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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Ai have nothing to say

Ai have nothing to say. We have the same expression in Norwegian, that is "aI have nothing to say," or "he has nothing to say," being "jeg har ingen ting å si," or "han har ingen ting å si." So, aI give up. Which is a rational choice. And, for the future aI will decorate, make drawings, and maybe a composition, if aI really feel for it. Reference: The Prime Idea.

This is a statement, and aI formulate it here, in English, because aI understand the whole world is following me, cowardly hiding.

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This is my farewell to the web site dVerse. Take care!

Somewhat to say is not so bad.
To write it down you surely may.
You miss the pen you also had.
Somewhat to say is not so bad.

The spear, to king, is making glad.
To night, the mourning is to day.
Somewhat to say is not so bad.
To write it down your surely may.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020


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Let us make an excemption!

Internet is fantastic. Internet is a wonderful idea, and it has become an arena for showing love, exploitation, and getting together. Let us, by (the) internet make an exemption!

In any country, when electricity was invented, it took no time before electricity was made a national concern, and security measures were established, so that one had to be educated to create, and given to establish. And, when the car was invented, it took no time before roads were established, by governments, certificates were established, for to use those cars, and in a short while, historically speaking, those cars became so complicated, one had to be an engineer, or somewhat, to shift oil on that car. Ai'd say: Let internet be an exemption!

It is my idea peoples, by governments, should make harbours on internet, safe, and solid. In that way, by visiting cultures on internet, we might get to know each other. There should be nothing above, exempt international maintenance. And besides of it, perhaps pirates. You know, we have come to think romantically about those pirates. There should, though, not be too complicated to make personal show-off's on internet. That is my idea. Right now, CSS and HTML is the thing. And, as one affords in Blogger, and also in WordPress, by the paid account, by a little knowledge one should be able, on internet, to make show-off! To be creative. To be, somewhat. A web page is not a car. Google, for example, is not a company affording electricity. And, people are not stupid. What matters, is not internet, and web pages. What matters, really, is the hug.

The goat of mine

The goat of mine in light of The Prime Idea :

1. Questioning:
What is going on ...

2. Thinking:
What is on ...

3. Knowing:
One thing leads to another ...

4. Denying:
One step further ...

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Make me outrageous ...

One cannot argue, to make a devil repent. A devil will always question your hold, or your argumentation. Considering what has taken place, the latest years, and the turn of times, though, one thing is quite for sure: What is violation of national law is violation of national law, and a law cannot be in contradiction to other laws, and a law cannot have retroactive power. Also, secret laws are contrary to any constitution, by which peoples are “us” or “we”. And, a nation without constitution is foolishness.

Ai think of maturity. Ai think of legal age, and aI think of pervasion. In Latin, which the word “perverse” comes from, to be perverse (adjective) is “as the being, though turn”. In the art of poetry, we today distinguish between verses and real poetry. Verse is more like what you make to a birthday party, with no power of meaning, and it is seldom metered.

In the Law of Moses, there are death sins formulated to be, having with pervasion to do. The case is, man (grasp man as the case of human being) should not be isolated, or made contrary. The case is, small children are always “man”. Boys are as aspiring before they are, and girls are making man valid before they are sexually attractive, to the one of heart, and that is when they are able to give life. The Law of Moses is crystal clear: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.“ (Leviticus 18:22) The woman is singularity, when of age being married, giving life to the Son. Get it. Man.

By Jesus Christ, a turn was made. The ingenious man was acknowledged. That means, the Bible verse above, stating “a male” in earlier times would be “man”. As simple as that. Grasp adultery. Making that common; that society, that nation, that human kind yours, feeling like God by the power of your flesh. And get it: That little girl, twelve years old, is man.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Has anyone ever heard of the lioness being made a role model or a symbol of reign? The lioness is no prey, in the nature. Making her ruling would, though, be a joke. The group of lionesses hunt together. The lionesses isolate, pursue, and kill, and they do so together. And, can one imagine anything more evil, in life, than to be subjected to such a thing? Being taken by a desert storm? Being taken by an avalanche? Can one imagine anything more evil than being subjected to pack?

The lion is, in Norway, as in Sweden, and also in Denmark, a symbol of majesty. The reference is the Bible, were Jesus Christ is referred to as the lion of Judea. Ai remember having seen, on Norwegian television, maybe ten years ago, it was stated a lion had fought against two rivals, and was left with a deadly wound by his stomach tore open. There were no pictures of the fight, though pictures of two lions said to seek the family of lions, and we saw pictures of the lion seeking relief in a pit, said to be after the fight. And, it cannot be correct. The lion fights alone. The idea of majesty dependent on anyone else is ridiculous, and in the family of animals, against natural order. Two lions together ruling a family is unheard of.

ArtistThere is, though, the female artist. The creator, being woman, not man, composing, affording wisdom, affording poetry, or drawing and painting. Which she does alone, ruling, as she does. And, she can have the heart of the lion. She can be born in the star sign of the lion, and she can look like the lion. And that, she thinks, is rather amusing.

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

That master view

The common master view on success, aI believe, is having capacity, doing leadership, producing directives, that is, being a capacity, being a leader, being a direct. By so being, one is considered to be clear, and the strength of it is given by the unquestionable nature of the beginning of it, that is, the capacity.

This way of thinking, though, is a failure. This way of thinking is a failure since every incident, every step on the way, is built, as things, so that all those considerations relies on something, empowering by keeping up. So, we can formulate a fourth consideration, being that thing giving form and function, and let us call it safety. By that, we can investigate this thing by The Prime Idea:

Autogenous reality: Capacity
Endogenous reality: Leadership
Exogenous reality: Directness
Extragenous reality: Safety

The first thing to notice, is that extragenous reality in this case itself is a thing. So, it is an object, in military terms. As such, it itself needs what it is, being safety, and multiplying that thing, being safety for the sake of safety, one gets exhausted.

The second thing to notice, is that being a closed circle, this mastery is questionable. Why not "let go".

The third thing to notice, is the horror of it. What is one up to, insisting on this thing. If one instead had suggested "ready - steady - go," one would have ignited a smile, and maybe a laugh.

And, the forth thing to notice, is that what is completely safe is also completely dead.

So, one should not be impressed, by this thing, even if powerful, lissom. The Jude formulated the remedy to the nonsense of nonsense, and said, with a smile: Chew the cud!

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Friday, 21 February 2020


Thinking of the word "compute", it is a bit interesting to me, being not English, to see that the activity "computing" has three relatives, so that the four of them can be ordered as follows:

Committing [ Autogenous reality ]
Commuting [ Endogenous reality
Computing [ Exogenous reality ]
Comparing [ Extragenous reality ]

One might perceive history by these concepts.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Farewell - idiots

If killing conscience is your goal,
you go for man devoid of soul.
That man cannot the fire lit.
To electrons he is not fit.

He can do nothing, by himself,
besides the evil, to the elf.
And when that man you really reach,
you are forgotten, not to teach.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

It is great

Mark my words. This is great;

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (John, 3;16)

In Norwegian:

"For så høyt har Gud elsket verden at han ga sin Sønn, den enbårne, for at hver den som tror på ham, ikke skal gå fortapt, men ha evig liv."

This passage of the Bible is just not a rendering of what took place. This passage of the Bible is just not a formulation of what Jesus stated. This is a call; and awakening to those able to receive. It is in order to think John really was the disciple Jesus loved. This book of the Bible has been thought of as by John, for hundreds of years. And in Norway, that specific passage goes in the name of "the little Bible". Mark the word "for". It is not liable The Son of Man should rationalize, saying s'mthing like "that is because."

Also it is great, the Bible is to be found on internet, in many versions, on *Bible Gateway. Different versions of the Bible might give different views, reading specific passages. A version false, though, would not sell. Also, it is great a Norwegian publishing company affords the Bible of their's for free, on internet. That text above is taken from the internet site of Bibelselskapet, called *Bibel.no.

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Saturday, 15 February 2020

To the past

Today, that man in Kattem, who aI do not know, though meet, incidentally, which he, much to my amusement makes me aware of, and who, aI have seen, regularly attains the local Church, and who have made me aware of those certain Latin expressions, which aI have stated something about at home.trixnix.com, said to me, "feelings". Ai met him at my way to the store. And he acknowledged my beautiful hat, or rather cap, being "lue" in Norwegian, in this case, and speaking about it, he said something making me aware of "feelings". ," Okey ..?

,"okey ... "Feelings" is "sensibilis" in Latin, and "(the) feeling" has with "sensus" to do. Reality. Getting it. In both Norwegian and in English, though, one says "so it is" (in Norwegian: Sånn er det.) Distance. Get it? Sense, and sensibility, is to relate to. Being civilized. Which, the Romans were not.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 14 February 2020


You know, it is work to do, to make music. To get it, that opening, is God given. To make a composition, of it, though, is work. And now, aI feel am am finished, with it. Also, aI feel aI am finished affording wisdom. Ai think, aI am finished with that subjective reality, "The Prime Idea" in mind. Ai have done what is is possible, aI believe, and even if my music is basic, because of the work of the psychiatrists, it is plain. And simple. To Hell with it, that Satan. And now, aI think, aI will colour my drawings, so to speak. Ai will indeed take the step from objective to ideal reality by drawing, and by learning how to paint, maybe. That is not so much work. Work, when incapacitated and immobilized, is a bit exhausting. And, poetry can be colourful. Images. Painting, so to speak. And, Satan will hate it. Not his thing to kill. Of course, since aI am hypnotized, drawings and such might be destroyed, as such have been. That is your will. And, that is your thing. Wanting that. Not mine, for sure. So, maybe we should rest in that, aI will go to Paradise, and you will go to to Hell?

.·: † :·.

Twitter and me

Today, aI have renewed my account on Twitter on the address @Vaccinius. Ai intend to make it my English account, again, my Norwegian account being @Overblikk. Also, aI have seen to it, my tweets on @Overblikk are public. Also, my tweets on @Vaccinius are public.

On Twitter, obviously devils are posting in my name, obviously granted to do so by devils in Twitter. Ai am except from seeing the activity. Ai want this to be put to an end, and people put to justice.

.·: † :·.

If opposite

if opposite
everything is

opposite of what is appearing
opposite of what is said to be

is so stating
in war with itself
by stating the opposite –
opposed to what is stated

of being opposed
by being opposed

opposite to being opposed
opposite from being opposed

such will
of and by and to and fro
any imaginable reason
go to hell

they really live by the rule
there is no reason
and that is the reason
for their being
and for their behaviour

if for
to be opposite
one must be of or by or to or fro
and that
is not opposite

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

My rule

Satan has seen to it "The law of Vaccinius" is deleted from Poet on view, and aI cannot find the text on my computer. Ai don't remember if aI wrote it in English or in Norwegian.

The Ten Commandments will always count, until the end of times. Speaking of actions taken, there are four commandments, specifically. These are:

  • Do not commit adultery.
  • Do not kill.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not lie.

Lying is to disqualify truth. Lying is to ridicule love, given by human beings, and to make justice void, as worth- and valueless. Any other of these commandments points to this blasphemy, ridiculing beings by the Holy Spirit, and making justice worth- and valueless, as occurrence is. Blasphemy will never be forgiven. There is no excuse for blasphemy, and there is no way one can do good what has been done.

Corruption and torture are the main concerns, in any way such may occur, and should be the primary aim of the state, speaking of moral, to address, by law. That is, of any state, by any people.

Hypnotizing and breaking of individuals are the two worst offences there is. Close to, comes child abuse, and rape. Those are specific, and those are the enlightening acts, speaking of violating the Ten Commandments.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 10 February 2020


Dictators have no heart of mind.
None has a will complex.
Dictators never show up kind.
One only thinks of sex.

Attention is no more than treat
and future is a waste.
What counts is here and now to beat.
And rule is always haste.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 7 February 2020

A poem by Beverly Crawford

Kindly let me introduce you to a poem by an American lady called Beverly Crawford. She has lived for more than eighty years, she knows what is behind, and says she is properly raised. And she has opinions of what came to be, speaking of the world, today. This poem is to be found in an interview of her *here. And her blogging, speaking of poetry, is to be found *here.


It’s the “me” generation
It’s in vogue to please yourself
The idea is highly touted
In the books upon the shelf.
Self-fulfillment, self-enrichment
Look out for number one
If it works so well, I wonder
Where happiness has gone?

The divorce rate is steadily climbing
And many are at the end of their rope
Are we so busy feeding our egos
We’re running out of cope?
Our houses are growing larger
At quite an alarming rate
First we have to find one another
Before we can communicate.

Our children grow up with a sitter
Who has problems of her own
When we decide to spend time with them
We find they’re nearly grown.
The men are at the golf course
And the women at the pool.
And the children leave the sitter’s
And go to nursery school.

The husbands go to the mens’ clubs
The wives go to the spas.
Are they so busy self-developing
They forget the way it was
When love was new and joyous
And each lived for the other
And finding time together
Wasn’t such an awful bother?

Could it be we had the answer
In the not so long ago
When we weren’t hung up on possessions
And what we had for show?

When our concern was more for others
And we loved our fellow man
And we weren’t too busy self-developing
To lend a helping hand?

Could self-denial be fulfilling
And self-control enriching too?
Is it just we have the self misplaced.
I wonder, is that true?

There’s a very great difference
Between what we want and what we need
And what we call desire to achieve
Is perilously close to greed.

It seems what we wear not who we are
Is what it’s all about
But ugly is still ugly
If it comes from inside out.

We’re all looking for the answers
And there’s little else to say
But, if we reassessed our values
Would happy come back one day?

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The psychopath

The psychopath will qualify
and intimately certify
your being by your nature right.
The psychopath is scared of light.

The psychopath will have it so
that you are dead as way to go.
When so, you cannot be a threat.
The psychopath is human death.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 2 February 2020


When resurrection comes to mind
one does not think of being kind.
One thinks of soul and love, of course,
though, thinks of mind, the heart, the source.

Self-standing is the life of it.
Self-standing is the being fit.
To be one, in the world, is cost.
And even if, will not be lost.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Self-irony counts

If one comes out devoid of light
because of one's rancour and fight.
that is, unable light to make,
one is a failure, not a fake.

And rancid is the failure got,
ill-blood the nature, lively not.
From there to life is just one way.
That is for child to be the gay.

.·: † :·.