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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

As evil as it gets

April the 7th and April the 8th 2018 aI drew those two beautiful girls pictured here to the left, from my imagination, believing they were special to me, and later aI found their addresses, aI believe, on Google Maps, the one in Norway, the other in Sweden. And despite that obvious proof of God, man chose to torture those girls. They are now to be found as "Antea" and "Danae" on porn sites on internet. And man chose to continue torturing me. There is no excuse for that. So doing is as evil as it gets.

.·: † :·.

The scientific approach

People are devoid of love, devoid of life. No fire there is, and no light. Living dead. Dead meat. And, when so is, the light one breathes cannot be sparkling. And, one cannot receive energy.

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Dark it is

Why the Hell does one want to be special and sad
when one can be a light, and presumably mad?
What the Hell is the point of Lucia to bear
when the point surely is to Lucia be dear?

You know, sometimes one gets quite confused by the will
of those wanting to torture, and wanting to kill.
Are they full of themselves, and afraid of the light?
Why in Hell should a being the other way fight?

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Monday, 23 December 2019


Ai am not an expert, and doctors have to prove me wrong, or to correct me. That is what they are for. It is, though, obvious to me organic poison seeks a hold in my testicles, that is, in my sperma, and aI believe organic poison will do so to women in the fallopian tube. Ai have no memory of being bitten. Ai see, though, scares, and it is obvious, to me, aI am hypnotized. And, aI have feelings, in my body. And, when my seed is sparkling, in the light, obviously there is something to it. And, when my body becomes frayed, after an ejaculation, obviously there is something to it. And my experience is that it takes some time to get rid of organic poison, that is venom from creep. It comes and establishes itself in rounds. Nevertheless aI believe there is a principle to speak of. It is the same principle as when you, people, relate to me, for not to be insane, and for to be effective. What you can do in two possible ways. And it is a strange thing to think of venom as a being. What matters, though, is it to do. A sinner will be vulnerable to that poison. A righteous being will see a devil, the way he does. And, organic it is. And, for one or another strange reason, alcohol in most instances has the effect of meeting the attack, is my experience. It is as if alcohol is absorbed, by the body, and when not, an hour of sleep makes you totally sober. It is a strange thing.

Well. Ai hope doctors will see into it.

.·: † :·.


If you cannot relate
there can be no debate,
and if that is your view,
you have failure, to do.

Better be to the one
which by sensing is done.
You know, evil by you,
then, in not having clue.

.·: † :·.

My weakness

Ai believe my weakness, and the reason why aI can be set out, as hypnotized, is dependency, of course, and then on nicotine. Ai smoke cigarettes. And aI have several times questioned my smoking, and aI have always come to it, aI need a reference, as anyone else. Having been subjected to isolation, all my life, this is what came to be. And, in the eyes of Jesus it is not so bad, since by this, aI am not a competitor, precisely. And, you know, to take advantage of this thing, and torture me by it, is sign of evilness beyond words. Ai have been bullied all my life. Your choice.

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Major Frode Berg

Ai am grateful the President of Russia chose to release major Frode Berg from custody, and let him leave Russia, for to return to Norway. Coming to think of it, appearing to me is that man must have been hypnotized. He was an officer of the Norwegian army, having worked for years on the border to Russia, and he was pensioned. Taking the risk he did is stupidity not acknowledgeable in any other way.

Ai look forward to see how the relations of the people of Russia and the people of Norway develop.

.·: † :·.


Hypnotized cannot be ruler.
Rule of one not hot is cooler,
fighting for a ruler, winning,
not to see despair beginning.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Stupidity beyond understanding

Does one understand this?

Not the leaf which falls to the ground, though punishment? Because one made oneself accountable? To the one who sees? And, to the ones suffering, who will be seeing? There is no end to it, that punishment, when the case is destruction of life. Ridiculing the love of God ... Destructing the life appearing ... This is no warning. Everyone knows how it is. This is a statement aI, as the Girl, in Heaven will see to it every single devil on earth will face fire which never stops burning. Trust my words.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 16 December 2019


They say, to glow
is not to bow,
though, if to go,
quite angry so.

Mariah, though,
was not like dough.
By humble show
her eggs would grow.

And arrow's bow
will arrow throw.
Which is the glow.
Which is the flow.

To know.

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This poem is posted on the blog hop of dVerse
| here |.

The blog Mix Trix Nix is changed

Ai have changed the name and address of the blog aI post my daily worries and thanksgivings on, from Mix Trix Nix to Mix Prix Nix, now to be found on https://mixprixnix.blogspot.com with easy address mix.prixnix.com.

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My relief

Has there ever been anything showing disorder or anything showing the absence of border in what aI have done, made, and also created, or in what aI stated, or said, or debated? Ai think one must say, there was never such thing. And, that all that aI did was for future to bring.

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Better off without it

When to write is no fun and the pen is like gun there is surely no point in with moon making joint. One will only be seen as what there could have been when one faces the sun, which to moon is the fun. If one cannot be true to what there is to do one should rather be so that one sadly let go.

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Sunday, 15 December 2019

One fine thing

Togetherness is one fine, seldom thing.
And, to it, we as people often cling,
in thought, by it the scary can be fought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

Society is what that hope will bring,
by which the tune performed we poorly sing.
Though, in it, there is history of bought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

The culture will be president or king,
and will from pen of poets lovely spring.
And, never it will state, to do we ought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

The nation and the people will be sought
in hope the way of being can be taught.

.·: † :·.

This poem is written in the form of (short) ballade. The syllable count in each line may vary. The rhyme scheme is though given, and so is the number and look of verses. Ai believe it is fit to display my message, here.

Ai have made a link to the poem on the blog hop of dVerse
here |.

See - what one can do

When ridiculing love of life
no way to life one is a wife.
And there is no excuse for that.
One must the Son be heading at.

.·: † :·.

In His name

You know, there is to you a chance
that what you make just will enhance
as addict or as multitude,
as Jesus was the Son of Jude.

And life to you it will become,
and if not good, quite bothersome.
Once and for all the love is made.
To Jesus Christ there is no grade.

.·: † :·.

Seeing each other

To be addictive or a dull
towards a being, killing so,
is to make out of mind a scull
and certainly not way to go.

In certain rule of way to go
the fool is lost, quite happy too.
In many ways the mind is so
that minding it has with to do.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

That sad killing

Ai feel aI have been poisoned by venomous snakes five times, this year, that is by an African mamba, presumably black, by an Asian cobra, by an European viper, which is similar to the Scandinavian viper, aI believe, by a North-American rattle snake, and by a South-American yellow-bellied sea snake. In any case aI was set out, as hypnotized, when bitten, and aI have no memory of it. Also, aI have been bitten by a scorpion, aI feel, and presumably a black. And aI have at least one time been bitten by a spider, presumably, then, by that tarantella. Also, aI have been poisoned, aI feel, by chemicals put in my food, as hydrocyanic acid the first time, and aI have been subjected to chemicals weapons in my apartment, aI feel, several times. And quite soon it will be Christmas. And what will come out of it to be my son, one may ask.

Thank, You, Lord. What is proven, is that as righteous, one is immune. Things are helping, though. Lately, especially after the bite from that yellow-bellied sea snake, aI have had a bit of alcohol. Ai believe it helps, by engaging the poison in the blood. Ai don't think alcohol neutralises the venom, aI think it freezes it by binding itself to it. That meaning of the verb "freeze" is a bit funny, by the way, aI mean, as bound, since in Scandinavia, North Russia and North Canada we freeze all winter. Anyway, as frozen that poison is easier for the blood to fight. Ai don't think alcohol is a remedy in any case, though, maybe just in a case one out of five, only. What aI think is treatment, is milk, and bananas, perhaps, and potatoes, and rice. And corn, and corn products. And lately, cornflakes.

Chemical poison one cannot treat. Such poison is cold, and when one is surviving from such an attack, it means the poison has not been effective. It has been, and stayed to be, something foreign.

What aI believe helps, also, is for the body to feel fine, really. Taking a shower. Cleaning the apartment. Lighting candles in the dark. And, lately, aI have made some fine compositions, as if, for the body to be comfortable with. And today aI made a new art performance outside my door, by clearing the snow. Imagine ...

Organic poison must be fought. Once in the body, it has effect, and pain might be considerable, is my experience. Ai believe any organic poison is alive, in a way, and that it seeks to make a hold in the testicles of man, or in the fallopian tubes of the woman, to relate to. So, having an ejaculation, and having a menstruation is good. Having three is wonderful. And what comes out, then, is highly poisonous, aI belive. God it is, of course, who, or which, is taking care. And the end of it is gratitude. It cannot be otherwise.

[ Addition at 19:30:
And nuts! You see, when that venom is given nuts to crack, it becomes weak. It is not like being tempted, it is more like being spoiled. And, that is good for the heart, of the victim. ]

.·: † :·.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Not the way to be

Are you unnoticed all your life,
you never were to God a wife.
Are you unnoticed to the end,
on leader you had to depend,

to tell you what you should not do,
to tell you what is right way, got.
And, none can say, you were of worth,
just treading sand, when on the earth.

.·: † :·.

Child care

If you are able to surprise
life is not death, just in disguise.
And you can choose to follow up,
or you can think of final cup.

And children ought to know they are
to you as sparkling as the star,
to feel they are, and will become
excitement found to exit some.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 6 December 2019

To the company MuseScore

Ai hereby wish to present a small composition aI have made as my gift to the company MuseScore. Ai am very grateful for the services of that company, which by aI have grown, musically, and expanded my ability.

That piece of music was originally posted on MuseScore, though was taken down at one point, together with all scores, and posted again February 28th 2020 | here |.

[ This post was edited February 28th 2020 at 16:34 and again September 2nd 2021 at 19:58. ]

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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

What now ... - again

You know, aI want to post this, again. First of all, though, aI want to show my gratitude to those beautiful musicians. Thank you! Firstly, what aI want to state, is that you may notice all my music is staccato. Ai am aware of that myself, and with time, that means aI will be able to rise above it. The music is nice, though, in my humble opinion, even if it is obvious it is accordion music. And, my experience is, those musicians think the same, playing it the way they are. Interested, so to speak. The other thing aI want to state, is that all these tunes, put together as they are in this specific tune, not only show conformity, though interest? Anticipation? Going for it? Lightly "God damn it", lissom? You know, music is special. We like to think music sets us in mood. Though, with that "boop" just before "Tรฆrtits klagesang", for instance, aI not only make an interlune, though invite the one listening to get back and get hold of it. So, the thing is thoughtful. And, appreciating that, one is not made, right. "Awake," aI thought, making it, and that is not a complete lie.

Again aI want to state thank you to those wonderful musicians taking care of my music, whatever genre. Ai have quite high thoughts of what God gives to me to make, in that respect God can be be addressed as a being. The interpretation of my music on internet, and the love shown, acknowledging my intention, is, though, superb.

.·: † :·.

Genius to be

To be genius is not so very much weird.
Though, quite weird it would be, as that kind one appeared.
Any genius is only one of the kind
Jesus Christ makes the powers of earth fully mind.

Surely, one cannot be hot if one is too cold.
Surely, young is not got by the heavenly old.
Ways and means are though given, so what to exam
is the getting and wondering of who … I am!

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Clever not

If one cannot relate to the meanings of words, and one cannot connote, when one hears the word “birds”, and one cannot make up what is meant, by the one, she will be in a cup, whose attention is done. What is due, is to chew what is thought of as cud, and not do in the blue what is thought of as bud. You see, pigs are not great, even if they are big. One should rather create, than be death, as the pig.

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