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Monday, 13 April 2020


Colosseum I think of as being encompassed, and tight on the top, as the power found pallaced. We know all the pain which found place in the middle, to see what was wrong not exactly a riddle. And all the round had to agree to let loose. And there was nothing for gladiator to choose. So, that thing we must ban, to get hold of a man, with no chance to escape, is to see to he can.

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Ai have today published a composite for violas on MuseScore, on the address of mine given MuseScore, which is musescore.prixnix.com. The composite is made up of three shorter pieces made earlier, and starts with "Kattem i farta", which aI originally wrote for (electrical) piano. Ai also included "Natasha" and "The colour green", which aI wrote for the string quartet. Ai feel this work is somewhat fundamental.

Ai am amazed by the performance. It is fantastic to hear what those musicians do.

Rainbow by Vaccinius

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Friday, 10 April 2020

Be true

By those values and ways one will always pretend,
and the failure is, one will do so to the end.
One will only be true by the failure to do.
And the called ones are many, the chosen ones few.

It is kind, what to choose, not the bad to let loose.
If by heart one pretends, one's affair is abuse.
And, the Lord judges hearts, so, take heed, and be kind,
and we all know to be is the proper to mind.

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The revenge is by God, is by what we call Life.
So, if you have done wrong, being girl, son or wife,
in the body of Christ you will be a dismiss
which the Lord makes, if not poor and humble, your kiss.

To the ones being hurt and mistreated and killed,
what is true, having their obligations fulfilled,
is not power, so got, though the feeling of joy.
One is with or against, and not death to employ.

[ Made the Good Friday of 2020 ]

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Last night, aI made a post, in Norwegian, on my blog called Blogg Prixnix, labelled blogg.prixnix.com, called “NÃ¥ er det 9ende april”. Ai hope you got to read it. Ai believe the post might serve as an eye catch, regarding the immanent perspective of the Norwegian culture. And even if there is much more to it, regarding World War II, it says something about Norwegian human nature and pride.

What, by me, has happened the latest 23 years, has had impact, on the world. Remember, culture always is love, and some people in it, who are against. And please know, to distinguish between “last” and “latter”, or “latest”, is a bit strange, in Norwegian. So, we are not the same.

And, the third thing to acknowledge, is that new generations have come to life, and even if the look of a culture, as such, persists, both to and fro making it, those generations have come to life in demands and expectations of the world forming it differently, a bit, from how people before us were formed. That thing “what counts” changes with times, though, this is to say: Love persists, whatever what, and again, there are those seeing themselves as opposites.

Right now, aI feel an expectation to admit the partaking in my life which is not formal, and which is intrusion and hidden, by what is afforded by signals made by people around me, collectively, changes made on my creations on the computer, directing me, sounds directed against my apartment, letting me know, and tasks given me, as hypnotized. Ai admit; a new generation, raised in a terrible time, affordably may think, why not. Ai mean, obviously aI get ideas from what aI experience, and obviously my creations grow in complexity, with time.

And you know, you cannot be good by being bad. This is true whatever circumstance, whatever perspective, since there is this person to relate to.

If aI, subjected to evil will, is forced to react and appear off hand, or off the record (in Norwegian, we say, “pÃ¥ sparket”), aI myself cannot chew cud, so to speak. Ai become like the swine. Ai cannot relate. And, when so, there is, for God, nothing to justify. Right?

Our Lord is Jesus Christ. Any one calling himself Christian will be the body of Jesus Christ. What aI am, one may speculate, upon, and you know, it is the pleasure of mine to destroy perspectives, for to make another. The thing, though, is: Ai am part of the body of Christ.

It is my feeling, the cream of the people of Norway, of today, is killed, by Satan, literally, or mentally, brutally, by torture and by cowardliness. There is, though, time, and latter and latest, as such is. Take care.

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Monday, 6 April 2020


If the urge to achieve is the struggle for life,
of the fittest survival is due in that strife.
There can be no such question as love to be true
when the reason for living is primal to do.

If one ridicules tension in life, as it is,
what to be in to come is required by this.
This is blasphemy. This is precisely the thing
not to make. What to make is the gladness to bring.

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Friday, 3 April 2020


There is snow in the forest, and snow on the road,
and to one of them only, quite heavy, the load,
and one thinks about being, and being at rest,
and one thinks about being by snow put to test.

To be road is so stupid, so futile a way,
and united with all, so at war with the day.
In the forest, though, snow in the track is just nice,
and today, as admittance, one fine, white disguise.

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Thursday, 2 April 2020

What history will show

History will show that this Satan in power the latest years is the unification of women led by a group of men, presumably varying who were. Men, who wanted to be in control of the earth, using that mass of women, stupid as it is, destroyed by sin, to master any individual, by the means of information storing on computers. And aI feel the cruelty which has been done is horrific. And aI feel fathers are looking the other way. And all this, because people wanted to have their genitals caressed.

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You all know, sadism is a want to treat others the way one feels one should be treated oneself. So, sadism is explainable, scientifically. It has with sin to do. A bit complicated it is, though, not much, and when getting it, one feels sorry for the person. And this, perhaps, is where psychology should acknowledge the shortcoming of psychology, and look to sociology. Precisely this instance. A bit complicated it is, and never the less. Man is not stupid. Scientists are not stupid. And, when looking at it, much is explainable.

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