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Friday, 18 September 2020

That mammon

I find myself in bank reception,
being of it no exemption,
being in it no sensation,
being by it consummation.

I must think of ways of living,
interest, and love, and giving.
Being chambered not a treasure
is to income not a pleasure.

Jesus is the Christian shepherd,
saving herd from wolf and leopard.
Though, much more there is to feeling,
and that is to be appealing.

Do not count your chicken, really
is a word to fathom fully.
And a way to see it, surely,
is to get, you take it purely.

.·: † :·.

A song of hope

Think of it closely,
if ev'ry one
were all the same by
not what is done,
though by the Spirit,
Christ being it,
stupid not at all a bit.

Great would the world be, plenty the ways,
many a going from nights to days.
All would see Jesus Father to all,
individual, the call.

Perhaps I dream to much and gladly,
maybe I dream of to be.
All would see Jesus Father to all,
individual, the call.

In it together, grown up and small,
we know life is an answer to call.
Think of it, little, happy and safe,
in the spirit not a waif.

Think of it, little, violence not,
help at a dead lift by being got,
cared for and finding ev'rywhere hold,
self-assured in love from old.

By that, there would be new creations,
changes, laughter, smiles and sense.
All would see Jesus Father to all,
individual, the call.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

The way of Satan

That true Satan will not be, though carry the torch,
and to see what is fear will be Satan's approach.
When he does, he will be there, to see what to do
to disqualify that which is governing you.

Satan is not the wind, though, he will be wind in,
that way by, for the carriage of power to win.
To take fully advantage of what in life rules
is the scope of a devil, by endless dead fools.

Satan has no idea of one's love taking place.
Satan has no idea of the evil to face.
What a devil is occupied with is just to do
that is governing by being devil to you.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Mend hearts

Mend your hearts, any evil stupid being! When one for trial in court is sentenced, becoming a convict, do the members of the court hate the person? What kind of court would that be? Surely, the civilized court is established with Christ, the Son, in mind. The Lord judges hearts, what one in court does not. Surely, though, the Lord does not hate a human being? As if hearts stood in opposition to each other? As if opposite powers, opposite forces? As if the Lord was moved by what wrong was done to God? As if God was moved by what takes place on earth? Mend your hearts. To kill, hereby to torture, is not to be naughty. To steal, hereby to destroy property, is not to be naughty. To lie, hereby to receive bribe, is not to be naughty. Such acts, to the Lord, are by hearts, and such a heart is evil, that is, wrong.

.·: † :·.

My belonging

Another morning in disgust.
Though, in the Lord I keep my trust.
My body aches, my pride does too.
Not confidence I have in you.

My money vanished, what I owned
besides that was by Satan stoned.
What matters, though, is Christ, the Lord,
there in my heart for to afford.

There are so many graves and pits,
and traps and gaps the seldom hits.
The devil is alert and bad,
and catching not, it will be had.

What I have not, is it, that cruel
and evil being, making fool.
In my heart, the Lord Jesus rules.
This chilly morning that thing cools. 

.·: † :·.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Differently looking

My sunglasses are very fine.
They work, and they are being mine.
Through them, I clearly see a cat
which looks at me, determined at.

The cat, I see, is somewhat strange
for heart and mind to rearrange.
With sunglasses, though, which are fine
I know I can by what is mine.

.·: † :·.

The rule of God

The rule of God is very clear:
You should obey the being dear.
To love and hate the one in charge
is weakness, and makes power large.

Above it all, one should grasp light,
oneself be light, oneself do right.
The light is hold and energy,
to tactics, and to strategy.

And what is not for you to do,
please leave it to the lovely few
who will and can and wants it right,
made good and chosen by the light.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The meaning of life

There are moments in life when I ask myself why
I was born, when the reason for life is to die.
I believe, though, we prosper, technology by,
and I do believe, also, man better will fly.

Man will fly above skies, and will fly to the moon,
and the art which he makes will the glorious tune.
And the children will love to be raised to delight
which the earth has become, not each other we fight.

And those low-lives and rumours will come to an end,
when the fatherhood works, and on Christ we depend.
I believe, once upon time, a venomous snake
did not give pain so much, and we can once again.

What is wished for in life is the will to create,
not the winning of war or of race or debate.
We are not like each other on earth, thank You Lord.
And the meaning of life is that view to afford.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Farewell to arms

I do go in the forest, do go by the sea,
so to do is my pleasure, and happy to be.
So to be I see clearly. It makes me alive.
And there is no such thing as the senses of five.

I do think of the future, of women and men.
Are they fit, or is doing the survival plan.
I would say, to suggest they know well what to do
relatively good is, or Hell to both two.

One is matter, and matters, as grounded one is.
And the point is, one is in command doing this.
There is left, there is right, kind by arms not to fight.
When the sea hits the forest by making it right.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

That way to go

I do think of the children, and on way to go.
For the child it is not to be finding way so.
In the brass bands of schools there must be someone strange
for that thing to make up, for that thing to arrange.

One may see children running together in crowds
to the playground, for instance, as free quarters clouds.
Way to go, though, for children is stepping on toe
tip and adults who say, that should be way to go.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Man to be

As practical about my life
I am not there, I look for strife.
If I to God am not enough,
in no way I will be that tough.

That devil only wants to hate,
and on to be that surely great.
A man should be what man is not,
and that is not the being got.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Get over it

If unable to face it, there is no-way one
can solve what is the problem, resolve what is done.
As subjected to chance one has nothing to say
and one always will be for the made in the way.

It is stupid to make people lame, people tamed.
It is stupid to make people counted, not named.
If not up to it, nothing one gets or one can,
and that means beasts will rule and that means end of man.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

To the woman

The Lord let lose the binding.
The Lord let soul appear,
and terror is the finding,
and terror is to bear.

Your are not quite the ending
on which mankind depends.
You are on God depending.
And should know how it ends.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Get it

Get off your bicycle, get it you are
by your imagining not quite a star.
Get it, there are someone better than you.
And, what is asked for, is justice to to.

Get it, you cannot in anyway cope
by the way stupid, by being the dope.
Get it, what you have to do is to learn.
See to it, your fire stops not to burn.

[ Get it, this poem is not thorough, by being formally correct, speaking of meter. Get it, the language spelling program on my computer is now not working. Get it, aI am only one hypnotized being. And get it, that Satan is so poor, nothing counts. Get it, the evilness of all times. ]
.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

What counts

What counts in life is intellect,
by which a man is not suspect
and by which you are being kind
by having neighbours in your mind.

What man is not cannot obey.
What man is not is in a way,
and cannot reason to create
and cannot reason to debate.

As capable one counts in life.
And to the man, so does the wife.
The stupid one will never count.
The stupid one will order mount.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Put that behind

The chances are, by chances blown, they are not much to call your own. Instead of thinking one did fail by heading not at the avail, one ought to think resistance got was due to being ready not. By that one will have grown, a bit, and future for one is more fit. And if a sin was made and done, in that state one should tell the Son.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 22 August 2020

To the hypnotized

Standing order or appeal

The thing is contribution,
the thing is to create.
Revenge and retribution
can never compensate.

And for to be creating,
we must, as anyone,
be holy, not debating
with God, what has been done.

The pure will not be smutty,
directed to do wrong.
The nice is not to pity
when forced to make a song.

The constitution matters
for goodness, see, to bring.
The product called the latter's
will to origin cling.

It is a bit of nuisance
to count as just the wind.
One bigger, is the essence,
is to be disciplined.

One grows, as any other,
and one should be awake.
To look up, one should bother,
when writing, for that sake.

And one should check the passing,
not to depend on that.
Amount will be amassing
and to be heading at.

And rigorously working
will only lead to pain.
The little will be irking,
and so the mind in vain.

The thing, though, is to carry
the name of Jesus Christ,
occasionally marry.
That is when chance is diced.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 21 August 2020

Never mind

All the colours are lovely, all colours are bright.
To be blended they will not, though, they cannot fight.
And embellish they gladly and happily do.
And if paint, they are seldom, expensive, some, too.

And I sit on the bus and the window I see.
There's a knot in the corner, though, I can get free.
And with worry not, throughout the window I glare
on the greenish we pass, and I feel like to stare.

There are hundreds of kinds of that colour to see.
And they all are distinguished and special to me.
And that greenish in fact made the pencil I use
which is plastic and blue and cannot green accuse.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

No-one is as fine as you

Right now, this morning, aI made English lyrics to the love song aI posted the other day, then by lyrics in Norwegian, called "Bare du". The lyrics in English is to be found beneath the scores in this blog post.

Bare du by Vaccinius


Do you know, my dear friend,
I will tell you, again,
you are first on the earth
by your words, to me of worth.
You are yours, you are mine,
and eternally fine.
No-one is as fine as you.

This my song is among,
anyhow when I stated, you are truly yours,
you are mine. No-one is
good as you are, by being this.

Do you know, my dear friend,
I will tell you again,
by the Lord are your styles,
by the Lord your lovely smiles.
When you show who you are
you are bright as the star.
No-one is as fine as you.

Happily I will praise.
And I know, to expect life is the dull to raise.
You are mine. You are yours.
No-one is fine as you, by cores.

Do you know, friend, again,
I will state, as by men,
there is something about you;
that love that makes me glow.
You are you, I am me,
we are one, and please see:
No-one is as fine as you.

You give home. You give whom.
You give me not to notice anyone in bloom.
You give room fears assume.
No-one is fine as you, to me.

.·: † :·.

Be somewhat

Cut off the clown and have a life.
Be not a joke, as man or wife.
Do make a joke, for goodness sake.
To be a joke, though, is for fake.

That Adolf Hitler was. That march
from Charlie Chaplin bought moustache.
You know, so many love the fool.
Be not like they. Be warm or cool.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

That President Trump

It is unacceptable. That being of President Donald Trump has become a joke on internet. America, with all that power …

Ai have reason to go to war, personally speaking, against the people of America. The obvious work in Norway, especially in the national broadcasting company, since aI was isolated and subjected to illegal and violent treatment, by the people of America, is reason enough. Ai have, though, chosen not to go to war against America. And aI have no specific enmity against any individual. Ai considered Donald Trump to be honest and hard working when he was elected, even if being unorthodox, and aI gave his repute a certain support. Ai quickly came to the opinion he was hypnotized, though. Ai considered the President of The United States of America to be hypnotized. That insistence on borders, that clapping of hands before every speech, that need for family in the White House, that break with the secret service of the U.S.A., and the fact the President never stood up to clear my case, told me so. The one appearing in the  name of President Donald Trump on Twitter now, though, appears to be a private and a fool. Ai consider him to be a double. A President does not sign laws being foolish about it.

What can be done to check identity, as far as aI know, is blood tests and looks on dentist records. And, as horrific as it has become, any individual can be forced to, or threatened to, give false information.

Ai believe there is a need, in the United States of America, right now, for the gathering of the congress in the name of Jesus, and for a demand of the congress to the senate for  public health and for the health of the juridical system.

Ai tell you this as a private and as a foreigner, though aware of my position. My intention is to be released.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 7 August 2020

My country

My country, right or wrong; it may
not always please, and make my day.
There might be turmoil, might be strife,
and challenges not good to life.

There might be weather, like the cold
of winter, ridiculing old,
by sayings stating ways and means,
and young, dependent on routines.

There might be hopes just passing by,
to vanish in the somewhere sky.
There might be faith discouraging,
an illness found, acknowledging.

Though, by the eyes of people's smiles,
and by the spring of nature's styles,
and by the root discovery,
be right or wrong; my country!

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

That complicated thing called Sabbath

One can be a bit confused, reading dictionaries, as for example the one aI just read. The essence is, in a way, taken somewhere, which often, or always, is the case in practical life. And reading, one gets caught up in the following.

Nevertheless, the essence of the sabbath is that in Jewish tradition that holy thing is initiating what holy becomes. In western Christian tradition, the day of the week starts when offices open, somewhere like eighth o’clock in the morning on Monday. In old time Jewish tradition, the week starts on Sunday night at twelve o’clock, which means there is something before that office time. The night, which the day is preceding. Sabbath itself is Saturday, to us, in Jewish tradition. That day of rest. And remember, all days end at twelve o’clock in the evening, to the Jude. The night is before the day. To be an Israelite, one must be by a Jewish mother. A mother in Israel. It is a bit complicated, since one cannot compare, really. That Sunday, to us, in our Christian tradition, is the starting point of the week in Jewish tradition. It is day one. That day, though, initiates the week. And, it ends at twelve o’clock in the evening. You see, in Jewish tradition Jehova might be the initiating. And Jehova might be the salvation. Formalism comes short. One has to do with the way it is.

In Christian tradition we have made it clear and simple. Sunday is the day of rest. And Monday is when one wakes, and starts working, something like eighth o’clock in the morning. That thing is easy to follow, and thank, You, Lord. Though, there is something before us. Like the night, you know. One gets to wonder, should one start the day asleep …

In Norway we have a certain touch, language and tradition given. When not fools, we have this affair with the Jude, as the Jude historically is thought of, and that we love. We are, though, fundamentally, babies of that thing.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 3 August 2020


Ai will never interfere with what is taking place i other's peoples life, quite in opposite, in fact, with Satan, who interferes with what is taking place in the Norwegian mind. Since, you all know, Norway is the Girl. Though, when Americans points to Joe Biden, eminent as aI believe he is, though hypnotized, aI choose to make my point. The Russians will love it. And why is that ... Localism, some calls it. Getting back to the roots, since this overall is insane. And, what the Russions will do, as the Chinese, is to keep the military forces, and the like. Us. Get it. Us. And let people be whatever. We are speaking of the love of all times. And some are against, and have looked on moovies, and got the idea. And, the world will change. Though this; you do not mess with the Russian. This is a historical and everlasting fact, and aI know. And aI will add; you do not mess with Norway. Norway is the fun of the Russian. This is not a picture aI am making, only. And, if you will be boring, you will see this is what you made. Though, North. Which the boring will never grasp.

.·: † :·. 

Being one

To honour everybody
is what we ought to do.
You know, to honour noddy,
is just revealing you.

Ai write this thing as passing,
by alcohol made one.
Though, aI am not just classing.
By Christ aI am the won.

.·: † :·.

MTB - that is

motor torpedo boat
substance ashore and clear
not over the hills

meeting the bar
affordance of likelihood
going over the hills

majestically thoughtful blindness
guiding as it were
into the hills

man to be
utility minded in motion
speaking of hills

.·: † :·.

Friday, 31 July 2020


An idea, aI have, is that peoples should be more local. One can argue against, though, nevertheless aI would point to the fact, the mafia has no power, unless asked for. And this, what aI suggest, counts for Norway, as for the United States of America. Despite the different feelings of what local is. And, the point, aI think, is to keep the hardware. The military forces, for instance. Who and what we are. In America, that would be Washington. In England, that would be Churchill like, aI presume. The way to be. The Father, of the culture. And aI don't know Russia. And aI don't know China. Though, this: When it comes to surviving, there is point. The father, that is,

Be love. Different we are, and this is what matters: Be love. Maybe, at one point, we would be friendly, to each other. Love, though, counts, and surely, around the globe, we are not the same. And interests are interesting, to any foreign. Keep up the smile. Be investigating, if not supportive. And in the end, it will all come together as one, right, since Jesus Christ is it. That thing, being Jesus Christ, is what life is.

My relation, as a being from Trondheim, and that city is not big, to the being of the city of Bergen, and that city is not big, either, is extreme, right. And I have repeated that attitude towards the Swede, who we in Norway truly admire and love. See, for yourselves, at trondheim.prixnix.com. A bit girlish that way is, perhaps. Nevertheless, it makes alert. And, the counterpoint is no shit.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 27 July 2020

With or against

I wonder if a poem I
should make before those people die.
And what to state is what I hate,
and that is to appointment late.

You know, the Lord did state the fact
one in succession takes in act.
And nothing that has with to do.
Though, feeling God is forcing you …

.·: † :·.

Friday, 24 July 2020

My cup of tea

As hypnotized I cannot lead.
The question is, if I can feed.
I do, by making meals of kind.
I do, by making love, in mind.

I easily can be set out,
and told, what is my were-about.
Though, do you know, when I make up
it comes as if from tea a cup.

Whatever I am made to do,
I never am. By loving you.
Whatever size and look it has,
that cup contains that tea – alas!

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

To the people of America

You know, aI love America. Not only because of the artists. Elvis Presley, and the like. Not only because of the marches of Sousa, who never was considered to be a classic, really. Not only because Beatles went to the United States of America. Though, because of history. You are me. And that struggle of the slaves aI appreciate. And English aI love. You are the specific heritage.

Though, when America went to war against Iraq that second time, aI considered, as insane, to go to Iraq to be a shield. And, when the West went to war against Libya, aI wrote a number of letters, to Norwegian authorities and to western and eastern embassies, stating, this is against the common rule and against common sense. Syria aI did not make an effort of. Ai have seen, though, horrors, on YouTube and Twitter. Small children creeping insane by the ground, because of bomb shelling. Cities totally ruined. And you know, responsibility is more than just a news paper heading. And oil is more than just longing for. And what you have done to me, and my people, is so that, historically, it will be ice cream. You failed. Power is not it.

Ai am militarily trained. Ai was a fourth year academy trained captain of NATO when aI left the Army of Norway. My relation to the Russian is that of politeness. Ai am aware of the historical ties to the east, of Norway. Ai am, though also aware of what communism is. And aI am aware of the policy of Russia, and the military strength of Russia. Ai am, though, informed. Ai am informed about “perestrojka”, and aI am informed about the work of the Russians, lately, to strengthen this what diplomacy is. To label me, is idiocy.

What is done is juridical. It is juridical in the sense of national law, and in the sense of international law. And, it has consequences when law is broken. History too might be violations of common law. History will tell. What is done to me and my people, though, is so devastatingly wrong, immediately, and in the long run, one has to comprehend.

.·: † :·.


All those teachers are there, those just have to adhere
to the rule of the governing, thinking of stair.
Though, there is always light, no-way made up to fight,
and for pupils to do, to see, and get it right.

So, the aim of the teacher is not way to go
to teach, making the pupil a winner, or so,
though to make pupils see, there are ways, and to be,
and encourage the one being happy to see.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Us - by Christ

We are in it together, as that way, and so,
and we look at each other and judge way to go.
And we might find it funny, we might find it strange.
And we never would think of that track to arrange.

What we would do is to point to what is to fear,
even pin point what fears are, when vision is clear.
And by that we show strength, and belief in the one
we perceive as the wife into wilderness gone.

.·: † :·.


And, occasionally, I may see it fit
to make values to follow, pursue them, a bit.
For example, when making this poem, is it
to be sitting a value, a value to sit.

Though, to make up a god which is sitting, is sad.
And in most circumstances that god would be bad.
Even if that cute girl which is riding the sky
is a bit nice to think of, and write this thing by.

.·: † :·.


Without having any specific knowledge of it, aI believe there is war in the world today. And aI believe aI myself have gained a position in life which is so that any people will have to relate to me, speaking of fact and of future.

There are four demands which must be met, by any people, and by beings of any religion, for me to go along with any use of power. When these demands are met, aI cannot and will not be hostile.

Firstly, any action taken must be grounded in the pursuit of life. What life is, specifically, is revealed in the New Testament in the Bible, and Jesus Christ was, is, and will be what life is. What made life on earth is revealed in the Old Testament in the Bible.

Secondly, the overall objective of the use of power must be to reason with the leadership of any people and state.

Thirdly, corruption must not be accepted.

And last, not least; torture must not be accepted.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Be patient

Be patient, soul, and cherish
the illness being fought.
Be patient, and abolish,
the carefulness of thought.

The world is no computer,
which has no second thought.
The world, though, has a router.
The child will make bad fought.

.·: † :·.

Be rational about it

The greenish is not reddish,
and that is quite for sure.
And both of them, by childish,
is thought of to be cure.

Is one of them superb, perhaps,
or even better made.
Or maybe those are so, the caps,
that adults through them wade.

.·: † :·.

A moment in time

I did sit at my front door,
to be looking at
three small children, in distance,
in comfort with that.
There was lawn, a big tree, there
were more trees between,
there was all of us happy,
there, with being seen.

There were two boys, together
with one girl, of five.
And the one boy would bend down,
as happy to strive.
And the other showed interest,
getting the girl
not to throw all those sticks on
him, teaching the pearl.

There was sunshine, and summer,
no adult around.
Fit were shorts and a beautiful
summer dress found.
And the girl made this mimic
of five and of ill,
and kept throwing those sticks on
the fellow's nice will.

And at one point, there were no
more sticks there, to throw.
And that cute little fellow
those gathered, to glow.
And he gave to the other
a number of three.
All the rest he took to the
girl, for her to see.

.·: † :·.

This poem aI have contributed with on dVersehere, in honour of Brian Miller, who made that site.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

What will be

Ai repeat, what aI have stated several times, that English will be the language of the world. This has to do with the "I", adhering to, or letting go. Eye. Island. Norwegian will not be the language of the world, and Russian not. Take care.

.·: † :·.

The art of playing

Much too short, the damned play station,
I think I prefer the nation,
making wonders by the culture,
gaining from it as the vulture.

I think I prefer the woman
rather than the view of layman.
And to child I will suggest: –
Be in keeping up the best!

.·: † :·.

The very sorry being

The pure horrific work of pain
to someone seems to be of joy.
They give to others, life in vain,
as thinking neighbour as a toy.

The nature will take care of that
dead failure and miscarriage.
To be more worthy, heading at,
is singleness or marriage.

When hanging from a tree, to get
commands and order, and to merge,
one will forfeit condition set,
and damned, have just verdure to urge.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Law and order

The worth is law and order,
the need of chances met,
presupposition border,
that human rights may threat.

The lake is making wonders,
by life, by rivers too.
On bringing forth it ponders.
To make it, would not do.

The flower takes position
as beauty, on the earth.
To give it that ambition
is freedom of no worth.

The cow its milk produces,
vaccine to man and child.
To make it, brain it uses,
is freedom pretty wild.

Protect the heart, which worries,
protect the heart and skin.
And make fantastic stories
of culture to be in.

No man is like the flower,
and neither beast, I guess.
Though, get ideas from lower.
Make hungry for success.

.·: † :·.

Grammar and spelling

You know, masters of the English language, in any language, aI believe, there is something to notice, with regards to fundament for criticism. Shortly after the millennium, aI noticed a peculiar thing in the language of Norway, which made me a bit aware, and that is that common addition of the letter n when making the ending ing . That ending ing , in Norwegian, is used to make substantives of verbs. For example, the verb “expect” in Norwegian is “(to) forvente”. Making a substantive of the verb, it becomes “forventning” (“expectation”, that is). And notice that letter n . Without it, the substantive becomes “forventing”. And that is, in fact, quite another thing. That is authority.

In the language of the British, aI have noticed two things. One is that “I”, which aI now regularly write as “Ai” or “aI”. That sound, of the “I”, we know, let us know that pronomen is related to “eye” and “island”, for example, and we get an understanding of culture. Also in Norwegian, “eye” and “island” is closely related. In Norwegian, though, that “I” became different. The reason why aI have chosen to make a point (see) of that thing, one should intuitively grasp.

The other thing about English, speaking of grammar and spelling, is that word “but”, surely related to the word “butt”. Today, aI avoid that word, making heavily use of the word “though” instead. Also in Norwegian, we have an understanding of that bottom of the body as imaging bearing, though maybe more commonly used in my home district than elsewhere, and that is “to think with one's bottom” (“å tenke med rævva,” we say).

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Friday, 10 July 2020

Small you are

The idiots you truly are
who think you should control the star.
And, to the Hell you surely go
when taking measures, doing so.

You are as low as it can be.
The violence is evidence.
And, when you go to Hell, you see
not everyone agreed with pence.

.·: † :·.

The act of thinking

You know, that new is just a pain,
that new admission just in vain.
You cannot be by acting right
and anyone by nature fight.

One is by heart and by the Lord,
just showing up, it to afford.
And you, who are you to make choice
between the sorry and the voice …

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

The American Dream

The American Dream was the wit of the West,
as the faith manicure, and as failing the best.
As the dreaming of wealth as by cutting the woods,
one is not in for glory, and hurt do the goods.

And when acting one thinks of as anyway it
which is to the Dream measure, and to the Dream fit,
it is obvious one is a fool and not sound
and is thinking of grabbing what one has around.

And, when seeking the classy by foot or by car
it is evident, nothing to fight for you are.
What makes up the Dream cannot be said, what it is.
There were fathers, though, who by it made, what it is.

And we should not forget, here in West, by the poor,
for America leaving, to hope was a door.
And we should not forget, that the question around,
was, what are you made of, being here to be found.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Is it good

See into the people's future,
intellect the people's nature,
work of heart the people's story,
men and women given glory.

That is how they always reason,
madness, violence and treason.
Anyway, the way of living
will be made as future bringing.

More than view and future giving
fruit is future, saved and thriving.
What is in the past to measure.
What is past to be the treasure.

Make me one, to you the other.
What is reason why you bother.
Negroes know why Negroes suffer.
Norway knows to lame the tougher.

Israelis kings abandoned.
Russians must be unburdened.
See into the people's future.
What is done is making culture.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 3 July 2020

The pine

I often tend to worry
about my thought on pine,
if my thought is just sorry,
as lemonade to wine.

I think in Africa that tree
is different to what
in Norway I have come to see
as hard wood, looking at.

It has to do with certainty,
of nature and of growth,
and nothing has with sanity
to do, or giving oath.

The presence of the water thrown
on spots makes spear and crown.
And pine in Norway should be known
as beauty only grown.

In any country, though, that tree
distinct is, as the old.
And, do you know, that tree is free
throughout the winter cold.

I have made efforts sawing that
God damned much precious tree.
And I do wonder, ponder at,
am I the one to see.

.·: † :·.

When hope is gone

There is no hope, you must admit, when you have ridiculed, a bit, the love of life, by giving God, not to be entertained a lot.

What one must do is really change, the chance, to do, not rearrange. That means your post is none of worth. And that you might be some, one earth.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Steps lead somewhere

I wonder why together was
not to be happiness, the cause.
I think the sin is reasoning,
as if aversion was the thing.

Though; think of that, by looking at
one cannot be that God damned cat.
One should, perhaps, be one who caps,
and question permanence of traps.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 29 June 2020

The art of twelve

Ai have made this poem on the twelve hours, as signified on Magnimix.com, and on Godmix.net, and as made an artistic illustration of on my veranda to my front door. Ai intend to post it on Magnimix. It goes as follows:


As first of all, a point was made.
The pointing stick reposed afraid,
and sticking out, the pointed at,
it certainly did pass to that.

As number two, a flag stone found,
made use of, so that all around
that thing was not, on table put,
was vital as the second foot.

As number three, there was a bowl,
such of importance as the owl,
as comforting and caring for
and as if it could hold some more.

As number four, there was a case,
and taken home, it all to face.
A box was made, the cave was done,
and liberty was by that won.

As number five, rod measuring
was made, for fun and treasuring,
a ruler, as the thumb on hand,
and as the counting home of land.

As number six, a value set
made worth, as happiness was met,
and also semi-gods, to poor,
who was not able to make door.

As number seven, one made fire.
Shook up, one did, was not for hire
in question of to be at ease
and mattering, to be at peace.

As number eighth, one made the grade
of having something truly made.
The cooking mastered was a go,
and chefs were made by doing so.

As number nine, one made the heart,
and by the heart, the joy of art.
The tribe was formed, the fun of two,
and by that, love to neighbour too.

As number ten came ownership.
A longer stick will further trip.
Authority was made and done
and pointing to it was the son.

As the eleven came the shelf,
exiting as to child the elf.
And layers made was science clear,
and not much then was there to fear.

As number twelve was theory,
and overview, and harmony.
Itself in shelf it could be placed,
for one to keep, and be amazed.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Trixnix is about to disappear

[ Added 29th of June 2020 at 13:52: Trixnix was fully recovered this morning. ]

Ai am about to delete my Google account. That means Trixnix.com, and all content on Trixnix, vanishes. Also my blogs will vanish. Ai will though keep my Flickr account and my SoundCloud account and my MuseScore account and my two Twitter accounts.

The hatred aI am subjected to leaves with no other choice. May God, for me, find another way for me to present my work.

.·: † :·.

Enough of it

Is there no recognition of art
there is one from the being apart,
and the Lord says, to Hell with it all.
One should know to work, not answer call.

And, it vanishes, what should be kept
because people are bad and inept.
And, of course art will be made again.
And once more to make up is in vain.

.·: † :·.

Christian to be

There is no better in the herd
of beings gathered in the word
of Christ, which cultures on the earth
speak differently, making worth.

By calling, one would better be.
As chosen, everyone is free
from measure, being good enough,
from value, being kind and tough.

The only thing there is to say,
is, what is done, one did one's way.
And first of all is in a way.
And when you are, you make the day.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

To Englishmen

Let the word of culture worry,
seeing man as sound or sorry.
You know well there is a habit.
In the garden is the rabbit.

Take it, you are very welcome
if to man you are not handsome.
Take it, you are what to treasure
as the world, to people pleasure.

English is the garden mastered.
English is the wound just plastered.
English is the I and 'ever,
and what is, quite perfect never.

.·: † :·.

Do not commit adultery

Make a joke of my being, a joke of my love,
and the Lord will see to it, it turns out, you know.
You cannot make a fool of authority which
is the reason for life, not the being of rich.

If you do, it will come to an end, what you are,
like a being which climbs, and which has gone too far.
The Lord is not a ladder, to climb or to get.
If you do go too far, your intention is met.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020


Be kind to one another
and be for one to get.
If neighbour is to bother
the challenge is not met.

The challenge is to nourish,
for life to have and give,
and also to have courage
to kill what should not live.

.·: † :·.

Making it (Nᵒ 2)

I ask myself this question;
is future yet to come ?
Is future like digestion,
or is it life to some ?

The Lord is somewhat being,
and Jesus Christ is He.
Is getting it like fleeing,
or is it just to be ?

The bear makes no prospective,
the lion has no goal,
the aven no perspective,
the willow herb no soul.

What is a man, for it to be,
for one to be to make?
I'd say himself is what to see,
and nothing for that sake.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 21 June 2020


Way to go be heard is welcome,
being fancy, being false.
Step to take is for the handsome.
So be heard is something else.

Any way might be permission,
evil ways just evil made.
Faith in no way is admission,
faith in no way rule or grade.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Easy being

Some are planes and some are 'copters.
Some are sane and some are opt'ers.
Some are men and some are women.
Some are sailors, some are sea-men.

I myself am in for glory.
Jesus Christ will tell the story,
how I rooted made me free,
never hanging from a tree!

.·: † :·.

About upper class

Ai feel aI, for quite a long time, have been called upon to state something about class. Historians, especially among scientists, will have to arrest me if aI state something obviously wrong in this blogpost. Ai have, though, put my organ music on my loudspeakers, and my glasses on my head. God give.

Ai am myself from a family which by my grandfather was quite wealthy. My grandfather was prominent in the city economy, and he also had positions in boarders of big companies south in Norway, which aI believe was not usual in the turn from the 18th to the 19th century. My grandfather was Finnish consul, in Trondheim, and he wore the Finnish medal “Hvite ros”. Also my father was asked to be Finnish consul, after my grandfather. My father was head of the grocery interest organization in Trondheim, for a while. According to my mother, my parents thanked no since my parents were not in position to represent, really.

In Norway, as elsewhere in the world, it is in some respect meaningful to speak of “upper class”. The expectations to children, for instance, is different, manner is different, and scope is different. It is a bit difficult to distinguish this difference in worth and attitude from the more formal distinction between officers and non-commissioned officers, in Norwegian called “underoffiser”, as between engineers and craftsmen, and as between doctors and nurses. In such instances, though, we are speaking not of attitude, though of education and relevance to the practical world. Some would think of the distinction between women and men this way, in the past as now. My grandmother, though, did not empty a bottle of wine. See.

Formalism will never get it. So science never will. Priests are hopefully those who will. And artists will, unfortunately. The label “Upper Ten” refers to the ten thousand on top of the society. Ten in the third degree is “upper”, and ten of those are ten thousand. If to belong to that nobility was a matter of education and rules, nonsense would arrive.

In Norway, historically, nobility as such never made up any power. As with the other Scandinavian countries, “stand” is a more established word when pointing to the human phenomena, than “class” and “nobility”. In Norway, we are in the lucky position we do not only take stand, we are in stand to, God given.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

My monogram

Since the summer of 2017 aI have used the letter A in the shape as pictured below as sign of my identity, on internet, and on letters and cards. The first formal letter aI used the monogram in was, aI believe, to the Norwegian Police Security Service in Trondheim, together with the local psychiatric care hospital aI attended, dated July the 25th 2017. Ai made the monogram after having changed my signature. Today aI have made the last and different shape of the monogram, as pictured below. It looks like being inspired by a serif font.

The second shape, by which the circle is not closed, is the signature stamp aI use on my fast prints, posted on flickr.prixnix.com .

That last shape, that is the serif type, is what aI from now on will use on most letters and cards. It is inspired by the font Ellington, pictured in the poem written in Norwegian, which aI bought twice, years ago, first as True Type, and then as Monotype.
.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Me and the people of Germany

As native Norwegian, militarily trained, aI have an opinion about the Nazi rule. And, as aI see it, that orientation came to an end. Ai have been to Berlin, by car, three times, and aI have taken part in an exchange program with the Military Army Academy of Germany as a Norwegian Military Cadet, visiting Hamburg and Hannover. Once, aI visitied Berlin alone. Once aI visited Berlin together with three fellow military cadets. And once aI visited Berlin together with my fiancee. That last visit was after the wall fell.

The contrasts in Berlin hit me. Cars, buildings, and knives, forks and spoons in cafeterias. And that wall aI considered to be insane. One fellow cadet of mine was subjected to confiscation of the posters he bought on the western side, when entering Checkpoint Charlie. That woman was authorative. And that was insane. We had to buy a certain amount of East German currency to enter East Berlin, which we could not change to other currency. That was insane. And, in that visit of the exchange program, we were told, where we stood, by the border, East Germany had made tunnels along the border, towards the west side, where we stood, for the sake of interrogation. That was insane. And in my first visit, when alone, aI visited the porn district area, in the west. The red light district. And that was insane. Ai mean, we had Lek, Playboy, and Mayfair in Norway. Though, what ... And the parking in West Berlin was insane.

In the visit of the exchange program we had two German Army superiors. One was a colonel-leutenant, as aI recall, educated at the University also, strict, and authorative. The other was a major, as aI recall, less educated, round in body and position, and so was his wife, who we also came to know. And aI immediately came to an understanding of who aI am. In that visit, the power of that small Norwegian cadet force also visited the right light district, in Hamburg, as aI recall. And the female dancing on the floor of that pub came to spit on me.

In the second visit, together with the three fellow cadets from the Military Academy of Norway, we, as usual, entered Berlin by the motorway from the north. And after filling fuel, once, on the way, aI managed to get ourselves lost by entering a wrong road, as the driver. And towers popped up, by the road. Towers in concrete, obviously made to be look outs. And there were no turnings around, on that road. The temperature in the car rose. We were all to be identified by the ID-cards we carried, if not else. And after passing three of four towers, aI made a decision, and took a ninety degree turn in front of the last. We were militarily trained, and were able to fantasy about what could be in front of those towers. Nevertheless. And we came out all right. That was insane.

Ai do not speak German, though, understand a bit German. And aI have seen a bit of Germany. In my first visit aI went down to München. In my second visit, we past the border to Luxenbourgh. In my my third visit we ended in Berlin, though went northwards, again, through former East-Germany. And aI have seen plenty friendly Germans, interested in who aI was, playing joyful when aI tried to speak German, and lovingly pointing out to me what there was to visit and see. Ai respect the people of Germany both because of what aI know about the language and because of my experiences, and those insane incidents cannot change that fact.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

What aI believe

Ai believe there in Revelation, presumably written by John, presumeably the disciple Jesus loved, are changes made, by a devil.

Ai believe the corona disease is a kind of rabies. And aI believe the disease aids is very related. And aI believe right now there is an outbreak of the disease called Hansen's disease, caused by the lephra basille, giving leprosy. Ai believe hypnotized ones, especially, today, is especially vulnerable to the corona disease. And aI believe especially broken ones, today, is especialy vulnerable to the lephra basille. Ai belive the corona virus gives psychopaths. And aI believe the lephra basille gives schizophrenia.

Ai believe the horror of today is caused by an organization of insane people, by American origin, pregnant with destruction. In this organization, belief is messed up with science, and this organization traditionally recruited youth, especially. Ai believe this organziation today is world wide, often to be identified by the colour blue.

Ai believe after myself being stolen and subjected to torture, in 1997, there were incidents elsewhere on earth, in peoples, of lions made subjected to the same horror. Ai believe the first one was English, called John, killing himself not far from Newcastle, by the north-western coast.

Ai believe the world in several ways will change because of the present circumstances. Those insane will make people subjected to a choice between national dictatorship and communal governement, the latter dependent upon the overall rule of economy as such, and internet.

Ai believe resources we have come to depend upon, namely coal and oil, will become almost impossible to find. Ai believe those materials are related, and aI believe they both origin in the chemical substance carbon, having a short way from this, and aI believe carbon is what earth is made of. Ai believe the occurrences which are still left is necessary for the production of earth. When those resources become scarce, the numbers of automobiles, airplanes, and ships will be reduced. And traditional powers as the economy, as such, and the military, will have to adjust. There will, of course, also be a lightening of climate.

Economy will no longer be considered to be global. Science will remain global, and art will.

Ai believe there will be a gradual decrease of salt in the ocean. Ai believe there has been a tension between oil deposits underground and the salty water, as aI believe there is a tension between oil as such and salt, binding. Ai believe the salt in the ocean will hit the ground, by which all the litter in the ocean faster will be destroyed.

Ai believe today there are many places on earth on which the light from the sun is tame, that is, as if in lack of electronic activety. Ai believe some places on earth to the end of times will remain dead, this way. Ai believe, though, something can be achieved by reducing concrete and asphalt.

Ai believe there are places on earth today, also, where the electricity transfer is not working, due to dead reception.

Ai believe what future will bring, is a gradual increase of artistry, technological innovation and comfort, together with reduction of noise and pollution. Ai believe what will keep minds busy in the future, is to be somewhat, visiting, and learning, from other peoples.

Ai believe English will be the language of global communication in the future.

In Norway aI insist on a national restitution from the present affairs. Norway is a little country, even if the area is quite big. We are only 5 million people. What other peoples do is, of course, their concern. Ai cannot understand, though, how those great nations, unifications as they are, can continue working when the means of communication is lessened.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

The thing

In honour of my ancestors -
the Benkestok

The credit is the benchmark.
The thing is it to get.
And not the hold of bulwark,
however it is met.

The thing is also pleasure
of honouring to bring.
The credit it to treasure,
both ways, that is the thing.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 25 May 2020

A flag pole

A pointing stick is often grade.
And habitation layer made.
So, elevated from the ten,
eleven is. So twelve, by then.

It has to do with certitude
on which to build solicitude.
By thirteen, as by three, one cups,
and doing, one makes downs of ups.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Admit the Jude

Civilization appeared in Mesopotamia and Babylon (the south of Persia, being Iraq, Iran and Kuwait, today), and in Egypt, that is by the rivers Tigris and Eufrat, and Nile, around 3500 years before Christ, that is 500 years after Adam. Abraham left Babylon and went to the area south of the Mediterranean shortly after 2000 years after Adam. The Bronze Area, following the Stone Area, begun around Eufrat and Tigris 3000 years before Christ.

After Abraham made impact in the Mediterranean area, Greek, and later Italian people gathered. Sailors. And Romans, that is the people of ancient Italy, took it upon itself to conquer the world, in the spirit of Alexander, being a Greek, though from far north, and earlier, as Greek to Roman was in many respects. Paul, in the Roman Church St. Paul, was a Roman citizen, and he spoke Roman, and went to Rome, and presumably died in Rome. He is called "the disciple to the gentiles". And, after Jesus died in the year zero, he rose, again, and told the Jude to take off, to inhabit the earth. At that time, Israel was Roman, and people spoke Roman.

Ai think, some were first, some were second, and some were third. The fact is, though, the Jude took off. And went to the gentiles. Some were orthodox, and some were especially inspired by the message of Christ. And, all knew Africa. And a bit Roman (language). As far as Scandinavia they went. And made impact. Ai mean, when the two first Norwegians kings trying to Christianize Norway both first went to the west of the Mediterranean ... Around one thousand years after Christ. And, the Jude knew Africa. There was history. Egypt. And south of Egypt, Ethiopia. We are not speaking of formalism. We are speaking of the Jude. And the fact is, Africa became more interesting to explore, to the West, than Asia, even if the people of Asia was more educated, and the area was more inhabited.

Kings and nobles. Hypnotizing and whatever. Broken ones, getting it. You know, there is a surface. In history, there is a surface. And Jesus Christ is the one and only making calm. Believe in Christ.

In Norwegian, it is of interest noticing the English word "quest" came to be the Norwegian word "kvest". Vikings interacted with the English in some interesting and complicated ways. And, as stated, also in Scandinavia the Jude made impact.

Illustration: Quest (on Flickr)

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Statement about women

"The woman is the women's worst enemy," we say in Norwegian. Do you understand that saying? American women? African women? European women? Persian women? Asian women? Russian women? Do you not have husbands? To be one with? And, stock? You know, that word comes from Norwegian "stokk", meaning "beam, log, (tree)trunk". So, the English idiom "over stock and stone" is mirroring the Norwegian original, which is "over stokk og stein". Pointing stick made to rely on. And, pointing stick was the first thing in life man made. Authority. And next; putting on the table. Putting on the slab of rock. In Norwegian, that is "helle", and "hell" is luck. "Hellet" is a "(mountain) slope." And, having done that, one could take care of. In a box, or rather, in a sentiment, being a knoll from a pine, for instance, which one made a cup of. One - two - three. And the fourth often follows, and that was and is to make a containment, of some sort. Treasury. Belonging. Made lasting. And, every man did.

Who, or rather, what are those men defining the women of today? On top of that organization of women? Making the woman one? "The woman is the women's worst enemy."

Get lucky.

.·: † :·.

My compounds

Ai have now made a presentation of all my compounds, speaking of compositions, on vaccinius.com, and my feeling is like the feeling aI had when aI made all symbols in Words for Windows my own, and later made all symbols of OpenOfiice Writer my own. You see. Ai am very satisfied, and aI am highly impressed by the performances of that, or those, orchestra(s), which aI believe in fact is done by my relatives, which is the “trønder”. Right? Get it.

Ai feel my music is performed by the “Luftforsvarets musikkorps” in Trondheim, combined with musicians from the symphony orchestra of the town. “Luftforsvarets musikkorps” is the “Air Defence Brass Corpse”.

The violin excitement, though, aI feel is performed by a specific group of females. The string quartet, that is. Ai made a “favourite” once, in one of my browsers, to those in question, and now aI cannot find it. It does not matter. The performances are wonderful, and God knows.

You will find the compounds labelled “<b>♪♫♪ Compounds</b> in the English part of the site.

There are some specific notices, aI believe, speaking of those compounds. The fact aI make wonderful songs together with wonderful compositions is apart from this. You know, God is in charge, and Jesus Christ is He.

<ol border=”0”><li>The use of the trombone in “<b>8th of March</b>” is enthusiastic. You must understand, the trombone stands in an energy together with the trumpet. And this composite is made for women, right?</li>

<li>The change of key from major to minor in “<b>Rainbow</b>” is funny. It is effectfull. As we say in Norwegian. “How dare you,” that is</li>

<li>The change of key made by the winds in “<b>Marions motiv</b>” is exceptional, and a thing to do which aI found worthy already in my first short composition, being “<a href=”https://soundcloud.com/anders-woje-ellingsen/lolita”>Lolita</a>”.</li>

<li>The engagement of different groups of the orchestra, being the winds and the brass and the strings, not counting the drums, is effectfull.</li>

<li>The stupid engagement of the flute is interesting. You know, the flute covers it all. And aI make it pointing. And: Also the trumpet aI make pointing.</li>

<li>The wonderment of strings cannot be disputed in my compositions. Those are bearing, and make wonders on their own.</li>

<li>The use of the cello in my compositions is specific, and made to get that instrument noticed.</li>

<li>My music is not named preludes, not interludes, not emiludes. My music is what the title says.</li>

<li>Ai have presented my early short compositions in my compounds. Ai love those.</li></ol>

Thank, you.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The way to go

You know, future is nothing, though futile, if you are an idiot servile. And making you so is by Satan, this of the affair just to straighten. So, be an exempt to the devil, by which you are poor and just evil. And go to the Lord and say, look! I this mission of mine undertook!

.·: † :·.

The gentleman - in my mind

One just cannot be on the defensive
opposing what there is offensive.
Norwegians world that thing has taught.
As a matter of fact, it was fought.

And, no end to it, there is of power
which wants to be upper to lower.
Damn it. You know, gentle is not
a position for idiot got.

.·: † :·.


To go home in a way is a ladder, by which one makes builds on the past, guarding faith in the Lord like an adder, the holy prospective, at last. One makes days without knowing it, really, as the seven, which really are ten, and one might come in sight a bit silly, and gentle, in eyes of some men.

There are ten words to guide and make public. They all are one's reason to live. And the life is not tragic or comic. To live is the Lord meant to give. And when reaching the tenth, it is finger, the middle of those five to raise. And two fingers in that one will linger. And two will be giving one's praise.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Make a choice

If a question, to live or let die,
as one thinks of as matter of why,
there is where, there is wherefore and when,
there is what, there is how, there is then.

Most important, some would state, is who.
Anyone cannot wonderments do.
Ourselves, we would say it is fraud
to make up and pursue demigod.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 4 May 2020

In the difficult situation

If subjected to torture, do not say a word. Those against you are not there for you to be heard. Those against you are there as to dry land the sea, and will certainly not make out your cup of tea.

At the shore, at the beach, there is pleasure to reach. And when doing the ocean, to sail it will teach. When in motion, though, sea is the power of earth. Any way to persuade it is no use of worth.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 13 April 2020


Colosseum I think of as being encompassed, and tight on the top, as the power found pallaced. We know all the pain which found place in the middle, to see what was wrong not exactly a riddle. And all the round had to agree to let loose. And there was nothing for gladiator to choose. So, that thing we must ban, to get hold of a man, with no chance to escape, is to see to he can.

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Ai have today published a composite for violas on MuseScore, on the address of mine given MuseScore, which is musescore.prixnix.com. The composite is made up of three shorter pieces made earlier, and starts with "Kattem i farta", which aI originally wrote for (electrical) piano. Ai also included "Natasha" and "The colour green", which aI wrote for the string quartet. Ai feel this work is somewhat fundamental.

Ai am amazed by the performance. It is fantastic to hear what those musicians do.

Rainbow by Vaccinius

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Friday, 10 April 2020

Be true

By those values and ways one will always pretend,
and the failure is, one will do so to the end.
One will only be true by the failure to do.
And the called ones are many, the chosen ones few.

It is kind, what to choose, not the bad to let loose.
If by heart one pretends, one's affair is abuse.
And, the Lord judges hearts, so, take heed, and be kind,
and we all know to be is the proper to mind.

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The revenge is by God, is by what we call Life.
So, if you have done wrong, being girl, son or wife,
in the body of Christ you will be a dismiss
which the Lord makes, if not poor and humble, your kiss.

To the ones being hurt and mistreated and killed,
what is true, having their obligations fulfilled,
is not power, so got, though the feeling of joy.
One is with or against, and not death to employ.

[ Made the Good Friday of 2020 ]

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Last night, aI made a post, in Norwegian, on my blog called Blogg Prixnix, labelled blogg.prixnix.com, called “Nå er det 9ende april”. Ai hope you got to read it. Ai believe the post might serve as an eye catch, regarding the immanent perspective of the Norwegian culture. And even if there is much more to it, regarding World War II, it says something about Norwegian human nature and pride.

What, by me, has happened the latest 23 years, has had impact, on the world. Remember, culture always is love, and some people in it, who are against. And please know, to distinguish between “last” and “latter”, or “latest”, is a bit strange, in Norwegian. So, we are not the same.

And, the third thing to acknowledge, is that new generations have come to life, and even if the look of a culture, as such, persists, both to and fro making it, those generations have come to life in demands and expectations of the world forming it differently, a bit, from how people before us were formed. That thing “what counts” changes with times, though, this is to say: Love persists, whatever what, and again, there are those seeing themselves as opposites.

Right now, aI feel an expectation to admit the partaking in my life which is not formal, and which is intrusion and hidden, by what is afforded by signals made by people around me, collectively, changes made on my creations on the computer, directing me, sounds directed against my apartment, letting me know, and tasks given me, as hypnotized. Ai admit; a new generation, raised in a terrible time, affordably may think, why not. Ai mean, obviously aI get ideas from what aI experience, and obviously my creations grow in complexity, with time.

And you know, you cannot be good by being bad. This is true whatever circumstance, whatever perspective, since there is this person to relate to.

If aI, subjected to evil will, is forced to react and appear off hand, or off the record (in Norwegian, we say, “på sparket”), aI myself cannot chew cud, so to speak. Ai become like the swine. Ai cannot relate. And, when so, there is, for God, nothing to justify. Right?

Our Lord is Jesus Christ. Any one calling himself Christian will be the body of Jesus Christ. What aI am, one may speculate, upon, and you know, it is the pleasure of mine to destroy perspectives, for to make another. The thing, though, is: Ai am part of the body of Christ.

It is my feeling, the cream of the people of Norway, of today, is killed, by Satan, literally, or mentally, brutally, by torture and by cowardliness. There is, though, time, and latter and latest, as such is. Take care.

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Monday, 6 April 2020


If the urge to achieve is the struggle for life,
of the fittest survival is due in that strife.
There can be no such question as love to be true
when the reason for living is primal to do.

If one ridicules tension in life, as it is,
what to be in to come is required by this.
This is blasphemy. This is precisely the thing
not to make. What to make is the gladness to bring.

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Friday, 3 April 2020


There is snow in the forest, and snow on the road,
and to one of them only, quite heavy, the load,
and one thinks about being, and being at rest,
and one thinks about being by snow put to test.

To be road is so stupid, so futile a way,
and united with all, so at war with the day.
In the forest, though, snow in the track is just nice,
and today, as admittance, one fine, white disguise.

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Thursday, 2 April 2020

What history will show

History will show that this Satan in power the latest years is the unification of women led by a group of men, presumably varying who were. Men, who wanted to be in control of the earth, using that mass of women, stupid as it is, destroyed by sin, to master any individual, by the means of information storing on computers. And aI feel the cruelty which has been done is horrific. And aI feel fathers are looking the other way. And all this, because people wanted to have their genitals caressed.

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You all know, sadism is a want to treat others the way one feels one should be treated oneself. So, sadism is explainable, scientifically. It has with sin to do. A bit complicated it is, though, not much, and when getting it, one feels sorry for the person. And this, perhaps, is where psychology should acknowledge the shortcoming of psychology, and look to sociology. Precisely this instance. A bit complicated it is, and never the less. Man is not stupid. Scientists are not stupid. And, when looking at it, much is explainable.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Law and order

For the woman to be safe, productive, and attractive, there must be laws governing life, and for laws to be, there must be constitution. The world as such cannot be constituted. The constitution of the world as such is what historically have been pointed at, from different angles, as the Law of Nature. And the Law of Life is the Law of Moses, specifically the Ten Commandments. This is the Law of God.

Also in the times of Norse mythology there were laws. And there were “ting”, that is “things”, that is assemblies of men, serving as law making assemblies, as assemblies voting for rulers, and as courts. Such could, for instance, banish a man, that is to make “fredløs”, in Norwegian. And the case is, since there was no constitution, to be “fredløs” meant one was all on his own, totally alone, without any possibility to settle or to get noted. And from the times of the Vikings, there are no histories of mothers, or of specific work of women. The Norwegian author Sigrid Undset, born in the beginning of the 19th century, acknowledged that, and wrote this famous novel called “Kristin Lavransdatter”, with theme from the beginning of the Christian area in Norway. And in that book she pointed to the fact laws are essential. Further south, in Europe, and earlier in history, we had Italy and Rome. And surviving, among whatever, are the words of Caesar, being “hic rhodus, hic salta”. Ai believe that word in a way difficult to grasp for me was funny, to the ears hearing it. Ai believe all words in Latin beginning with the letter “rho” had a specific feeling, attached. To Scandinavians, it is funny the word “rar” seems to come from Latin “rarus”. And there was Rome, which differs to Rhodus only by the ending. So, aI guess, thinking about it, those Latin speaking men came to think Caesar by those words suggested something.

In Norse mythology, and also in old Greek and Latin, there was a certain foundation, for laws, in the beliefs making up the mythology. And there was a belief there was a good place, in Norse mythology one of two good places, aI believe, to go to after death, and there was a bad place to go to after death. Those mythologies could not be grounding, though. There were perspectives, there were conflicting stories, and there were gods fighting each other. And Kristin Lavrandsdatter, in Sigrid Undset's famous book, ended up with a pilgrimage to the grave of Olav the Holy, in what is now Trondheim, who was the second of two kings in succession Christening Norway.

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Friday, 13 March 2020

Minimum age

Eleven and twelve years old children are teenagers. Have you thought of that? Thirteen is the third from ten, and fourteen the forth from ten, and so forth, so eleven, being the elevated, is first from ten, and twelve the second. Nevertheless, those two are minors, considered to be so also numerically. Thinking of children by flesh and blood, this give sense, since most children reach age by thirteen, even if some do by thirteen, and some do by fifteen. Numerically, it has not with symbolic meaning of numbers to do. It has to do with the fact after ten there is a new start. And the two initial steps are relieved from the previous, constituting, as they are.

The word "twelve" reminds us of "twice". Right.

Speaking of children, by flesh and blood, it is a mastery to be sexually attractive, and by that, to be able to bear children, both spiritually speaking, and speaking of babies by flesh and blood, or to give life to such. In Norway, the age of maturity, legally, has been eighteen years. That is, the age of consent. The minimum age of sexual allowance has perhaps been a bit lower. The thing is, after contraceptives, historically speaking, this has become so. One might discuss the point of that. My point is, that to the woman, sexual intercourse is an intrusion. And, to the man, sexual intercourse is an intrusion. And, it is worth while for citizenship to come to an agreement of what the rule should be, speaking of minimum age. My own thinking, is that by fourteen, most girls are sexually attractive. In my opinion, fourteen, though, is too young for minimum age to be. That girl should have learned what it means to be sexually attractive to men, and that she has learned when she reaches fifteen.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Fridtjof Nansen

[ Source: The New Encyclopædia Britannica, the year of 2002 ]

Words of Nansen:

"Any union in which the one people is restrained in exercising its freedom is and will remain a danger."

Fridtjof Nansen (1861 - 1930) was and is a super hero of Norway. He was an explorer, a scientist, and a statesman, and made lasting impacts on all fields.

As statesman and humanitarian he was engaged in 1905, when Norway left the union with Sweden, and he was the first Norwegian minister in London, from 1906 until 1908. He was head of the Norwegian commission to the United States during World War I. The Norwegian delegation to the first assembly of the League of Nations in 1920 was headed by Nansen, and he remained to be one of the outstanding members of the assembly until his death.

"On July 5, 1922, on Nansen's initiative, an international agreement was signed in Geneva introducing the identification card for displaced persons known as the 'Nansen passport'."

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My own addition:

The Nansen passport saved many a life. The thing is, as refugee, one has no belonging. No residence, and no citizenship. Nansen was representative for the League of Nations when the passport was released. The League of Nations, though, was no country. The world is not a culture, and in no way may grant security. Nansen, though, was what one might call a "seeker", proven to be. Identity by citizenship to that is another way.

Friday, 6 March 2020

That obstruction

There is always resistance. When climbing a ladder, one gets afraid of loosing it, falling down. What now ..., one thinks. What is behind the next step ... And the devil takes advantage of this weakness of will, and signifies it, and certificates your being as something worth banishing. So, the children of Israel initially failed by the eleventh son, being Josef. And the disciples of Jesus initially failed turning to apostles by Judas Iscariot. And one may loose it Saturday night, by the party. One almost always thinks one step further.

So, the three, about to turn to four, may not give fruit. Four has with fruit to do. In Norwegian, four is "fire", which also is "(to) launch". Four is not five, thinking of six, as it is, so perhaps four will not be live. Five thinks of seven, quite questioning heaven. And six might be parked in an opposition of two threes. There you are. Nine thinks of eleven, and eleven has with elevating to do. So, there are three times three. Eleven thinks of thirteen, and sees itself as elevated, being one more than up to ten.

And there is no rule, to it. It is just this matter of life. Climb the ladder, and you know, there is a chance of falling down.

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Ai have nothing to say

Ai have nothing to say. We have the same expression in Norwegian, that is "aI have nothing to say," or "he has nothing to say," being "jeg har ingen ting å si," or "han har ingen ting å si." So, aI give up. Which is a rational choice. And, for the future aI will decorate, make drawings, and maybe a composition, if aI really feel for it. Reference: The Prime Idea.

This is a statement, and aI formulate it here, in English, because aI understand the whole world is following me, cowardly hiding.

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This is my farewell to the web site dVerse. Take care!

Somewhat to say is not so bad.
To write it down you surely may.
You miss the pen you also had.
Somewhat to say is not so bad.

The spear, to king, is making glad.
To night, the mourning is to day.
Somewhat to say is not so bad.
To write it down your surely may.

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A link to this poem is posted on the blog hop of dVerse at the post Almost a triolet.

A Bitly link to this post is: http://bit.ly/389JSmz .

Thursday, 27 February 2020


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Let us make an excemption!

Internet is fantastic. Internet is a wonderful idea, and it has become an arena for showing love, exploitation, and getting together. Let us, by (the) internet make an exemption!

In any country, when electricity was invented, it took no time before electricity was made a national concern, and security measures were established, so that one had to be educated to create, and given to establish. And, when the car was invented, it took no time before roads were established, by governments, certificates were established, for to use those cars, and in a short while, historically speaking, those cars became so complicated, one had to be an engineer, or somewhat, to shift oil on that car. Ai'd say: Let internet be an exemption!

It is my idea peoples, by governments, should make harbours on internet, safe, and solid. In that way, by visiting cultures on internet, we might get to know each other. There should be nothing above, exempt international maintenance. And besides of it, perhaps pirates. You know, we have come to think romantically about those pirates. There should, though, not be too complicated to make personal show-off's on internet. That is my idea. Right now, CSS and HTML is the thing. And, as one affords in Blogger, and also in WordPress, by the paid account, by a little knowledge one should be able, on internet, to make show-off! To be creative. To be, somewhat. A web page is not a car. Google, for example, is not a company affording electricity. And, people are not stupid. What matters, is not internet, and web pages. What matters, really, is the hug.

The goat of mine

The goat of mine in light of The Prime Idea :

1. Questioning:
What is going on ...

2. Thinking:
What is on ...

3. Knowing:
One thing leads to another ...

4. Denying:
One step further ...

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Make me outrageous ...

One cannot argue, to make a devil repent. A devil will always question your hold, or your argumentation. Considering what has taken place, the latest years, and the turn of times, though, one thing is quite for sure: What is violation of national law is violation of national law, and a law cannot be in contradiction to other laws, and a law cannot have retroactive power. Also, secret laws are contrary to any constitution, by which peoples are “us” or “we”. And, a nation without constitution is foolishness.

Ai think of maturity. Ai think of legal age, and aI think of pervasion. In Latin, which the word “perverse” comes from, to be perverse (adjective) is “as the being, though turn”. In the art of poetry, we today distinguish between verses and real poetry. Verse is more like what you make to a birthday party, with no power of meaning, and it is seldom metered.

In the Law of Moses, there are death sins formulated to be, having with pervasion to do. The case is, man (grasp man as the case of human being) should not be isolated, or made contrary. The case is, small children are always “man”. Boys are as aspiring before they are, and girls are making man valid before they are sexually attractive, to the one of heart, and that is when they are able to give life. The Law of Moses is crystal clear: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.“ (Leviticus 18:22) The woman is singularity, when of age being married, giving life to the Son. Get it. Man.

By Jesus Christ, a turn was made. The ingenious man was acknowledged. That means, the Bible verse above, stating “a male” in earlier times would be “man”. As simple as that. Grasp adultery. Making that common; that society, that nation, that human kind yours, feeling like God by the power of your flesh. And get it: That little girl, twelve years old, is man.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Has anyone ever heard of the lioness being made a role model or a symbol of reign? The lioness is no prey, in the nature. Making her ruling would, though, be a joke. The group of lionesses hunt together. The lionesses isolate, pursue, and kill, and they do so together. And, can one imagine anything more evil, in life, than to be subjected to such a thing? Being taken by a desert storm? Being taken by an avalanche? Can one imagine anything more evil than being subjected to pack?

The lion is, in Norway, as in Sweden, and also in Denmark, a symbol of majesty. The reference is the Bible, were Jesus Christ is referred to as the lion of Judea. Ai remember having seen, on Norwegian television, maybe ten years ago, it was stated a lion had fought against two rivals, and was left with a deadly wound by his stomach tore open. There were no pictures of the fight, though pictures of two lions said to seek the family of lions, and we saw pictures of the lion seeking relief in a pit, said to be after the fight. And, it cannot be correct. The lion fights alone. The idea of majesty dependent on anyone else is ridiculous, and in the family of animals, against natural order. Two lions together ruling a family is unheard of.

ArtistThere is, though, the female artist. The creator, being woman, not man, composing, affording wisdom, affording poetry, or drawing and painting. Which she does alone, ruling, as she does. And, she can have the heart of the lion. She can be born in the star sign of the lion, and she can look like the lion. And that, she thinks, is rather amusing.

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