?

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Get off my back

Kindly get it: We are cultures. And, by the Lord, we are herds. We think, differently, we behave differently, and there is no way any way is the specific way of the Lord, by any colour. To make such a way is, of course, the work of Satan.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Annoyances - and what is not

Annoyances. Ai feel the earthly life is full of annoyances. One finds one way around, sometimes, and even, sometimes, it turns out one is happy one did. Find another way, aI mean. Less pleased one is when the annoyances give intolerable pain, or totally imprison you. They may, by the work of evil people. When aI lost my mind because of chemistry forced upon me, aI was not pleased. When my glasses, in numbers, and insistently, are destroyed, aI am not pleased. Last night, like another night, some days ago, my lower legs itched so much, aI was on the edge of cutting them off. Well. You know what aI mean. Really annoying, such is, and the question is, if it is not annoying. Can one be practical about it? Ai wonder what made my legs itch, that much. Could it be the poison from the bites in my legs? Could a chip operated in my body give that pain? Could aI have been subjected to gas or liquid, in a way, which gave that pain? Ai thought of people prisoned and tortured. Handcuffed in a prison cell you cannot take off from the bed, as aI did, put the blankets in the washing machine, take a shower and thoroughly clean your legs, and put moisturising cream on the legs afterwards. There are situations where annoyance is not the word for it. And people putting other people in such a situation, where annoyance is not the word for it, do exactly the same as one does when one by acts ridicules love. A word against the Son, Jesus said, one will be forgiven. An annoyance, it is.

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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Ice in the vein

One should not take much chances,
when life is put at play.
The will of kill enhances
when pray is out of way.

One should instead be sorry
the will of kill is not
for chilliness to worry.
And hate the God damned hot.

And show that God damned being,
as stupid as it gets,
as matter one is freeing
what crazy is to bets.

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Saturday, 4 May 2019

The scorpion is dead

Kindly see my previous post. The scorpion aI suspected was released in the little forest of my neighbourhood is now dead. There is no chance any poisonous creep may survive the present climate. Even if the scorpion is not very animal like, is is a biological entity, and it has no defence against the cold. The Scandinavian viper will survive, wherever it is. Ai suspect it has gone back to sleep, if it awoke in the middle of April.

Ai felt the scorpion died as aI cleaned a little part of the forest, right now. Cleaned is the word for it, not clear, since aI collected an amount of small branches and small sticks, naturally or artificially made, which, aI am certain of, were scary to children. The temperature in the air seems to be just above the freezing point, and it is rainy on the edge to snowing, and for a little while, it indeed was sleet in the air. Ai collected the trash without wearing gloves, it was biting cold, and aI decided to work fast and be finished with it before aI got frostbite.

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May the 4th at 19:50:

Kindly also see my next post: The scorpion is dead.
- - -

Ai believe, a few weeks back, aI was subjected to both a venomous scorpion, biting me, and a venomous snake, biting me, both creatures foreign in Scandinavian fauna. It could have happened since aI am hypnotized. Ai could have been set out by a voice in my apartment, from a source hidden from me, or by a flash on the screen on my computer or cell phone, and directed to open my front door with my shoes off. Outside there is a small veranda, with no hiding places for small creatures. It is possible. Ai have no memory of it. Ai feel the pain, though, in my legs, and aI see the scares.

The photo to the left, of my left foot, was taken Friday April the 26th 2019, and the photo to the right, of my right foot, was taken Saturday May the 5th 2019.

What snake it might have been, aI don't know. Obviously, it has three fangs, and aI believe not many snakes have. Over a few days, the foot increased in size, and and it felt weak. Ai could easily walk on it, and aI could move my toes, though. Using shoes, a could not. Occasionally, the foot has itched, a lot. Itched, so that aI have been almost desperate about it. And the blood on my bed sheet looked like being rust red. And occasionally, the foot felt like being arrested, in a way. Stared at. Stiff. And the scares from the fangs must be deep, since they never vanish. The poison of that creature in my body is foreign, and not wanted, and a feel the body reacts to it as threatening hostility which must be fought. And over three weeks, or so, the swelling of the foot has decreased. Ai still feel as if there is an identity in the foot, raging. And aI still produce saliva with bubbles in it. Ai am confident, though, that thing my body will get rid of, by the work of God.

What scorpion hit my right foot, aI don't know, either. The scar is on the left side of the foot, where the big toe is beginning, and as you see from the photo, aI have an outgrowth there, of cartilage. Ai believe some of my relatives in the Woje family have. So there is not much skin. Even so, the scar feels deep, and for a long time aI considered if a receiver of energy was operated in there, and later aI considered if that scar could be an incident of corns. The skin is too thin, though, for either. The poison of that creature must have reached the bone, and occasionally aI feel a sting in that area, as if from an electrical source. When aI use a small 9 volt battery around the wound, with both poles pressed on the skin, aI might "get" the identity of the foreign, and the isolated pain of the energy loose rises a bit, before it goes away. That identity, though, in my body, aI feel, has come to stay. It does not feel threatening.

That snake was and is devilish. That scorpion was and is girlish, the girl by God raging, determined on executing.

Ai have no knowledge of it, and even so, aI feel both creatures were set lose in the small forest east of my neighbourhood, which aI lately have "ryddet", as we say in Norwegian about clearing the forest, for it to be a playground for children. When aI began doing so, quickly after aI felt the foots being tempered with, the temperature rose to be quite high, and relatively, very high, for April to be, in Norway. In two days, the daytime temperature rose from just above 40°F to around 66°F. Later, the living conditions for those creatures has declined. For days, now, the temperature has been just above the freezing point, and it has been wet, and it has even been snowing, a little, so on the ground, it has been cold. That snake, whatever it is, must have died in those circumstances. The scorpion, though, aI suspect will acclimatize. If my notion is correct, that means a new specie has been introduced to the Scandinavian fauna, given there was more than one, or two, creatures released. And if my notion is correct, that forest, being playground for children, is protected by those creatures, being poisonous scorpions. Ai will not tell parents what to think or do, in that respect. Ai believe those scorpions, if they really are there, will seek uprooted trees, especially, for protection and nesting. Ai believe, though, Jesus Christ, our Father in Heaven, let us have that forest for a purpose, and that God is protective.

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Thursday, 2 May 2019

My will

Ai repeat what aI have stated repeatedly for 22 years: Get out of my life.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2019


The name of the model is Guro Krempig. Ai found the photo in a weekly magazine at ร˜stmarka, when aI was hospitalized, the other day, and aI stole the magazine, because of the photo. The face in the photo is very small. Ai hope, though, aI have managed to make a picture of something superb Norwegian.

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